Race Night Success

It’s always nice to see hard work paying off. We were booked to do a Race Night in Hull to raise funds for Hull City Boys Club. The event took place at the Savoy Pub on Savoy Road and was well attended. Organisers Ian and Rachel Russell had put in a lot of effort preparing for the night and it certainly proved worthwhile. Ian told me that it costs in the region of £75,000 a year to keep the club going and that everyone involved in running the club does so on  voluntary basis. The club forms an important part of the local community being a meeting place for young people and organising many and varied social and sports activities for youngsters to participate in.

There was a great atmosphere and a strong sense of camaraderie amongst the club supporters. The Race Night raised well  in excess of £500.

Race Night Organiser Ian Russell

Ron with Ian Russell

For more information about Race Nights, go to the Race Night page on our web site or call Ron on 01748 821621

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