Flowers and Rainbow Faces | Face Painting by Hazel Wood



This face was painted whilst I was working at a very busy grand opening event.  A Brownie leader approached me and said she had about 18 Brownies that wanted to be painted but they didn’t have time to have full faces and asked me if I could do something quick.  I had just bought some new One – Stroke TAG paints which I was keen to try out.  I painted the first Brownie with the TAG rainbow cake and then added some double-dipped flowers over the top.  I finished it off with some leaves, dots and glitter.  The whole thing just took a few minutes.  After that all the Brownies were asking for the same face.  I told them it would be the same but ‘different’ just to try and vary the design slightly.  A simple, quick face but very effective.  Let me know what you think of my design!  Thanks Hazel

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