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Amazing Birthday Cake!

Wow, a little boy who loves Disney had a special treat when his mum had this fantastic Birthday Cake custom made just for him. Look at the detail. It’s just like Neverland!

Neverland Birthday Cake

Captain Hook and the Neverland Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cakes To Steal The Show

Magnificent Birthday Cakes

Cup Cakes for a Birthday Party

Cup Cakes are very popular

There can be no doubt that birthday cakes have become more elaborate these days. Some birthday cakes I have seen could only be described as  magnificent!

To buy or make your own?

When I was a child most mums made the birthday cake themselves. It would be covered in marzipan and then iced. Next it would be  sprinkled  with hundreds and thousands or lots of those little silver things that reminded me of tiny ball bearings.  The top of the cake would be decorated in some way and generally it was surrounded by a fancy, colourful paper wrap. Finally the requisite number of candles would be added as the finishing touch. Most birthday cakes were fairly similar.

In those days most mums were housewives and stayed at home whilst the men went to work. They were used to baking and cooking and had more time on their hands. Now many mums have busy jobs and so time is in short supply. Fortunately the supermarkets all offer ready made cakes and there are plenty of specialist cake shops who will make a cake to order.  So for busy mums buying a cake is the best option. For those who can afford the time and who have the necessary skills then the internet can provide a wealth of ideas to fire up your imagination. You can also order up all of the necessary tools and accessories online. It’s all there at the touch of a keyboard.

Types of cake

It seems to me that birthday cakes can be grouped as follows :

  • Simple : Round or square cake with simple decoration.
  • Fancy : Round or square with lavish decoration.
  • Themed : Non standard shape, custom design and decoration.
  • Cup cakes : individual cakes usually on a special stand, can be simple, fancy or themed.

Most popular birthday cakes for boys

  • Pirate birthday cake
  • Cars and tractor birthday cake
  • Super hero birthday cake

Most popular birthday cake for girls

  • Princess birthday cake
  • Female characters such as Cinderella
  • Pets and animals

Clowns are also popular with boys and girls.

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Need ideas for  a birthday cake?  See our gallery below :

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Pirate Cakes In Fabulous Fairy Castle

Pirate and Princess Birthday Cake

Stunning Birthday Party Display

Pirate birthday cakes displayed in pink fairy castle

Pirate and Princess birthday cake.

This  amazing display was created by Angela Turner for Benjamin and Bethany’s 5th birthday party.

The individual chocolate cakes were all carefully decorated and then arranged inside the fairy castle. The five cakes at the front all had sparklers in them and there was even a big number five at the top of the castle which was lit up with flashing lights.

Ben’s very own toy pirate ship stood at the side of the castle.

Everyone who came to the party loved the display and said how fantastic it was. Angela also decorated the party bags, food boxes, bunting and table decorations to match the theme.

What a treat for the children!

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Need ideas for  a birthday cake?  See our gallery below :

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Amazing Clown Birthday Cake

Look at this fabulous clown birthday cake made by Sarah Thompson for her son Charlie’s 5th birthday party. Chuckle wanted to eat it all himself but Charlie said it was to share with his friends. He did say Chuckle The Clown could have a little tiny piece if he promised to make the party lots of fun for everyone.

Charlie's Clown Birthday Cake

Charlie's Clown Birthday Cake

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Need ideas for  a birthday cake?  See our gallery below :

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Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cakes come in all shapes and sizes these days. Are you looking for inspiration. Go our  photo gallery to see what other people have done. A children’s party is a special occasion. Some people buy a ready made cake from the supermarket whilst others make their own cakes. There are also plenty of shops who specialize in party cakes and cakes for anniversarys and weddings etc.

Pirate Birthday Party Cake

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

The above Pirate Ship Birthday Cake was made for a little girl who wanted a pirate party. In fact her mum booked the Jolly Good Productions Pirate Puppet show. The cake looks just like the ship in the show.

Do you know any really good cake suppliers? Share their details using the comment section below, thanks, Ron

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Need ideas for  a birthday cake?  See our gallery below :

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Joel’s Amazing Pirate Cakes

Every now and then I see something that really tickles my fancy. Today I went to York with my Pirate Puppet Show to perform at a little boy called Joel’s 5th birthday party. Usually there is just one birthday cake but Joel’s  mum had gone to a lot of trouble to make the party special. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these amazing cakes which Joel’s mum had carefully and lovingly created. As you can see each one is decorated as a pirate and every child received one in his or her party box to take away  at the end. What a lovely idea. I think Joel’s mum was pleased with her pirate cakes but she did tell me that it had taken  her ages to do them. It was however a labour of love and well worth the effort.

Pirate Birthday Party Cakes

Pirate Cakes

I didn’t get a chance to sample one of the cakes but I am sure they were absolutely delicious. What do you thing of Joel’s amazing pirate cakes? Let me know what you think.

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Need ideas for  a birthday cake?  See our gallery below :

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Cracking Cake Caper Caps Kids Commotion!

A group of very noisy kids at a birthday party were silenced in a second by a special surprise. ” Magic Man ” Ron Wood snapped this photo taken at the moment the room fell silent. The children had been enthusiatically participating in Ron’s Magic Show but the birthday girls mum had more tricks up her sleeve when the candles on the cake burst into life. The effect was amazing. The entire room fell silent, you could have heard a pin drop!

Fireworks on birthday cake

Attention grabbing birthday cake!


What is the most amazing birthday cake you have ever seen?

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