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Entertaining Pre School Age Children At A Birthday Party

When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. A birthday party is a very special occasion and every parent wants to do the best they can to make it is good as it can be. For the child it is very exciting because they know they are going to get lots of presents and have lots of fun. For parents a birthday party is an expression of love and pride. Having a brilliant birthday party is could be described as a kind of emotional out poring. A way of showing their love? This might sound a little over the top but I believe this is true. As a parent myself I am speaking from experience. Hazel and I always tried to give our three girls really good birthday parties even when money was in short supply and let’s face it a birthday party is expensive! They are all grown up now but we’ve been there, done that and bought the T Shirt as they say.

I am digressing. My opening statement is true. When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. The kind of stuff which will amuse and entertain a four year old is different to what will delight a ten year old. To organise a birthday party for a four year old boy and then invite his ten year old brother and all his mates to come too is a recipe for trouble. Older children are more sophisticated. They are far more advanced both physically and mentally and they are much bigger! The older children will naturally dominate the little ones. They will win all the games and sometimes younger children can be knocked over and hurt if the big ones are chasing around in the excitement. Controlling older children can sometimes be a problem too. Often you will not know all of the children who are coming to the party and so you have to hope that they will be well behaved.

This all sounds like bad news. It’s not meant to be. Mixed age group parties can work. It depends on the kids. If you are lucky enough to get a group of really well behaved children and the older ones are quite happy to mix in with the little ones then all well and good but be warned. It could go the other way so why take chances.

If you are planning a birthday party for a three or four year old child then invite all three and four year olds. This is by far the best approach.

Puppet Show For Younger Children

Younger Children Love Puppets

If you are going to do the entertainment yourself and you are wondering what to do then draw inspiration from nursery school, play group, mother and toddler group or Tumble Tots. Think of the kind of activities and games that the children do at these places. Make a list of everything you can think of that you might be able to use at your child’s birthday party. Games, songs and stories are all good. Work out how long each activity will take and then make a little programme up. Alternate between an activity which involves sitting and listening and one which involves movement.  Don’t try and do too much. Plan on thirty to forty minutes before the party food and then perhaps another thirty minutes or so after the meal. Use less energetic activities such as “pass the parcel” and “pin the tail on the donkey” after the children have eaten. End the party on a high note by doing the “hokey cokey” or something similar. If possible enlist the help of a friend or relative who works with pre school age children in a professional capacity. A nursery nurse, teacher or child carer would be ideal. It is also a very good idea to involve the other mums too. Ask them to join in with their children. This will make things much easier for you.

You may decide to hire someone to come and organise the birthday party entertainment for you. There are people who specialise in entertaining preschoolers. Often they are people who are ex teachers or who have experience as nursery nurses, child carers etc. Sometimes they are mums themselves who have set up in business because they enjoy working with kids and they like the flexibility this type of work affords. There are people who will organise games, do craft activities, do dressing up parties, do storytelling and so on.

Alternatively you might want to hire a professional children’s entertainer such as a magician, clown or puppeteer. All children love magic. Most love clowns and puppets are always a big hit. Not all children’s entertainers will work with very young children. The sudden appearance of a clown in the midst of a group of three and four year olds could terrify some children especially the more timid ones. When working with under fives approach is everything. The first step is to win over the confidence of the children and make sure they feel safe and are relaxed. Next the material has to be simple and uncomplicated. The funny business and humour must be pitched at a level that the little ones can understand. This may seem obvious but it is very important. Entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party is an art in itself and requires experience, knowledge  and understanding. Not everyone is capable of entertaining very young children at birthday parties and so you do need to make sure you are hiring an entertainer who knows what they are doing.

Here is what one mum wrote about a party for her four year old daughter at which we had performed a magic and puppet show:

Hi there! What a super afternoon – thanks largely to you! Willow had a fab time and told her grandma all about the ‘funny man who can’t clap and had lots of sheep and a cow called Daisy’. We have our own puppet theatre at home and have been playing with it already this morning, re-christening one of the characters ‘Bonkers’. I think we may be stealing some of your act! Our guests are raving about the party and we certainly won’t forget you in a hurry. Unfortunately I can’t post anything on your facebook page for Jolly Good Productions – but will gladly do so – think we may need to be friends in order to do so?? Just wanted to let you know that we were super impressed and it was such a stress-free party for us. The kids loved you (perhaps a little too much at times) but I guess that’s just the sort of reaction you need. Thanks so much again.

