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Who Do You Think You Are Mr Punch?

Mr Punch Meets His Maker

Perhaps it came as a shock to Mr Punch to discover he is made of wood. If he was feeling nervous he certainly didn’t show it. This is Mr Punch at the Beamish Museum Autumn Agricultural Show with a master craftsmen highly skilled in the art of woodcraft. Taking a break after another energetic performance of his famous Punch and Judy Show, old red nose slipped into the craft tent for a breather. What a come down after 350 years of celebrity status to suddenly find your ancestor was a tree!

Mr Punch with the Master Craftsman.

Mr Punch in the craft tent.

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Georgian Punch and Judy

Beamish Georgian Fair 2013

Every May Beamish Museum, in the North East of England,  holds its four day Georgian Fair. It is one of the most popular events in the calendar. Authentic costumes, stalls and entertainment recreate the hustle and bustle of a bye gone era. Punch and Judy Shows were a regular feature in country fairs long before the rise of seaside holidays. In fact Punch and Judy was first seen in England in 1662. I am sure the folk in Georgian times were just as vocal and appreciative of Mr Punch and his antics as the modern audiences visiting the living history museum today are.

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Book a Punch and Judy Show.

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Beamish Museum, Georgian Fair 2011

Life in Georgian England

Georgian fair Punch and Judy

Georgian Punch and Judy Show

The Georgian Fair took place at the Pockerley Waggonway, Beamish, over four days from the 2nd to the 4th June. Thousands of people came every day to enjoy a taste of life in Georgian England. The event was so popular that the gates were opened thirty minutes early because of the amount of people waiting to come into the museum. One family travelled from Bolton in Lancashire on the bus, a journey which took three and a half hours each way.

Authentic displays

The organisers took great care to ensure that everything at the fair was as authentic as possible. There was all the hustle and bustle that you would expect and visitors could see labourers working in the fields, traditional craftsmen at work, trinket sellers and entertainers performing various shows throughout the day.

Event Entertainment

The fair was officially opened at 11am each day by Squire Pockerley who invited everyone to have a good time but added a warning that drunks, thieves, pickpockets and the like would be severely dealt with. Also that no trading was allowed outside of the boundaries of Pockerely. There were live performances by Random Mike the Fire Juggler, Svenson’s “Circus Minimus” Flea Circus, clog dancers, a Northumbrian Piper and Punch and Judy.

Side Shows and Demonstrations

There as something for everyone including Swing Boat rides, Coconut Shy, traditional games and costume try on. There were demonstrations of pole lathing, traditional woodcraft, cleft ash gate making and basket weaving. You could try your hand at making a lavender bag or sample gingerbread if you were feeling a little peckish.

Market Stalls

Fresh produce was for sale at very reasonable prices including bedding plants, perennials and herbs, fresh bread in all shapes, sizes and flavours, corn dollies, Beamish wine and hand made greetings cards.

The Georgian Fair continues to go from strength to strength. I am certainly looking forward to next year and hoping I will be invite to participate with my Punch and Judy show again.

Future Events at Beamish 2011

Power from the Past is from 1st to 4th September.

Beamish Agricultural Show is from 15th to 18th September.

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Join The Cavy Club If You Love Little Furry Animals

Children love little furry animals and so do many adults. I was thrilled to be able to visit the Durham and Northumberland Cavy Club at Beamish Museum to see some of their amazing Guinea Pigs. If you need information about looking after your pet  then club members are only to willing to give free advice.

Durham and Northumberland Cavy Club

Durham and Northumberland Cavy Club

The Cavy Club can be a nice attraction at  a show or event. If you are an organiser why not talk to them about putting on a display.

For more information about the Durham and Northumberland Cavy Club contact Duncan McRobbie tel : 01833 628354

  • Guinea Pigs (therealowner.com)
  • What to Feed Your Pet Guinea Pig (brighthub.com)
  • Can Guinea Pigs Be Exposed to Cat Litter? (brighthub.com)
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Get Some Christmas Cheer

Whilst working at Beamish Museum in September I met a lady from Chesters Grove Garden Centre. She let me sample her home made ginger wine. It was fantastic. If you are looking for a Christmas treat then call in to Chesters Grove Garden Centre and Coffee Shop and pick up a bottle or two. You can also order by post.

Ginger wine from Chesters Grove Garden Centre

Ginger wine from Chesters Grove stall at Beamish Museum.

Chesters Grove Garden Centre, Chester Moor, Chester Le Street, Co Durham DH2 3RQ

Tel 0191 3890044    www.chestersgrove.co.uk

  • Wine Review: Ginger wine (telegraph.co.uk)
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Beamish Museum, Georgian Fair

Today was my first ever visit to Beamish Museum. All of my family have been several times and so I was feeling a liitle guilty but delighted to have been invited to take part in the Georgian Fair. The organisers wanted an authentic Punch and Judy Show and decided that mine fitted the bill. On arrival I had to report to the costume department to collect my custom made outfit. I’d sent in my sizes a few weeks before and they had made a costume specially for me. I tried it on and when I looked in the mirror it reminded me of David Essex, a pop star from the seventies. I gave the ladies a quick rendition of ” Gonna make you a star ” and contemplated applying for Britain’s Got talent but was advised not to bother. Some people just don’t recognise a good thing when they see it.

I was given a map and set off in my car to find the location of the Fair. Beamish is a huge place and the locations are spread out over a wide area. It was a lovely, warm sunny day and I could really appreciate the beauty of the place. Woodland, pastures, rolling countryside and winding pathways.

I arrived to find people busily setting up stalls and preparing for the arrival of the general public at 10am. I was given my pitch and quickly set up my Punch and Judy Show and then took my car back to the Resource Centre car park. I noticed that great attention was being paid to detail and everyone seemed very keen and interested in what they were doing.

Once the gates were open to the public Beamish came alive and there were large numbers of visitors arriving to join in the fun. There was a great atmosphere and everyone form the very young to the elderly were enjoying themselves. I did six shows and had a large appreciative audience everytime. Children and adults joined in enthusiastically.

The Museum closed at 5pm and it was time to pack up and go home. What a good day it had been. I would certainly recommend Beamish as somewhere to go for a great day out.

Georgian Punch And Judy Show

Punch and Judy at the Georgian Fair

Beamish Museum

Beamish is a beautiful place

Beamish Museum, realistic costumes

Authentic costumes ( Ron centre )

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