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Parties For Girls

Hazel’s Jolly Good Fun Partyhazel3

Perfect for girls aged 5 to 10  years old. If you are looking or party entertainment that is really hands on and will keep the children interested and involved from start to finish then booking Hazel is a great choice.

All you need is a village hall or large function room and Hazel will keep the kids busy and enjoying themselves for a full two hours.

Hazel is based in Richmond, North Yorkshire and covers Darlington, Bedale, Nothallerton, Barnard Castle, Newton Aycliffe, Bishop Auckland, Ripon and surrounding areas.

More details can be found on Hazel’s web page https://www.jollygoodfun.co.uk/hazels-party-entertainment.php

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Birthday Party Clown

Clown for a Birthday Party

Chuckle The Clown

Chuckle The Clown

If you are wondering how to make your child’s birthday party a very special memory that they will never forget then hiring a clown entertainer could be the answer you are looking for.

A clown turns your child’s special day into an exciting magical experience.

Clowns are exciting and fun. Children love their colourful costumes and crazy antics.

Clowns are often multi-skilled and can do lots of fun stuff like juggling, balloon modelling and magic tricks but what makes them different from other entertainers is that they are very silly too!

Children delight in watching the clown get into a muddle. Clowns are clumsy, forgetful, hoplessly incompetent. They get mixed up, they drop things, they walk into things, they fall over and sometimes even fall asleep.

A clown show is more like a pantomime!!!

Clowns are very versatile performers and can work in all kinds of situations. They are perfect for a children’s birthday party but can also entertain in shopping centres at family fun day events, store promotions, fetes, shows and galas.

Clowns can work with children of all ages but they can entertain adults too.

A clown will bring laughter, smiles and happiness to your child’s party.


Looking for a Birthday Party Clown in North Yorkshire or The North East?

Chuckle The Clown covers Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Northallerton, Darlington, Barnard Castle, Northallerton, Harrogate, York and Middlesbrough. He also works in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Leeds areas.

Contact Chuckle The Clown using our enquiry form here.

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Amazing Birthday Cake!

Wow, a little boy who loves Disney had a special treat when his mum had this fantastic Birthday Cake custom made just for him. Look at the detail. It’s just like Neverland!

Neverland Birthday Cake

Captain Hook and the Neverland Birthday Cake

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Pirate Cakes In Fabulous Fairy Castle

Pirate and Princess Birthday Cake

Stunning Birthday Party Display

Pirate birthday cakes displayed in pink fairy castle

Pirate and Princess birthday cake.

This  amazing display was created by Angela Turner for Benjamin and Bethany’s 5th birthday party.

The individual chocolate cakes were all carefully decorated and then arranged inside the fairy castle. The five cakes at the front all had sparklers in them and there was even a big number five at the top of the castle which was lit up with flashing lights.

Ben’s very own toy pirate ship stood at the side of the castle.

Everyone who came to the party loved the display and said how fantastic it was. Angela also decorated the party bags, food boxes, bunting and table decorations to match the theme.

What a treat for the children!

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Thirsk and Sowerby Town Hall

Looking for a hall to hire for a birthday party  in  Thirsk, North Yorkshire. The Town Hall has a lovely function room, very modern, clean and with a nice kitchen too. It’s just the right size for a party of 20 – 30 children. There is also parking at the side of the building. If you need more space there is a huge main hall too, complete with full size stage.


The party room at Thirsk Town Hall, North Yorkshire

Thirsk Town Hall has a lovely party room.




The Secretary

Thirsk and Sowerby Town Hall




Tel 01845 522650

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Entertaining Pre School Age Children At A Birthday Party

When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. A birthday party is a very special occasion and every parent wants to do the best they can to make it is good as it can be. For the child it is very exciting because they know they are going to get lots of presents and have lots of fun. For parents a birthday party is an expression of love and pride. Having a brilliant birthday party is could be described as a kind of emotional out poring. A way of showing their love? This might sound a little over the top but I believe this is true. As a parent myself I am speaking from experience. Hazel and I always tried to give our three girls really good birthday parties even when money was in short supply and let’s face it a birthday party is expensive! They are all grown up now but we’ve been there, done that and bought the T Shirt as they say.

