Bags Of Fun

“Bags of Fun” is a party game for children or adults. It can be used to entertain an adult audience or at as part of the children’s entertainment at a birthday party.

What you need

Put a variety of different objects into bags and number or mark the bags in some way. Keep a note of what is in each bag. Tie the bags up so that the players can’t peep inside. Don’t use anything with a sharp edge or a point, or anything that is fragile or that could be easily damaged. Put the same number of objects into each bag.

Everyone will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

How to play

The aim is for each player to identify as many objects as they can by feeling the bags.

Each player must write down what objects are in which bags.

The winner is the player who correctly identifies the most objects.

Set a time limit.

You could pass the bags round or just have a free for all. It’s up to you.

How many bags you use and how much time you allow will depend on how many players there are. It’s more fun if you keep the time short.

This is a great game to get people loosened up and involved.

Have fun!

Jolly Good Productions