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Living practically on the borders of County Durham and North Yorkshire leaves me with a foot in both camps. Am I a County Durham Punch and Judy Man or a Yorkshire Punch and Judy Man? Well. what’s in a name? I have probably performed as many shows in Durham as I have in Yorkshire so although my postal address puts me firmly in the latter for practical purposes I might easily be in the former.

For a good many years my home has been the lovely own of Richmond but before settling here to raise a family I lived close to Chester Le Street and the city of Durham will always be one of my favorite places.

One of the great pleasures of being a Punch and Judy Man is that it brings you into contact with the general public. For me it is wonderful to bring pleasure to people through my show. The children in the audience express their excitement and enjoyment with smiles and laughter but it is also great to chat with the adults afterwards. You would be surprised at how many folk come over to say how much they have enjoyed watching or how it reminded them of their own childhood.

I am very lucky that for quite a few years now I have been ┬áinvited to perform at events taking place at Beamish Museum. If you haven’t been here it is a fantastic place and well worth going. Lots of local people from County Durham have annual membership and so I get to see some of them on a regular basis, which is nice as Durham people are a warm and friendly lot.

If you are looking to hire a Punch and Judy Show for an event in County Durham please give me a call. I live only thirty five minutes away from Durham city. If you are attending an event in County Durham over the summer and you see a Punch and Judy Show then it could well be me.

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