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Balloon Decorating

Decorate your Party

Balloon Decorating is a great way to create atmosphere at your party venue. Calling in a professional balloon decorator is a great idea because they can work fast to produce stunning effects that will quickly transform a dull room into an exciting place to relax and have fun.

In the photos you will see me using some special tools which help me to work quickly and accurately. I use a sizing box to ensure all air filled balloons are exactly the same size. For gas filled balloons I have an electronic machine called a split second sizer which does exactly the same job. Sizing is important otherwise the balloons lack uniformity.

Packing and spacing are also important. I always take time to stand back and look the display and then make any necessary adjustments.

The display below took two of us less than three hours to set up.

For more information see Balloon Decorating

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“Frozen” Christmas Party Balloon Display

Frozen Themed Balloons

Balloon Decorating Service. We made this balloon display to go at the entrance to Santa’s Grotto for a company Christmas Party. As the current must have for children was Frozen the balloons had to be themed accordingly. The columns were all made from air filled balloons whilst the arches were filled with balloon gas. At the end of the party we dismantled the display and gave the children the balloons to take home.

Frozen themed balloon display

Frozen themed balloon display


Ask about our Balloon Decorating Service for your special event.

Festive Balloons


These Christmas Party Balloons look very festive. Hazel chose the colours and we made the columns up together. Balloon decorating is a great way to dress up any room for a party or event. It really does add to the atmosphere. Call us if you want some eye catching displays for your party venue.

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Make A Stunning Entrance To Your Santa’s Grotto

If you are going to the trouble of creating a Santa’s Grotto for your company Xmas Party why not go the whole hog and make a stunning entrance to really wow the children and their families. Hazel and I  built this very appealing entrance entirely in balloons.

At Christmas time balloon decorating is the perfect way to enhance any venue. There is just so much scope.

We put five helium arches leading up to the grotto and positioned a toy soldier either side to guard the entrance. We used Xmas colours to compliment the existing decoration in the room.

As trained, experienced balloon decorators we can transform to bring in a festive feeling for a great party or event.

Entrance to santas Grotto in balloons

Balloon soldiers and balloon arches for Santa's Grotto

Both Hazel and I are qualified balloon decorators. Hope you enjoy looking at our work.

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Balloon Santa Claus

It’s amazing what can be done with balloons. If you need something eye catching to grab peoples attention then a skillful use of balloons can be the perfect answer. This is a Balloon Santa Claus I made for a Children’s Christmas Party. Christmas characters always work well and because the balloons are air filled they will last a long time providing they are not tampered with.

Santa Claus made from balloons by Ron Wood

Father Christmas in balloons

Balloon decorating is a great way to bring atmosphere to a Xmas party. Hope you like my Santa!

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Balloon Modelling | Anxiety And Frustration For Parents

When working as a Balloon Modeller I am regularly approached by parents who have purchased balloon kits for their children either as Christmas presents or birthday presents. Even after repeated attempts they are frustrated when the balloons pop in their hands. ” What am I doing wrong? ” they ask. Well, making a simple balloon animal is no big deal but there are a couple of tips that will help you succeed. So what’s it all about?

Balloon modelling is the art of creating amazing sculptures using  special modelling balloons. Children love to be given a balloon twisted into the shape of an animal,character or object that they recognise and adults enjoy watching the balloon artist at work. The simplest balloon models are made with single balloons but some creations involve multiple balloons and are very complex. Packs of modelling balloons can be purchased in toy shops and from high street retailers however these are novelty items and are not of the same quality as the balloons used by professionals. The most commonly utilised balloon for professional use is the Qualatex 260Q made by the American balloon company Pioneer. This is the long thin balloon most often associated with  balloon modellers. There are however many other balloons that are used including bee bodies, love hearts, doughnuts, etc.
A professional balloon modeller has to know various methods of moulding the balloons into shape such as how to do a fold twist, lock twist, tulip twist and ear twist, how to plat, how to tie off, how to bend. It is also necessary to develop a sense of proportion as you wouldn’t want to see a dog with two long front legs and two short back ones. The balloon modeller also needs to be able to work fast.

Balloon modellers are sometimes known by different names such as a Balloon Twister, Balloon Sculptor, Balloon Artist, Balloon Bender or even Balloon Strangler !

For those interested in learning how to do balloon modelling there are many books and dvds available to buy. You can also find web sites which are dedicated to the art. The best way is to look find someone who runs courses. You will  learn many more practical tips and short cuts and you will see first hand the best way to do things.

If you are thinking of having a go here are couple of helpful tips. First never fully inflate the balloon. Always leave an uninflated tip or your balloon will burst once you start making folds and bubbles. Second, always blurt the balloon before tying the knot. This means releasing a small amount of air to make the balloon more pliable.  Finally always twist in the same direction otherwise your model will unravel.

