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Irreverent Punch At Student Party

Punch and Judy paid a visit to an end of term student party at Durham University. Students were celebrating the completion of their exams with a beach party at Collingwood College. The weather was fair and needless to say the revellers were enjoying plentiful alcoholic refreshment whilst relaxing in the meadow.  The Punch and Judy Show was rather naughty and certainly not the same show that is normally performed for a family audience. Punch fans would tell you that the show was originally for adult audiences and only became seen as children’s entertainment in Victorian times. The victorians would have been shocked by the vulgarity of todays show but the students certainly seemed to be appreciating  it.

Students watching Punch and Judy

Student entertainment - Punch and Judy

Punch at Student Party

Punch entertaining students at Durham University

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Bags Of Fun

“Bags of Fun” is a party game for children or adults. It can be used to entertain an adult audience or at as part of the children’s entertainment at a birthday party.

What you need

Put a variety of different objects into bags and number or mark the bags in some way. Keep a note of what is in each bag. Tie the bags up so that the players can’t peep inside. Don’t use anything with a sharp edge or a point, or anything that is fragile or that could be easily damaged. Put the same number of objects into each bag.

Everyone will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

How to play

The aim is for each player to identify as many objects as they can by feeling the bags.

Each player must write down what objects are in which bags.

The winner is the player who correctly identifies the most objects.

Set a time limit.

You could pass the bags round or just have a free for all. It’s up to you.

How many bags you use and how much time you allow will depend on how many players there are. It’s more fun if you keep the time short.

This is a great game to get people loosened up and involved.

Have fun!

An Entertaining Life

This evening I have been booked as an after dinner speaker at a black tie dinner in York. The title is ” An Entertaining Life ” I have been asked to talk about how I became a clown and to include a few interesting anecdotes and most of all to give a demonstration. Now as you can appreciate, most of my work as Chuckle The Clown involves working with children and family audiences and not performing before an adult audience. Most people would tell you that clowns are for kids and there can be no disputing that this is the general perception. However I have to say that “grown ups” like clowns too, it’s just that they are too grown up to admit it.

Making a living as a clown is an unusual occupation and so I am sure that my audience this evening will be curious to know why I chose to abandon respectability and entered into this crazy world of clowning around ( I sometimes find myself asking the same question ).

There are many reasons why I like what I do. I get to travel, I meet lots of interesting people, it’s fun, there is lots of job satisfaction ( one point for a smile, two for a titter, five for a round of applause and ten for an out and out belly laugh ), all sorts of funny things happen outside of the actual show, I am my own boss ( whoops, forgot about Hazel ) and it’s different, for me variety is the spice of life.

Perhaps inside of every person there resides a little clown. This little clown was happiest when we were children because it could be free to play in our imagination. As we have grown older the little clown has become submerged under the baggage of life, covered over by responsibility, self consciousness, respectability, authority, status and all the other trappings of adulthood.

This evening when I present “An Entertaining Life” I hope that my audience will get an insight into my world and that I may even be able to find some kindred spirits who ill be brave enough to dip their toes in the water and join in the fun. It may even inspire them to take up a new career?

If you are looking for an after dinner speaker with a difference and you are feeling courageous then please give me a call!

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Punch And Judy Show Shocks Adult Audience

Although Punch and Judy is seen by most as children’s entertainment just as a magic show or clown show might be, it was originally a show for adults. Today Punch and Judy certainly does  appeal to adults for a variety of reasons.

  • They love to watch the expressions on the kid’s faces, to see the children smiling and laughing
  • They secretly like to join in with the ripostes ( and some join in very enthusiastically )
  • For some of the older generation it is nostalgic and reminds them of holidays at the seaside
  • They are intrigued by the puppets
  • They appreciate the skill of the ” professor ” in working the figures / engaging the audience
  • Punch often brings back childhood memories
  • They are familiar with Punch and Judy

Whenever I perform Punch and Judy at public events I nearly always have adults coming up afterwards and telling me how much they enjoyed the show. Sometimes they say that they haven’t seen Punch and Judy for donkeys years. Some are curious and ask me questions about the puppets or the voices. If they are really interested I may let them have a look inside the puppet booth. This always goes down well as most have no idea what goes on behind the scenes.

From time to time I am booked to perform to an all adult audience. I have done this for student events, 40th, 50th and 60th birthday parties and I even went to an all night ” RAVE ” once ( not something I would normally attend ).

You will appreciate that the content and presentation of a show for adults is quite different to the show I do for children. The Adult Punch and Judy show is very coarse, in fact it can definitely be described as blue!

One of the funniest moments I had was performing the adult version at a gentleman’s sixtieth birthday party. It was a rather grand party held in a lovely marquee in the grounds of a fine house. No expense had been spared. Apparently the gentleman had always been a fan of Punch and Judy so my show was a special treat. I was set up in the corner next to the band. The guests mingled, enjoying drinks and ca-nopes. A very nice crowd of well dressed folk engaging in polite conversation whilst the band played relaxing music in the background.

When it was time for the show I asked the lady who had booked me if I should proceed. She was chatting with a little group of extremely nice ladies. ” Yes, please ” she said ” and you are going to do the blue version aren’t you ” I hesitated as I had not been expecting this. I had a quick look round the room. I knew that my normal show would be perfect for this group. ” Are you sure ” I enquired. ” Yes, we want the adult version don’t we ladies ” I hesitated again. ” Are you really sure that’s what you want ” The reply was affirmative.

I gave the band the nod, slipped into the booth, started the music and launched into the show with full gusto.The vicars not going to like this I thought.

My shows are always full of vigour which is how a good Punch and Judy Show should be. I always try and give it my all. The adult version is no exception and so there is a lot of bad language, sexual innuendo, violence, crudity, insults and appalling behaviour.

The initial reaction from my very refined audience was initially…SHOCK!… but then… as most had quaffed a reasonable amount of bubbly the barriers came down and soon many of them were joining in ( I’m not sure about the vicar ) I think the lady who booked me very nearly passed out as she was soon hammering on the side of the puppet theatre in a panic asking me to tone it down.

I have to say that I don’t enjoy gross vulgarity myself. I don’t think you need it to be funny but it has become an essential ingredient for modern comedians. The only time I resort to this is in my  Adult Punch and Judy Show.

When I finished my show and emerged from the booth the band leader said  ”  They won’t forget his party in a hurry ”

The lady thanked me saying she didn’t know what to expect and apologised for panicking. As for the birthday boy. He had a great time !

So if you fancy something different for an adult party, give me a call but be warned. It’s strictly over 18’s and it’s no holes barred !