Green Howards Join Up To Help Toby

Anyone who has ever served in the Army will know that when you join a Regiment you become part of the Regimental Family and you remain in it for the rest of your life. Every military unit has a Regimental Association and whilst some leave the service and take no part there are always plenty of active members who organise reunions and join together to celebrate Regimental Days and carry on Regimental Traditions even though they have retired from active service. Every member whether serving or retired is proud of their Regiment and their will always be a strong bond with their comrades past or present. Life long friendships are formed and the Regiment is always their to help in times of need.

The Green Howards were a very famous Infantry Regiment whose Regimental Headquarters used to be in Richmond, North Yorkshire. They were amalgamated a few years ago with The Prince Of Wales Own and The Duke Of Wellingtons to form The Yorkshire Regiment.

The Green Howards recruited mainly from the North East of England and in particular the Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire area.

When members of The Green Howards Regimental Association heard the story of five year old Toby, the grandson of a popular ex Green Howard they immediately rallied to the cause. Toby needs to go to America to have a very expensive operation to help him to walk. Some ex Green Howards are now helping to raise the funds Toby needs.

There is to be a Race Night on Thursday 13th May at the Travaux Club in Catterick Garrison, starting at 7.30pm. It is hoped that there will be a good turnout and that The Green Howards will be able to make a substantial donation to help Toby.

More information about Toby can be found on the web site

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