I am digressing. My opening statement is true. When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. The kind of stuff which will amuse and entertain a four year old is different to what will delight a ten year old. To organise a birthday party for a four year old boy and then invite his ten year old brother and all his mates to come too is a recipe for trouble. Older children are more sophisticated. They are far more advanced both physically and mentally and they are much bigger! The older children will naturally dominate the little ones. They will win all the games and sometimes younger children can be knocked over and hurt if the big ones are chasing around in the excitement. Controlling older children can sometimes be a problem too. Often you will not know all of the children who are coming to the party and so you have to hope that they will be well behaved.

This all sounds like bad news. It’s not meant to be. Mixed age group parties can work. It depends on the kids. If you are lucky enough to get a group of really well behaved children and the older ones are quite happy to mix in with the little ones then all well and good but be warned. It could go the other way so why take chances.

If you are planning a birthday party for a three or four year old child then invite all three and four year olds. This is by far the best approach.

Puppet Show For Younger Children

Younger Children Love Puppets

If you are going to do the entertainment yourself and you are wondering what to do then draw inspiration from nursery school, play group, mother and toddler group or Tumble Tots. Think of the kind of activities and games that the children do at these places. Make a list of everything you can think of that you might be able to use at your child’s birthday party. Games, songs and stories are all good. Work out how long each activity will take and then make a little programme up. Alternate between an activity which involves sitting and listening and one which involves movement.  Don’t try and do too much. Plan on thirty to forty minutes before the party food and then perhaps another thirty minutes or so after the meal. Use less energetic activities such as “pass the parcel” and “pin the tail on the donkey” after the children have eaten. End the party on a high note by doing the “hokey cokey” or something similar. If possible enlist the help of a friend or relative who works with pre school age children in a professional capacity. A nursery nurse, teacher or child carer would be ideal. It is also a very good idea to involve the other mums too. Ask them to join in with their children. This will make things much easier for you.

You may decide to hire someone to come and organise the birthday party entertainment for you. There are people who specialise in entertaining preschoolers. Often they are people who are ex teachers or who have experience as nursery nurses, child carers etc. Sometimes they are mums themselves who have set up in business because they enjoy working with kids and they like the flexibility this type of work affords. There are people who will organise games, do craft activities, do dressing up parties, do storytelling and so on.

Alternatively you might want to hire a professional children’s entertainer such as a magician, clown or puppeteer. All children love magic. Most love clowns and puppets are always a big hit. Not all children’s entertainers will work with very young children. The sudden appearance of a clown in the midst of a group of three and four year olds could terrify some children especially the more timid ones. When working with under fives approach is everything. The first step is to win over the confidence of the children and make sure they feel safe and are relaxed. Next the material has to be simple and uncomplicated. The funny business and humour must be pitched at a level that the little ones can understand. This may seem obvious but it is very important. Entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party is an art in itself and requires experience, knowledge  and understanding. Not everyone is capable of entertaining very young children at birthday parties and so you do need to make sure you are hiring an entertainer who knows what they are doing.

Here is what one mum wrote about a party for her four year old daughter at which we had performed a magic and puppet show:

Hi there! What a super afternoon – thanks largely to you! Willow had a fab time and told her grandma all about the ‘funny man who can’t clap and had lots of sheep and a cow called Daisy’. We have our own puppet theatre at home and have been playing with it already this morning, re-christening one of the characters ‘Bonkers’. I think we may be stealing some of your act! Our guests are raving about the party and we certainly won’t forget you in a hurry. Unfortunately I can’t post anything on your facebook page for Jolly Good Productions – but will gladly do so – think we may need to be friends in order to do so?? Just wanted to let you know that we were super impressed and it was such a stress-free party for us. The kids loved you (perhaps a little too much at times) but I guess that’s just the sort of reaction you need. Thanks so much again.

Birthday parties are special. Think carefully about what you are going to do and hopefully you will have happy memories to look back on in years to come.

If you have any ideas to share about entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party please contribute to the discussion using the comment section below. Thanks.

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Tips On Taking Photos Or Video At A Children’s Party

Magic Man

Image by ronwooduk via Flickr

This is just a short post with a few tips about taking photos and videos at children’s parties.

I’d like to start by saying that I do believe birthday parties are important and happy family occasions which should be recorded. You should take lots and lots of photos so that you can look back in years to come on what is sure to be a wonderful experience.

