Live Crocodile To Star In Punch And Judy Show


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A live crocodile is to star in a Punch and Judy Show. It’s one mans attempt to pull back audiences and revive his own fortunes at the same time.

Punch and Judy is dull and lack lustre compared to the all action video games which children enjoy these days but things are about to change!

Professor Ron Wood from Richmond North Yorkshire has acquired a twelve foot long African crocodile. He keeps the animal, called Smiley because of his constant grin, in a specially constructed pen in his back garden and only brings him out on show days.

So far the croc has proved extremely popular and there has only been one embarrassing incident when Smiley escaped during rehearsals and tried to eat a small child. In his defence it was lunch time.

Professor Wood said that he was not in favour of this kind of behaviour. The role of the crocodile was to entertain the children and not eat them.

There have been a number of complaints from children’s entertainers up and down the country because the crocodile is not a member of Equity and has had no proper training in the performing arts.

Professor Wood says that he came up with his snappy idea whilst watching Supernanny on TV. He thought that using a live crocodile might be a great way to attract audiences whilst also keeping any potentially naughty children under control.

He is confident that Smiley will put some real bite back into the show.

Bookings can be made only on 1st April 2011.


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