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Taster tips from Hazel’s Face Painting Course

Keeping your table and kit clean and presentable is key to looking professional. Organize your table. Use small baskets to house your sponges and glitters and line up your paints in neat lines, in colour families, e.g. blues and purples together, oranges, reds and yellows together. Wipe your table cloth, the paint pots and the handles of your brushes with a baby wipe every now and again. Have fresh water and a slop bucket under your table to hand so that you can change your water regularly.

Face Painting Course

Face Painting Course


Learn how to become a professional face painter.  Expert tuition by Hazel Wood. Find out more:

Face Paining Courses by Hazel

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Mr Punch and the Padre

You can’t beat a nice cup of Rosie Lee!

Mr Punch enjoys a cuppa the same as anyone else. Lucky for him he bumped into the padre who just happened to have a brew on the go. All old soldiers will tell you how important tea is for morale. After all performing in a Punch and Judy Show is a bit like going into battle.

Photo taken at Beamish Museum.

Mr Punch and the Padre

Mr Punch and the Padre

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Who Do You Think You Are Mr Punch?

Mr Punch Meets His Maker

Perhaps it came as a shock to Mr Punch to discover he is made of wood. If he was feeling nervous he certainly didn’t show it. This is Mr Punch at the Beamish Museum Autumn Agricultural Show with a master craftsmen highly skilled in the art of woodcraft. Taking a break after another energetic performance of his famous Punch and Judy Show, old red nose slipped into the craft tent for a breather. What a come down after 350 years of celebrity status to suddenly find your ancestor was a tree!

Mr Punch with the Master Craftsman.

Mr Punch in the craft tent.

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Mr Punch and The Barrel Organ

Musical Mr Punch

Mr Punch found himself next to this wonderful barrel organ at the Beamish Museum Agricultural Show. Fortunately this type of music is right up his street, Punch being rather musical himself. In between shows Mr Punch was able to take a break and plonk himself down and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. He thought the fellows on either side seemed a bit wooden as they hardly moved. At least in the Punch and Judy Show one gets to dance, sing and prance around!

Mr Punch and Barrel Organ

Mr Punch and Barrel Organ

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Beighton Gala with Mr Punch

Beighton Gala 2015

What a popular event this is. I was booked to perform my Punch and Judy Show and as ever when attending an event for the first time you never know what to expect. This turned out to be one of the busiest community events I have ever been to. It was buzzing with people. One of the traders told me that he comes every year and it is the best gala in the area.

There were two arenas, a fairground, bouncy castles, entertainers, side shows and numerous stalls selling all manner of things.

Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy Show

I’m not sure how many people come to his event but there must of been thousands. I performed four shows and had good size audiences every one.

Although I now live in Richmond, North Yorkshire I did once serve in a Territorial Army unit based in Sheffield and I have many happy memories from my time in South Yorkshire. It is always nice to return.

I am pleased to say that Mr Punch was given a warm and friendly welcome at the Beighton Gala. Lots of happy children and lots of folk enjoying themselves. What could be better.

That’s the way to do it!

Wolsingham Gala 2015

Wolsingham, County Durham

A lovely sunny afternoon for a fantastic community, family fun day. Lots of people having a great time. What could be better than this!


View of the showfield from my Punch and Judy booth.

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Balloon Decorating

Decorate your Party

Balloon Decorating is a great way to create atmosphere at your party venue. Calling in a professional balloon decorator is a great idea because they can work fast to produce stunning effects that will quickly transform a dull room into an exciting place to relax and have fun.

In the photos you will see me using some special tools which help me to work quickly and accurately. I use a sizing box to ensure all air filled balloons are exactly the same size. For gas filled balloons I have an electronic machine called a split second sizer which does exactly the same job. Sizing is important otherwise the balloons lack uniformity.

Packing and spacing are also important. I always take time to stand back and look the display and then make any necessary adjustments.

The display below took two of us less than three hours to set up.

For more information see Balloon Decorating

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“Frozen” Christmas Party Balloon Display

Frozen Themed Balloons

Balloon Decorating Service. We made this balloon display to go at the entrance to Santa’s Grotto for a company Christmas Party. As the current must have for children was Frozen the balloons had to be themed accordingly. The columns were all made from air filled balloons whilst the arches were filled with balloon gas. At the end of the party we dismantled the display and gave the children the balloons to take home.

Frozen themed balloon display

Frozen themed balloon display


Ask about our Balloon Decorating Service for your special event.