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Magician Ron Wood

Magician and Children’s Entertainer

Children love magic and so hiring a magician for a Birthday Party is a great way to entertain them.

Once a parent would pick up the Yellow Pages and  look up the Children’s Entertainers section where there would be a long list of kids entertainers and magicians offering their services. Today the first port of call is likely to be Google.

Of course children today are very sophisticated and they see such amazing things on TV and You Tube. If you type Magician into Google ( at the time of writing )  you will find a list of articles about the amazing Dynamo whose tag line is “Magician Impossible”. How does he do those incredible illusions?  This  got me thinking about the expectations of parents and children regarding Birthday Party Magic.

If you type “Magician, North Yorkshire”, or “Magician, Catterick Garrison” or “Magician, Richmond”, the chances are you will probably end up on my Birthday Party Magic Show page and be looking at me Ron Wood aka “Mr Jolly” rather than the famous Dynamo.


So what do people expect when they book a Magician / Kid’s Entertainer for a Birthday Party?

Mostly parents want the children to have a great time. They want to hire someone who is good with the kids, who is professional, organized, reliable and experienced. They are not too concerned about the actual content of the show and what tricks will be performed. They may ask if you include balloon modelling or party games. They may even request a particular routine that their child saw you perform at another party or event. They are certainly not expecting disappearing ladies, tigers jumping through hoops or famous people being levitated four feet off the ground.

Children’s Magic

Performing for children is an art in itself. Children like funny stuff. They love it when things go wrong. They like tricks which

Jubilee Magic Show

Jubilee Magic Show (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

have a story attached to them and they love to join in.

A good children’s magic trick should:

  • be straightforward and easy to follow
  • use colorful props
  • have some humor
  • be part of a story
  • include audience participation
  • have a magical ending

Most important of all is the skill of the performer.  An experienced children’s magician can engage and mezmerize an audience using the simplest of props.

Variety is the key

Children have fairly short attention spans and need to be kept interested.  An endless string of magic tricks will not work. Variety is the key. A good children’s magic show includes other activities such as balloons, games, storytelling, puppets etc.

The ability to entertain and delight  a group of children for sixty minutes is magic in itself.

Birthday Party Magic to me is not about individual tricks, its about  being able to create a magical experience of excitement, fun and laughter. Bringing happiness and making happy memories which parents and children will look back on enjoy long after I have gone!

To Enquire about booking  a Magic Show for your Children’s Party ask for a free quotation.

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