Birthday parties are special. Think carefully about what you are going to do and hopefully you will have happy memories to look back on in years to come.

If you have any ideas to share about entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party please contribute to the discussion using the comment section below. Thanks.

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Ingredients For A Good Children’s Entertainer

If you were planning to wow your friends and family with an amazing cake for a special occasion you would certainly want to use the best ingredients that you could find. Not everyone is a good cook and sometimes the end result is not up to expectations. Making sure you have all the right ingredients is a good start.

When it comes to jobs not everyone is cut out to be an electrician, a nurse or an accountant. Whilst we could all have a go at most things there is no doubt that our personal attributes, aptitudes and abilities mean that there will be some jobs for which we are perfectly matched and others which we are never ever going to be really good at no matter how hard we try.

professional children's entertainer

children's entertainer

So what makes a good children’s entertainer? It’s easy to go out and buy a box of tricks and knock up some kind of fancy costume but this is just on the outside. It’s what’s inside that really counts. Here are some of the essential ingredients required in a good children’s entertainer.

  • First and foremost anyone aspiring to be a children’s entertainer has to like kids! This may seem obvious especially if you are a loving parent but the fact is that there are plenty of people who would rather not have children running round under there feet or can only tolerate them in small doses. Unfortunately there are people who work with children in various occupations who do it just because it’s a job and not because they genuinely enjoy it.
  • The next essential quality is patience. Children can be very challenging. When children become excited they can be noisy and silly and sometimes naughty too. A good children’s entertainer needs to have an abundance of patience.
  • Must be energetic! This does not mean that an entertainer has to be bouncing around like a kangaroo all of the time but an energetic person brings a performance to life.
  • A good imagination is also important. Children have incredible imaginations. They can quickly conjure up a world of make believe. A children’s entertainer needs to have the ability to step in and out of imaginary situations when story telling, improvising or performing shows and routines which have imaginary settings.
  • Adaptability. Every audience is different by age group, gender, numbers and behaviour.  Venues also vary enormously too. It is necessary to be able to adapt to whatever situation presents itself on arrival for a show.
  • Reliability is another essential quality. A children’s entertainer must be both reliable and punctual. Failing to turn up would leave the party or event organiser with a massive problem.
  • A friendly personality, good manners and a sense of humour are also highly desirable.
  • Enthusiasm! They say enthusiasm is infectious and it’s true, especially when working with kids. An enthusiastic person who loves their work will be able to keep the children interested and entertained without too much difficulty.

These are what could be described as the natural ingredients required to be a good children’s entertainer.

To this must be added knowledge gained from training courses, attending seminars and lectures as well as studying relevant books and video resources.

Last but not least is experience gained from years of practice and performance.

Enhanced by ZemantaBeing a children’s entertainer is a demanding job but one which is also very rewarding. Not everyone is suited to this type of work. Have you got what it takes? Do you agree with my list? Let me know what you think.

Who To Invite To A Children’s Party

Mathews Birthday Party

Image by ronwooduk via Flickr

Every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be really good. A birthday party is special. It’s exciting for the birthday child and it is a happy and memorable occasion for family and friends. The child’s mum is usually the one who does all the hard work of organising everything. Sometimes it’s the Dad but often father is in a supporting role rather than being the main driving force.
Inevitably the question arrises of who to invite. Before I go any further I need to explain that I am very experienced in the world of birthday parties. First of all Hazel and I have three daughters, all grown up now but we have been through the birthday party phase. We have experienced first hand the stress and effort that goes into party planning. Second, I am a very experienced children’s entertainer. I am not bragging when I say I’ve seen it all. I have been employed to entertain at the most lavish birthday parties you can imagine where people have spent an absolute fortune ( and I mean thousands and thousands of pounds )and I have also worked at parties where I’ve been in someones garage with the mum and four kids. So on the subject of birthday parties I do speak with some authority. I’ve seen so many different kinds of parties that I’ve got a pretty good feeel for what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few considerations to make when deciding who to invite to a children’s party.

