What Is A Character Clown?

There are various types of clowns. The “Auguste” clown is the one that most people imagine. Baggy clothes, big red nose, big feet etc. There are also “White Face” clowns, “Contemporary” clowns, “European” clowns and “Character” clowns. Each type has is identified by certain characteristics.

What is a character clown?

Whilst most clowns are fairly generic in their appearance a character clown has a very specific and clearly recognisable identity. Charlie Chaplin could be classed as a character clown. The little tramp with his funny walk and cane became very famous in the days of the silent movie. Another very well know character clown was Emmet Kelley. He was an American circus clown who was always sad.

Character clowns often mimic a respectable profession. They are poking fun at the establishment which is why people find them amusing. The bungling policeman, an absent minded headmaster, a silly doctor all have great potential for this role.

Character clowns can be employed to great effect at events. Its great fun to have a clown policeman at the entrance in charge of security. The absent minded headmaster is a good one for educational / school events. Clown doctors often work in hospitals. A cowboy clown is great for a wild west themed event.

Here are some of the character clowns I have created and use from time to time when not performing as Chuckle The Clown.

cowboy clown

Cowboy Clown

Policeman Clown

Policeman Clown

Character Clown Scotsman

Character Clown Scotsman McChuckle

Let me know what you think of my characters. Perhaps you have a great idea for a new character clown? If so post a comment. Thanks everyone.

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