Royal Quays Star Wars Piece

Star Wars took on a whole new meaning for Professional Face Painter Hazel Wood who was booked as part of the Easter shopping centre entertainment at the Royal Quays Outlet Centre, North Tyneside. The event drew in large numbers of visitors and as Hazel was the only Face Painter at the event she felt just a little under seige with long queues every day. Face Painting is always a popular form of children’s entertainment and as Hazel’s work is of an exceptionally high standard customers are prepared to wait in line even on cold and windy days.

The Star Wars characters were in great demand and thousands of photos must have been taken over the three day promotion.

The event was a huge success and it seems likely that Star Wars will return to North Tyneside again in the not too distant future.

Royal Quays Retail Outlet

Star Wars at Royal Quays

Hazel Wood Face Painting

Hazel painting at the Royal Quays

Star Wars Characters at Royal Quays Retail Outlet

Star Wars Characters

Jolly Good Productions

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