Not Quite The Grand National

I’m not a gambling man but I do like to watch the National and what a race it turned out to be this year. It was  very exciting  and there was no clear favourite so everyone was in with a chance of a winner.

Soon after watching the big race on TV Hazel and I set off for Hambleton, near Selby, North Yorkshire, to do a charity race night. The event was organised by Hambleton Parent’s and Toddlers to raise funds for their group.

The committee had booked a room at the Owl hotel, Main street, Hambleton.  A lovely venue and I must say friendly and efficient service too. I was impressed.

We had a brilliant night. Ok it was ” not quite the Grand National ” but there was a fantastic atmosphere and everyone got involved and enjoyed themselves. After everything was paid for the proceeds were in excess of £450. Not bad considering that we’d all had a good night out and supper too.

For information about holding a race night or for a quotation for a race night go to our race night page.

Hambleton Parent and Toddlers organisers of the race night

race night organisers receive flowers

Jolly Good Productions

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