Lazer Quest

Laser Quest is an exciting attraction which is ideal for Corporate Entertainment or Family Fun Days, Shows and Galas. The action takes place inside an inflatable maze which is designed to look like a space ship. There are nine interconnecting pods which the players move freely between. It’s dark inside except for special effects lighting. Each player is armed with a laser gun ( harmless of course ) and a smoke machine creates a mist to further add to the atmosphere. The guns fire a lazer beam and hits are recorded when you shoot an oponent. There are sound effects too. With up to twelve players inside at any one time the action can be fast and furious.

Laser Quest is ideal entertainment for children, teenagers or adults.

Laser Quest Inflatable Maze

Laser Quest provides exciting entertainment for children, teenagers and adults

This Laser Quest is owned by Steve Cross of Partytime Leisure. Contact Steve on 07814 714068 for more information and prices.

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