Cancer | Help Wanted

I received this information this morning. It is about a lady called Jo who has cancer and is trying to raise £30,000. I don’t know the lady but thought it might help if we all circulated the details. There is a web site and a Facebook page giving more information about the family and Jo’s music etc.

“My name is Jo and I am 32 years old. I have a beautiful and very lively daughter who is about to turn 3 years old, a wonderful, loving husband and supportive family. My life is perfect except for the fact that I have secondary breast cancer that is in my bones and just last week we have discovered that it has also travelled to my liver. The Doctors have offered my last hope which is a forth gruelling dose of chemotherapy in the hope of extending my life but there is no cure for this condition available on the NHS.

I have discovered a treatment centre founded on the work of Dr Issels which has had miraculous affects in treating cancer patients with conditions even as advanced as mine but the treatment is expensive. I need £30,000 to complete their month long immunotherapy program in Mexico and I need to go as soon as possible. With the amazing goodwill of family, friends and complete strangers we have so far managed to raise a massive £7000 but we have a long way to go and no time to waste.

You can donate or learn about my story at we have a facebook page of the same name for updates, information and events you can attend.

I am a musician and you can buy my music on line at all major on line like itunes or amazon if you search for  Joanne Maleki Jones. I have a single called ‘Seize This Day’ or you can buy the album called ‘Acoustic Diva’ all proceeds go towards the fund.”

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