Good luck !

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Balloon Gas Safety Advice

As experienced Balloon Decorators we always follow the safety guidelines set out by our balloon gas supplier BOC. We use balloon gas for Balloon Decorating and Balloon Releases. The guide notes below are the ones that we use. If you are considering using balloon gas then we recommend that you refer to these instructions in the interests of safety:

Before handling and using balloon gas cylinders, ensure you understand the properties of the gas, the potential hazards, correct manual cylinder handling and actions to take in the event of an emergency.

BOC has the safety of both its customers and employees at heart. This information has been compiled to offer general advice on the safe handling, storage and transport of high-pressure helium balloon gas cylinders.

It should be read in conjunction with the Balloon Gas Safety Data Sheet.

BOC’s Balloon OccasionsTM low pressure, disposable container offers an alternative to cylinders for low-usage applications.
Cylinder range

BOC has a range of cylinder sizes available.

Weights can range from 4.4kg up to 80kg. It is important you choose a cylinder size suitable for your storage, manual handling and usage conditions.
Safety Data Sheet

* Read the Balloon Gas Safety Data Sheet and keep it for reference.
* Ensure you understand the properties and hazards of the gas you are using and the correct operating procedures for filling balloons.
* The cylinder label identifies the gas contents of the cylinder and provides basic safety information.
* NEVER use a cylinder unless it can be clearly identified.
* If a cylinder is delivered without a label it should be returned to BOC.
* To avoid muscle strain and injury, use correct lifting techniques. The larger T and L size cylinders should not be lifted manually due to their weight. Cylinder trolleys should be used and are available for purchase from BOC.
* NEVER drag a cylinder along the ground.
* Use cylinders in an upright position and secure them to prevent toppling.
* Do not attempt to catch a falling cylinder; move out of the way.
* The valve on high-pressure balloon gas cylinders should never be opened unless the appropriate filling kit is attached.
* For safety reasons and to ensure compatibility we strongly recommend that only a BOC-supplied filling kit is used with a BOC cylinder.
* Check the valve outlet is free from contamination before fitting the filling kit.
* Slowly open the cylinder valve by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. Listen for any obvious leaks. If there is a leak, turn off the valve, release any excess gas in the filling kit and check you have fitted the filling kit correctly.
* The cylinder valve should be closed when the cylinder is empty or not in use. The cylinder valve is closed by turning it in a clockwise direction, hand tight only.
* Remove the filling kit if moving the cylinder any distance or ceasing use. Before removing the filling kit,turn off the cylinder valve and release the pressure in the kit.
* Do not scrap a high-pressure cylinder. The cylinder remains the property of BOC.


* Balloon gas cylinders can rupture when heated in a fire.
* Store them in a well-ventilated, non-smoking area, away from other flammable materials and sources of ignition or heat.
* Store cylinders in an upright position and secure them to prevent toppling. Never turn your back on a free-standing cylinder. Cylinder safety stands, trolleys and wall straps are available for purchase from BOC.
* Cylinders stored in the open should stand on a well drained, flat surface.

Transport – Delivery and collection by a BOC driver

BOC drivers are trained to take appropriate safety precautions when delivering cylinders. If the driver believes delivery cannot be made whilst guaranteeing the safety of the driver, customer personnel or property (such as tiles, carpet and merchandise), the driver may need to abort the delivery.

To avoid this happening the customer should notify and discuss with BOC any cylinder handling, access or delivery restrictions at time of order, such as vehicle size, weight, height, pedestrian zones, parking restrictions, steps and stairways.

Cylinders must never be transported on an escalator. Bear in mind that BOC vehicles must not be left unattended for excessive time.
Transport – Delivery and collection by the customer

* Check the cylinder is not leaking before transporting it.
* Use an open vehicle where possible. If using a closed vehicle, ensure there is good ventilation.
* Always make sure the cylinder is properly secured so it cannot move, even during emergency braking.
* Unload cylinders as soon as possible.
* Do not use or store cylinders in a vehicle.
* Should your vehicle be involved in a fire, call the Fire Brigade and inform them that you are carrying a high-pressure balloon gas cylinder.
* If you are carrying a load containing 20 or more balloon gas cylinders your journey may come within the scope of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Leak detection

BOC maintain and check their stock of cylinders to the most rigorous standards, ensuring their integrity and safety at all times.

As a user of BOC cylinders you will be aware that a commonly used method for testing gas equipment for leaks is to apply a leak detect solution.

Leak detect solutions are soapy in nature and leaks are indicated by the presence of bubbles.

When using such leak detect solutions it is important to ensure the solution is compatible with the materials used in the equipment construction.