  1. Age Group. If you are hiring a children’s entertainer it is much better to have all the same age group.If it’s a fifth birthday party you don’t want a group of ten year old boys getting bored and deliberately spoiling it for the little ones.
  2. Space. If you are hiring a hall this shouldn’t matter too much but if you are doing your birthday party at home then you need to think carefully about how many children ( and parents ) you can comfortably fit in.
  3. Cost. Some venues will charge per head and therefore the more children you invite the higher the cost. If you are hiring a hall or having a party at home then increasing the numbers shouldn’t have too much of an effect because children don’t eat too much anyway. A few extra sausages on sticks, sandwiches or crisps won’t break the bank. Also the cost of your bouncy castle or children’s entertainer will be same whether you have ten kids or a hundred.
  4. When. Will the party be on the actual birthday? Is it going to be mid week or weekend? Friends and relatives living farther away may not be able to come at certain times.
  5. Naughty kids. This is always very tricky as you don’t want to offend people. Unfortunately there are some children who are very badly behaved and they could spoil the party. Have you got the courage not to invite them?

Once you have thought about all of the above you need to make a list. Involve the birthday child. Sit down with him / her and ask who they would like to come. Use this list to help you :

  1. Best friend
  2. Friends
  3. School friends / class mates
  4. Friends from clubs / organisations / hobbies
  5. Relatives ie cousins
  6. Children of parents close  friends

Cross off people who you don’t want to invite and those you know can’t make it and you now have a list which you can use for sending out the invitations.

Incidentally it’s a good idea to make a proper list and make sure you know the child’s full name, the name of their parent or guardian and a contact telephone number / mobile number  so that you can contact them if you need to either before or during the party.

I hope you found this article on birthday party planning useful. If you have any questions or would like to add anything on this subject please use the comment form below. Your views are most welcome.

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Paul Storey’s Funny Duck

I have to admit that I actually sat on the grass behind a group of parents and kids and watched a guy call Paul Storey doing a ventriloquist  routine with a duck. Not a real duck of course, it was the puppet kind. It was a lovely act and included bits for the adults too so everyone could relax and enjoy the show. Paul obviously enjoys his work and has a great personality and I thought his patter was very entertaining.

I had a chat with Paul after his show and he told me he is based in St Helens, is a full time children’s entertainer and does birthday parties as well as events.

Anyone looking for kid’s shows in the St Helens area can contact Paul on 01744 731507.

Children's Entertainer Paul Storey

Paul Storey, Children's Entertainer, Magic and Puppets

Independant Safeguarding Authority Rules Announced

The Government has distributed leaflets nationally explaining the new rules for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

The Independant Safeguarding Authority ( ISA ) has the power to ban individuals from working with children or vulnerable adults if it deems them to be unsuitable.

Anyone who works or volunteers with vulnerable groups either :

frequently – once a month or more for health and social care services, or once a week or more for other professions or

intensively– overnight or four times or more in a month

will have to be registered.

Key dates

July 2010 – new employees and volunteers CAN register with the ISA

November 2010 – ALL new employees and volunteers engaged in a regulated activity on a frequent or intensive basis MUST register.

For more information visit www.businesslink.gov.uk/vbs

Our own position is

We continue to maintain high standards as professional children’s entertainers. The safety and well being  of everyone we come into contact during the course of our work has always and will always be a priority.

Our policy remains:

-that children attending our shows or workshops must be under supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

-we do not work on a one to one basis with children or vulnerable adults and we do not take charge of groups of children or provide a child minding service.

-children are not allowed “backstage” or in our admin area unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

As members of Equity ( The Actors Union ) we follow the code of conduct as set out below :

Code Of Conduct

It is important to note that entertainers are not employed as child minders and WILL ONLY WORK when there is a responsible adult present. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that this condition is met.

Equity Children’s Entertainer Code of Conduct

Every entertainer listed on this directory has signed up to the following Code of Conduct

    The Equity Children’s Entertainer will be:

  • Reliable: Be there at the prescribed time/place.
  • Clear: Offer a written confirmation (where practical) so the booker will be in no doubt.
  • Knowledgeable: Of children and the craft of entertaining them.
  • Responsible: By insisting that there is a responsible adult present when the entertainer is working.
  • Sensitive, flexible and adaptable: To fit a variety of audience types and complete the job satisfactorily.
  • Safe: With good quality, well maintained props and Public Liability Insurance to £5million (automatic with Equity membership).
  • Value for money: With responsible, fair rates and terms.
  • Professional: Committed to delivery of a good service as this is a career and a vocation not a hobby.

Jolly Good Fun For Army Kids

Jolly Good Productions are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire which is only three miles from Catterick Garrison, now the largest military base in the UK.  Although we are literally on the “door step” we don’t do a huge amount of work in the Garrison. Most of the work we do involves travelling to other areas.

