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What Makes A Good Father Christmas?

Santa Claus with a little girl
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Father Christmas is a very important person to millions of children everywhere. Of course to adults Santa is just some guy dressed up and nobody really cares how good he is. When it comes to organising the kids Xmas party often some unfortunate is dragged in to play the part.  Usually  these press ganged Santas do a half hearted job. No attention is payed to detail, sometimes they’ve had a drink and smell of beer or perhaps they are smokers and stink of tobacco. They don’t know what to say or how to act. Actually children are very observant and soon spot an impostor. So if you are going to be Santa or you are in charge of selecting a Santa here are a few tips :

  • Find someone who is really interested in doing it. Someone who genuinely likes children
  • Try to use an older person as the real Santa is getting on a bit.
  • Remember Santa is a bit tubby so padding might be required to get the correct look.
  • Make sure Santa has a good costume.
  • Make sure the costume fits properly.
  • Santa must wear either black boots or black wellingtons. Brown shoes are a dead give away.
  • Make sure the costume is clean and fresh smelling.
  • Santa needs a white beard and a white wig. Check that no natural hair is showing when they are put on.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes are a NO near kids. Wait until afterwards.
  • Think about what Santa would say to the children. Rehearse the voice etc
  • Walk like Santa, get into the character, remember Santa is a jolly old gentleman. Play the part.

With a little bit of planning and preparation you can have a brilliant Santa who will delight the children and make your party or event even more  memorable and enjoyable. So do try and keep the tradition going and do your best for the kids.

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Christmas Costume Characters In Action

A great way to add to the atmosphere of any Christmas Event is to have Christmas characters entertaining the public and guests. We have been taking our fantastic costume characters to Xmas themed events for many years and know how much they are appreciated, especially by younger children. The most important aspect of any costume character is the way it moves and interacts with people. We are very experienced and know how to really bring the characters to life.

The film clip below was taken at a shopping centre in the run up to Christmas. There are three characters, Boogaloo Bear, Monty Mouse and Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer.

We attach great importance to quality and as you can see the characters look fantastic. These are NOT costumes from a fancy dress shop!


If you require information about hiring our characters for your Xmas Party, please give either Hazel or myself a call on Tel 01748 821621.

We usually combine the characters with Christmas Face Painting, our Xmas Puppet Show or our Xmas Craft Workshop.

Christmas Puppet Show

We are now taking bookings for our Christmas Puppet Show. Ideal for any Christmas Party. Younger children will love this show with all the fantastic christmas characters. We call it “Santa’s Busy Day” Perfect for Shopping Centres or Corporate Events. Great for schools and Nurserys too.  Must be indoors. We can provide a complete package of christmas themed children’s entertainment. Why not call for more information, availability and prices.

Christmas Puppet Show

Christmas Puppet Show

Santa in Christmas Puppet Show

Santa Claus in Puppet Show

We usually provide Face Painting alongside the puppet show when working at events.

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The Buck Inn, Maunby

The Buck Inn at Maunby, North Yorkshire has been refurbished by the new owners. I performed my Punch and Judy Show there today and was impressed by the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere. Karen Stokes explained that she and her husband bought the pub and have been working hard to  build the business up. I have to say they are doing a great job so if you are looking for somewhere to go out to in the Northallerton / Thirsk area then you should pay a visit. I think it would also be a nice venue for a Christmas office party / meal.

Buck Inn Maunby

The Buck Inn

The Buck Inn, Maunby, North Yorks

The Buck Inn, Maunby, N Yorks

The Buck Inn

To make a reservation tel 01845 587777

Christmas Is A Pain In The B**!

Not really! I love Christmas but I hate the way it starts earlier every year. We’ll soon be hearing Christmas music in July. I feel  like a hypocrite when I complain like this because as an entertainer I am often engaged in Christmas store promotions of one kind or another and could easily be the one playing ” Merry Xmas Everyone ” and encouraging you all to spend your money even before the last of the autumn leaves have fallen. Last year ( December 2009 ) was our busiest Xmas season ever so I would like to give one small piece of advice. If you are going to be having a Christmas Party for your company or organisation and you want good Christmas Party Entertainment for children, book early. There are only three weekends before Xmas and children’s entertainers get booked up quickly. Book now if you can!

There’s no excuse for a shoddy Santa Claus!

Call me old fashioned but I love Christmas. It’s a magical time. Even though my own kids are adults now, the magic is still there. For children Christmas is incredibly exciting and of course the central character is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Unfortunately kids grow up fast these days so its nice to let them enjoy their belief in Santa for as long as possible. For me there is no excuse for a shoddy Santa. Playing the role of Father Christmas is important. How often have you seen Santa wearing brown shoes, black hair poking out from under his wig, his everyday clothes showing from under his tunic etc etc. This is all very bad. Kids are observant and they do notice these things. If you are asked to do the job at a Christmas Party Entertainment or event, please do it properly.

Father Christmas

The Magic of Christmas – Santa Claus

A good Santa should have a costume that fits properly, the correct footwear ( either black boots or wellies – clean of course ), white gloves, a decent wig and beard and either a hat or hood which will stay on. If you are taking the job on don’t leave it until the last minute. Make sure the costume has been to the cleaners and that you have everything you need. Try it on and get into the role. Santa is jolly and friendly so think about how you are going to act and what you are going to say. Don’t cuff it. It goes without saying, no alcohol please.

Lets all make an effort and campaign for good Santas for children everywhere!

What was your worst experience of a shoddy Santa ?

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