Ever Seen A Tree That Can Walk?

Stilt Walking Tree Person

Living Tree Stilt Walker

Living Tree ( Stilt walker )

We were asked to provide a stilt walker for an RHS event with “Nature” as the theme. The inspiration for the stilt walking tree came from a visit we had made to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. One of the attractions they have is a lady on stilts wrapped in vines. She is called “Devine” if my memory serves me correctly. We were fascinated by her and she sprang to mind when this particular job came along.

Blending in with nature

We wanted to make the costume so that Daniella ( our youngest daughter ) would blend in with the background. Hazel and I searched round the material shops and an army surplus store to find cloth with plenty of browns and greens in it. The stilt trousers were made from brown corduroy, the jacket was an ex army camouflage smock and then we attached pieces of hessian and lots of plastic imitation leaves. We thought the end result was quite effective.

Surprising results

The stilt walking tree was a great success and it was very entertaining to watch Daniella at work. She would position herself next to a tree or tall shrubs and stand motionless until someone walked past. She would then slowly start to move. The reaction from the public was brilliant. I wish I could have captured the look of surprise on people’s faces as they suddenly realised the tree was alive.

Stilt Walking in parks and gardens

Themed events are popular and the stilt walking tree is perfect for any event taking place in a park, garden or woodland.  Also great for themes such as nature or the environment.

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