Yesterday Hazel was booked to provide children’s entertainment for the families of one of the Regiment’s based in the camp. They wanted a children’s  entertainer for a couple of hours and asked her to run her “jolly good fun” party. As I was free I offered to accompany her to assist.

As we entered the camp I was amazed at how much new build there had been. The barracks we went into had a lot of new accommodation blocks and there were many other new buildings for headquarters, stores, equipment and training. We were both quite impressed. Having signed in we were directed to a very large modern building in the centre of the complex. Our guide explained that this is where the soldiers come for their meals. It was however a far cry from the old fashioned cookhouses. It was more like a Marks and Spencer’s Cafeteria. Quite posh I thought. The whole place was light and airy, there were comfortable seating areas, games areas with pool tables, electronic games, a mini supermarket, a barbers shop etc etc.  We were allocated a large carpeted area which had plenty of tables and chairs next to it for parents to be able to sit and watch the fun ( in fact many joined in ).

We were set up in good time and the children soon found us. Inevitable there was a wide age range going from preschoolers up to ten or eleven years old. Hazel is a very experienced children’s entertainer and has a great way with kids. Dealing with large numbers and mixed ages requires skill. The children are usually excited and the trick is to keep the fun going whilst also maintaining control. If there is a knack in this then Hazel certainly has it.

I always enjoy watching Hazel running a kid’s disco because of the way she leads the dancing. Hazel is also a  qualified and very experienced dance teacher and so she is always at the front doing all the actions to the party dances ( and she knows them all ) so the children all copy her moves. I’ve never seen another DJ who is able to do this. Most just put the music on and let the kid’s get on with it.

Following  the children’s disco, there were party games, bubble making, parachute games and even some circus skills too.

It had been a wonderful afternoon with lots of variety, lots of fun and lots of happy children.

These are difficult times and it’s nice to know that the army are doing a good job looking after the families of service personnel. We are looking  forward to our next visit to the Garrison.

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Party Tips For Mums And Dads

Here is a quick list of tips for Mums and Dads who are organising a children’s birthday party :

  • Give every child a name badge. Write their christian names in big bold letters ( block capitals are best ) so that they can be easily read. Addressing the children by their names makes them feel more at home and it is better for control because you are speaking to them personally.
  • Don’t forget to bring a lighter or matches for lighting the candles.
  • Consider putting a big sheet on the floor and having the children sit on it whilst eating their party food. Its much easier to gather up the crumbs / mess afterwards if all you have to do is pick up the sheet.
  • Stage manage ” singing happy birthday ” Are you going to have the children sitting at the table or are you going to put the cake on a little table in the middle of the room and have everyone gather round? Decide who is going to take photos / video. Standing on a chair and taking shots looking down can be quite effective.
  • Allocate a place to put cards and presents. If in a hall, put a table at the back of the room for this.
  • Bring some bin liners for rubbish just in case.
  • Buy a cheap balloon pump for inflating balloons.
  • Put balloons outside to help guests find the party.
  • Book a venue with good parking if possible. Avoid venues with limited parking as it makes it difficult for everybody.
  • Avoid venues where the party room or function room is upstairs. Choose somewhere with a room on the ground floor and good access in and out. Why make life difficult for yourself?
  • Bring a CD / MP3 Player / Ipod player with appropriate music. Even if your are having an entertainer, it pays to have a back up.
  • Think about where you are going to put hats and coats.
  • Put chairs / tables out for parents, or decide where you are going to put them during the birthday party.
  • Bring tea, coffee, milk, sugar and biscuits for the adults.
  • If you are having a children’s entertainer make up a little sign requesting parents to talk quietly during the show ( adults can be extremely noisy and become a major distraction spoiling the children’s enjoyment. A polite request for them to be considerate  is perfectly reasonable )
  • Allow plenty of time for setting up.
  • Ring the venue / key holder / manager of the venue before you set off to ensure that the hall / room is unlocked and ready. People do sometimes  forget so it does no harm to check.
  • Make a checklist in advance. Write down everything you need for the party. Have a friend go over it with you in case you have overlooked something. Refer to your checklist on the day.

I hope you find this list useful. Let me know if you think there is anything that could be added.

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Christmas Is A Pain In The B**!

