The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Clock

A little boy queued patiently for face painting and when it was his turn climbed up into Hazel’s chair.

” What would you like to be? ” Hazel enquired.

” I want to be a clock ” The boy replied.

” Wouldn’t  you rather be Spiderman, Batman or a dinosaur ” She said.

” No I want to be a clock. I like clocks. ”

” I can do lots of other really good faces. Would you like to be a monster? ”

” No, I like clocks. I want to be a clock and I want the big hand on the four and the little hand on the six. I just want to be a clock. ”

He was obviously not going to be put off and so he got his wish and Hazel painted him as a clock.

That’s the great thing about face painting. Kids can use their imaginations and be anything they want to be, tick tock !

The boy who wanted to be a clock ( face painting )

Boy face painted as a clock

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