There’s no excuse for a shoddy Santa Claus!

Call me old fashioned but I love Christmas. It’s a magical time. Even though my own kids are adults now, the magic is still there. For children Christmas is incredibly exciting and of course the central character is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Unfortunately kids grow up fast these days so its nice to let them enjoy their belief in Santa for as long as possible. For me there is no excuse for a shoddy Santa. Playing the role of Father Christmas is important. How often have you seen Santa wearing brown shoes, black hair poking out from under his wig, his everyday clothes showing from under his tunic etc etc. This is all very bad. Kids are observant and they do notice these things. If you are asked to do the job at a Christmas Party Entertainment or event, please do it properly.

Father Christmas

The Magic of Christmas – Santa Claus

A good Santa should have a costume that fits properly, the correct footwear ( either black boots or wellies – clean of course ), white gloves, a decent wig and beard and either a hat or hood which will stay on. If you are taking the job on don’t leave it until the last minute. Make sure the costume has been to the cleaners and that you have everything you need. Try it on and get into the role. Santa is jolly and friendly so think about how you are going to act and what you are going to say. Don’t cuff it. It goes without saying, no alcohol please.

Lets all make an effort and campaign for good Santas for children everywhere!

What was your worst experience of a shoddy Santa ?

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