Memory Games Do Work

Memory games really do work in more ways than one. When I was a kid we used to have great family parties and mum and dad used to organise all sorts of silly games and my cousins, uncles and aunts all joined in. There was usually a house full so not much room. One of the quieter games involved everyone studying a tray filled with  variety of everyday objects such as a spoon, match, bobbin, knitting needle, thimble, pencil, piece of string etc etc. You had a minute to remember all of the objects. The tray was then taken away and when it was brought back one item was missing. Everyone had to write down what they thought had gone. This was repeated up to ten  times before the game ended and the  lists were checked to see who had remembered the most items. You had to pass your list to someone else for checking ( in case anyone tried to sneakily change an answer ). Years later I was on an Army training course and this game was used to help improve memory. It was called Kim’s Games. I think they were teaching us to be observant and to remember what we had seen on patrol, but I can’t really remember ( joke ). So this is a fun party game which is very easy to do and has the benefit of helping to improve your memory too. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Anyone know any other good memory games?

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