A tribute to Michael Polakovs “Coco” a brilliant clown

I was lucky enough to meet Michael Polokovs whilst on a clown course in the USA in 1999. I remember sitting on the porch of his log cabin, in the sunshine chatting to him about his career. He talked about his family, his memories of England where he lived and worked for most of his life. He reminisced about Blackpool, fish and chips, the circus and places he’d visited. I think he considered England his home even though he had eventually retired to America. He was a very warm and friendly person and most generous in giving advice to new clowns. His wife was lovely too.
I saw Coco perform a couple of times and he was totally relaxed and in control whilst in character. He use to have a string running down his back which when he pulled it made the hair of his wig lift up on either side. Very funny! He also impressed me with his look. His costume was perfect. Coco was too me very easy on the eye.
My experience of meeting Michael Polakovs has certainly influenced me and I hope made me a better clown. This You Tube video is a fitting tribute to Michael, a real gentleman and a great clown.


Have you ever met someone who has left a lasting impression on you?

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