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Hen Party

Hen parties are a great excuse to go out and have a blast with your lady friends before the big day arrives. It’s your last chance to have girlie fun as a single woman. There is so much choice but not everyone wants to take part in adrenaline pumping activities,  get absolutely drunk out of their minds or have to break the bank on some massive extravaganza. There are alternatives which can be great fun and low-budget. Here is our suggestion:

Choose a location

It’s often nice to get away from home. Find a hotel or B&B in an area where everyone can get to without too much difficulty or expense.

Book a meal

Decide where you want to go in the evening and book you and your friends into a restaurant so that you can go out for a special meal together in the evening.

Hire a hall

Find a suitable village hall, school hall or community centre with a big room and good facilities. Car parking, nice toilets and a decent kitchen would be good.

Organize food and refreshments

Either book a local caterer or send one of the group down to the local Supermarket to buy food and refreshments for the afternoon.

Book your entertainment

The aim is just to have loads of fun, do something together and have a laugh.  Book an entertainer or entertainment company who can provide a range of fun activities to run over three to four hours with a break in the middle.

Jolly Good Fun for your Hen Party!

Jolly Good Productions can provide a suitable mix of entertainment including Line Dancing, Circus Skills, Team Games, Balloons and Workshops. Call us for a FREE quotation.

 Easy Peasy

So that’s it. You have a nice afternoon doing lots of fun stuff together then it’s back to your accommodation to shower and change and then off out for a meal in the evening.

Hope you found this useful.

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