One of the things parents often say to me after a show is how much they loved seeing the children laugh or how they loved watching them smiling and having fun. I was thinking about this today and it dawned on me that when parents video my shows they are nearly always doing it from the back. In other words they never film the most important part which is the expressions and reactions of the children. It occurred to me that you really need to have two cameras. One at the back filming the show and the other at the front filming the audience. By having two cameras you can capture all the action. The funny bits in the act and the children laughing or joining in. You might have to borrow a second video camera or sweet talk a friend or relative to help out but I’m sure it would be worth it.

The same goes for photography. Try to take shots from both directions.

I also think it’s worth either buying or borrowing a tripod. You always get much better results when the video camera is firmly supported compared to hand held.

If you are booking an entertainer have a word with them about the show and find out when there will be some good photo opportunities and then you can be ready to snap away at the right moments. Make a few notes to remind you of what to expect.

If you are planning a party I hope these ideas are useful.

If you are keen on photography and have any useful tips please post a comment below. Thanks, Ron.

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Who To Invite To A Children’s Party

Mathews Birthday Party

Image by ronwooduk via Flickr

Every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be really good. A birthday party is special. It’s exciting for the birthday child and it is a happy and memorable occasion for family and friends. The child’s mum is usually the one who does all the hard work of organising everything. Sometimes it’s the Dad but often father is in a supporting role rather than being the main driving force.
Inevitably the question arrises of who to invite. Before I go any further I need to explain that I am very experienced in the world of birthday parties. First of all Hazel and I have three daughters, all grown up now but we have been through the birthday party phase. We have experienced first hand the stress and effort that goes into party planning. Second, I am a very experienced children’s entertainer. I am not bragging when I say I’ve seen it all. I have been employed to entertain at the most lavish birthday parties you can imagine where people have spent an absolute fortune ( and I mean thousands and thousands of pounds )and I have also worked at parties where I’ve been in someones garage with the mum and four kids. So on the subject of birthday parties I do speak with some authority. I’ve seen so many different kinds of parties that I’ve got a pretty good feeel for what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few considerations to make when deciding who to invite to a children’s party.

  1. Age Group. If you are hiring a children’s entertainer it is much better to have all the same age group.If it’s a fifth birthday party you don’t want a group of ten year old boys getting bored and deliberately spoiling it for the little ones.
  2. Space. If you are hiring a hall this shouldn’t matter too much but if you are doing your birthday party at home then you need to think carefully about how many children ( and parents ) you can comfortably fit in.
  3. Cost. Some venues will charge per head and therefore the more children you invite the higher the cost. If you are hiring a hall or having a party at home then increasing the numbers shouldn’t have too much of an effect because children don’t eat too much anyway. A few extra sausages on sticks, sandwiches or crisps won’t break the bank. Also the cost of your bouncy castle or children’s entertainer will be same whether you have ten kids or a hundred.
  4. When. Will the party be on the actual birthday? Is it going to be mid week or weekend? Friends and relatives living farther away may not be able to come at certain times.
  5. Naughty kids. This is always very tricky as you don’t want to offend people. Unfortunately there are some children who are very badly behaved and they could spoil the party. Have you got the courage not to invite them?

Once you have thought about all of the above you need to make a list. Involve the birthday child. Sit down with him / her and ask who they would like to come. Use this list to help you :

  1. Best friend
  2. Friends
  3. School friends / class mates
  4. Friends from clubs / organisations / hobbies
  5. Relatives ie cousins
  6. Children of parents close  friends

Cross off people who you don’t want to invite and those you know can’t make it and you now have a list which you can use for sending out the invitations.

Incidentally it’s a good idea to make a proper list and make sure you know the child’s full name, the name of their parent or guardian and a contact telephone number / mobile number  so that you can contact them if you need to either before or during the party.

I hope you found this article on birthday party planning useful. If you have any questions or would like to add anything on this subject please use the comment form below. Your views are most welcome.

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Methodist Church Hall, Scorton

The Methodist Church Hall, Scorton, near Richmond, North Yorkshire is an ideal venue for a birthday party, especially  for younger children. It’s got a nice kitchen and there is plenty of parking round the village green.

Scorton Methodist Church Hall

Scorton Methodist Church Hall

To enquire about hiring the hall Tel 01748 810850

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