More Face Painting Tips For Your Event

Face painting is always a popular attraction at any event. It gets the kids excited and is guaranteed to attract customers to your store/event. Here are some tips, to get the most out of face painting at your event.

1. Face Painting is a stationary activity which makes it ideal for promotional days, as it brings people to the event. Make sure you place your face painter(s) in a place where they can clearly be seen, e.g. in a marquee at the entrance, or inside the entrance to a store etc.

2. If you are expecting a large number of people, why not hire more than one painter? Generally speaking, each face takes around 5 minutes to complete, and so the more painters you have, the quicker we can get the queue down. Jolly Good Productions can provide up to 4 fully trained, fully ensured and experienced face painters, all of whom take great pride in the quality of their work, displaying professionalism and keeping your customers (and their kids) happy at your event.

Natasha Wood Professional Face Painter

Natasha Wood

3. If your event is outdoors, do consider having a marquee or a gazebo at the ready to house the face painting. This will help shelter both the painters and the children in the queue from our British weather! On clear days it is possible to have the face painting “out in the open”, as long as they have shade, but it is not advisable. Wind could have the face paint kit blowing away and rain gets everything, including your customers, wet!

4. Why not give a theme to the face painting? We at Jolly Good Productions paint a huge range of face paint designs, suitable for all ages (yes, even teenagers and adults!) which can be customised to match and compliment your event day. Whether its particular colours, or perhaps your company logo? Animals, Ultra Violet, beach, monsters and aliens, superheroes, Easter, Christmas, Halloween; the possibilities are endless.

5. Face painting is great advertising. People often come up to us and say they had spotted one of the children we had painted in town and asked where they had it done. Why not make up some stickers which we can hand out to the children with your company logo on it? This is a great idea to get more people coming and seeking you out!

Your comments or questions are welcome. Regards from Natasha Wood.

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