Stilt Walker Gives Guests A Big Welcome

Setting the mood for a party or event is very important. In a previous article I wrote about how to make the entrance eye catching with a balloon arch. Another great idea is to position “meet and greet” performers at the entrance to welcome guests as they arrive. A stilt walker is ideal for this purpose. Being high up means that they are easily seen and guests are amused and will often interact with them on the way in. Having a stilt walker with “personality” who can generate some friendly banter and puts people in the party spirit right from the start. A stilt walker provides memorable photo opportunities and is a good ice breaker, catalyst for conversation.

Here is a photo of me as a stilt walker at an 18th birthday party getting ready to meet and greet. The theme for this party was ” Black and Pink”

Meet And Greet Stilt Walker

Jolly Good Productions

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