Donkey Rides

Every now and again someone rings me up asking if I know where they can hire someone to turn up at their event and give donkey rides. It isn’t easy tracking down people who keep donkeys for the purpose of giving rides.  They are around, it’s just a matter of finding them. The internet helps a lot but in my experience there are still lots of small traders who don’t have decent web sites if they have one at all.

The problem I have with animals used in this type of work is that sometimes they are not very well looked after. I think it is essential that the well being of the animals takes priority.

The donkeys shown in this photo belong to a gentleman called George and as you can see they are very well looked after.

Donkey rides are especially popular at school fetes and seaside themed events as well as at family fun days.

To enquire about hiring these donkeys contact George directly on Tel 01302 361498 or mob 07810 490723

Donkeys For Hire

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