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Raptor Conservation Static Bird of Prey Display

Bird of Prey Display to hire.

Raptor Conservation Static Bird of Prey Display and Rescue Service are Yorkshire based and provide static displays at events throughout the north of England.

Ron holding an owl from the Birds of Prey Display

Raptor Conservation Static Bird of Prey Display at Hemsworth Water Park. This is Ron Wood, Jolly Good Productions, holding one of their magnificent owls.

For information and prices:

Display Booking 01709 873 093 Rescue Information 07964 056 707

Also find Ian Eskriett on Facebook.

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Book interactive stilt walkers for hire in London

Stilt Walkers in London

Stilt Walker In Fairy Costume

Stilt Walker In Fairy Costume (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

Stilt walkers for hire in London are usually booked through entertainment agencies and can be relied upon to entertain people of all ages. When you book the entertainers through the agencies you can expect public liability insurance to be in place, and for performers to be fully CRB checked too. One advantage to booking them is that they can be seen by all due to the heights that they work at, meaning that everyone can be entertained by them at the same time. Many themes can be catered for, so no matter what the nature of your event is, you can expect the walkers to slip into it effortlessly.

Be part of the circus

They can be booked for various different types of event, from small private parties to big corporate get-togethers. Aside from their primary skills, they’ll also be trained to mix and mingle with your guests effectively in order to provide your event with an exciting atmosphere. Stilt walking is usually combined with various other skills such as juggling or balloon-modelling. They are known for engaging effectively with crowds and bringing a circus-like tone to any event. By booking a stilt entertainer through an agency, you can liaise with the agency and sometimes the professionals themselves before the event to ensure that any special requirements that you may have are catered for.

Catering for your theme

Stiltwalkers Katrina and Daniella

To help you get ideas, you could watch various clips online of stilt walkers at play in order to come up with suggestions regarding how they could entertain your guests appropriately. Sometimes bookings for stilt walkers for hire in London need to be made early in order to avoid disappointment as the demand for stilt entertainers can eclipse the supply. There is a seemingly limitless number of themes that you could choose from in order to cater for a particular theme, and the more information that you can give the agency or the entertainer, the more effective you can expect the performance to be. Many people, especially children may have never seen a stilt walker at play in a real-life setting before, so will be in awe of the skills at play in front of them. It’s usually possible to book either a solo walker or a series of stilt walkers, and most agencies will be able to offer a package that suits your budget, no matter how big or small it is.

Engaging energy

Years of training go into stilt walking and learning the other skills that are usually demonstrated alongside it. If you’re hoping to provide entertainment that’s that little bit out of the ordinary, with onlookers bound to take note, booking a stilt walker can help you orchestrate the perfect party atmosphere. You can rely upon stilt walkers to bring energy and excitement to any social gathering, whether it’s of a private, corporate or public nature.

This article was written by the CEP entertainment agency

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Unusual Attraction Draws The Crowds

The public have always been fascinated by the unusual and the outrageous. In the great days of seaside holidays when the public flocked to Blackpool and similar places in their thousands looking for fun, freak shows and weird side shows were incredibly popular.

Today the public still want to be entertained and they are always fascinated by anything a little unusual. Anything out of the ordinary is bound to stimulate curiosity.

Are you looking for something different for your open day or event? Have you thought of having a mobile petting zoo?

Whilst working at an event recently I came across Meadow’s Mobile Reptiles. There was a huge queue of people waiting to go in and look at the displays. I decided to take a look to see what all the fuss was about.  Once inside the room I could see rows of tables with glass cases, boxes and cages containing all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and small animals. The keepers were bringing handling some of the snakes and they even had a photographer so that you could be photographed with your favourite reptile too.

For more information contact Vicky on 07887931965 or email [email protected]

Here are a few pictures I took.

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Get Some Christmas Cheer

Whilst working at Beamish Museum in September I met a lady from Chesters Grove Garden Centre. She let me sample her home made ginger wine. It was fantastic. If you are looking for a Christmas treat then call in to Chesters Grove Garden Centre and Coffee Shop and pick up a bottle or two. You can also order by post.

Ginger wine from Chesters Grove Garden Centre

Ginger wine from Chesters Grove stall at Beamish Museum.

Chesters Grove Garden Centre, Chester Moor, Chester Le Street, Co Durham DH2 3RQ

Tel 0191 3890044

  • Wine Review: Ginger wine (
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