How To Get More People To Attend Your Event

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Knowing how many people are likely to attend is always a problem for event organisers. Unfortunately there is no easy answer to the problem. I have been involved in entertainment and event planning for such a long time that I have given up trying to predict what will happen on the day.

Selling tickets in advance is a good idea. At least you are getting some revenue in and you have a rough idea of numbers from ticket sales.

Having a well know celebrity to be in attendance also works well. Unfortunately this can be expensive unless they happen to be a local person who is willing to help their community.

Prize draws can be an incentive especialy if you are able to get some really good prizes donated. Obviously the bigger the better. It’s important to make sure everyone knows well in advance that there is a chance to win something special but make sure the BIG prize is only on offer to folks who are actually at the event. You have to be there to have a chance to win the STAR PRIZE.

Involve the local newspapers and radio. They are always interested in what’s going on. Try and think of something unusual that you could make a good story. There will be lots of other people feeding information into the news room so try and give them something that stands out from the rest.

If you are looking to attract families then consider involving the local schools. Approach Head teachers and ask if you could run a competition with prizes for the best picture, model or story. The school will probably be happy to link in with you on this because it is an incentive for the children to be creative. Have the judging and prize giving on the day as this will encourage families to turn up.

Set up a Facebook page for your event. It’s easy to do and then ask everyone involved to ” like” and “share” the page. Make regular posts to tell people what’s going on.

Finally make the most of any FREE advertising you can find. The more advertising you can do the better.

Have you found any really good ways of attracting people to events? Share your ideas here.

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