What can politicians learn from the clowns?

Look back in history and many of the great kings and rulers had a jester or fool at their side. The court jester was in a very privileged position. He could say anything he liked without fear of persecution. Some of these so called fools became very influential.  Richard Tarlton, clown and jester, was said to be one of the few people who could ” undumpish ” Queen Elizabeth 1st. Archy Armstrong was jester to King James 1st. William Sommers ( known as the poor man’s friend ) was jester to Henry V111th and was said the have the ear of the king. Clowns have always had freedom of speech. In todays modern society people have to be very careful about what they say for fear of offending someone. Clowns speak without prejudice or mallice and can sometimes say what everyone else is thinking and get away with it.

What can politicians learn from the clowns?

Here are thoughts of a clown about life, truth and failure:

The Importance of the Truth

clowns they say the truth.

For us to be a clown , we need to overcome the fear of saying the truth.

The clowns do truthful things when they reveal and expose their vulnerability, their  ridiculous side or the ridiculous side of the situation and especially when they fail.

We’ve been educated to be clever and to succeed.

In our lives we listen to things like : ” we need to win ”

“you have to be the best”

“life is a competition”

“don’t be stupid”

We become very neurotic and tense about it, forgetting the pleasure that there is in living.

To fail is part of life.

As the clown exposes his / her failure, he/she is representing us, all our failures, representing our fragility, our lost naivety, our hopes of being a free soul.

I am a gullible person.

I just can’t help myself to believe and trust in what people tell me.

Of course I pay the price and of course I get hurt with disappointments in being let down in my trust.

But that is part of the game.

To be a clown really transformed my life and it all becomes  mission.

I stopped fighting against it. I just accept how I am.

I forgive and love myself and try my best to use this gift of clowning to represent other people who are like me.

So have a look inside yourself for a moment and appreciate everything you are.

The good things and the bad things, without judgement.

Open your eyes and look around.

Be truthful.

You are going to see that you are not alone, that there are many people like you with all your difficulties and with the same kind of feelings.

Society needs stong leaders. We expect our leaders to act with honesty, openness and integrity. Sometimes politicians forget who they are and who put them in power. Perhaps our elected leaders should have a court jester or clown to keep them in touch with reality.

What do you think?

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