Not really! I love Christmas but I hate the way it starts earlier every year. We’ll soon be hearing Christmas music in July. I feel  like a hypocrite when I complain like this because as an entertainer I am often engaged in Christmas store promotions of one kind or another and could easily be the one playing ” Merry Xmas Everyone ” and encouraging you all to spend your money even before the last of the autumn leaves have fallen. Last year ( December 2009 ) was our busiest Xmas season ever so I would like to give one small piece of advice. If you are going to be having a Christmas Party for your company or organisation and you want good Christmas Party Entertainment for children, book early. There are only three weekends before Xmas and children’s entertainers get booked up quickly. Book now if you can!

Children’s Entertainer | Right And Wrong Way To Book

Booking Children’s Entertainment for a Fun Day, Event or a Birthday Party can be a minefield. What is the best way to go about it? What are the pitfalls? Where do I start? In this article we discuss the pros and cons of booking an entertainer.

You will need to consider the following:

  • What type of children’s entertainment do I want?
  • When do I want it, date and times?
  • How many shows / performances are required and duration of each?
  • How many Acts / Artists / Performers will there be?
  • What is my budget?
  • How am I going to book the act I want?
  • How will payment be made?

Having established exactly what it is you want you will need to make a booking. There are a number of ways this can be done.

  • Telephone / verbal agreement. This is the easiest way but neither party has any come back should things go wrong. There could be misunderstandings, things could be forgotten, changes could occur which are not passed on.  This is a recipe for disaster and best avoided. A very unprofessional way to do business. We often receive calls from people saying they have been let down at the last minute, can we help. More often than not it was a booking made over the phone or through someone who knew someone etc.
  • Book through another act. Perhaps you already have an act booked for your event and this person offers to book the other entertainers for you. These days many performers are willing to do this as they are extending the service they offer and making life easier for you. In most cases they are likely to be taking a cut from the fee. They may or may not know the act they are bringing in. They are unlikely to have employers liability insurance which they should have if you are paying them and they are then paying the act as technically they are acting as the employer. Finally, they may not pass on the payment. We know of a Face Painter who was booking other face painters and children’s entertainers out to events and disappeared owing over £5000. Unfortunately this type of problem does occur.
  • Booking through an Entertainment Agency. If you are going to use a third party then using an established and reputable agency is the best way. Unfortunately Entertainment Agencies are not licenced and this means that anyone can set up and start trading without any control over their activities. This can lead to unscrupulous people exploiting the situation for monetary gain. The advantage of using an Agency is that you can source everything from one place. You don’t need to spend a lot of time scouring the Internet looking for the right acts, contacting them all and trying to choose between them. The agent does that for you. This all sounds great and if you are dealing with a reputable agent then all should be well. There are still a few things to be aware. First, you will find that the agent’s terms and conditions completely remove any responsibility from themselves should things go wrong. Check the small print if you don’t believe me. You can complain to the agent but you will have no redress against them as their terms and conditions have get out clauses for everything. Second, you don’t know how much you are paying for their services. We know of one incidence where the agent charged the client £350 and paid the act £180. It is fair for an Agent to charge 15% – 20% for arranging a booking but taking almost 50% is outrageous even if two agents are involved. There should be transparency when arranging fees and the percentage to be paid to the agent should be known by the act and the Booker. Finally, it is common practice for agents to issue a contract to the act and a different contract to the client so neither party sees what the other is signing. This is because the agent doesn’t want either side to know what he is making on the deal. This is not good practice because the agent is setting up a contract between himself and the act but not taking any responsibility as the employer and then there is a separate contract between the agent and the client again where he is also not taking any responsibility. So there exists no contract between the act and the client. A very bad state of affairs especially if the agent does a bolt with the money or goes bust after he has collected the fees due to the act. Believe me this does happen and it is wrong. I know of many instances of this type of thing happening. In one case the agent owed £150,000 to acts who had worked for him – and no one got a penny.
  • Use an Event Management Company to plan and run the entire event including booking all of the entertainment in which case you can relax and let them sort it all out. This is really only an option for corporate clients with substantial budgets as hiring in  this kind of total service and expertise is going to cost.
  • Book direct. This is my preferred option. This way you can discuss the requirements directly with the provider. Nothing is going to be misinterpreted, misunderstood or missed out. You are in complete control. A professional Children’s Entertainer will send you a contract or written confirmation and there is no middleman to pay.

Payment terms should always be agreed in advance and adhered to. It is a good idea to pay a deposit as you then have a legally binding agreement. You should sign and return any paperwork as soon as possible in order to secure the booking.

Have you had good / bad experiences when booking children’s entertainment or other types of act? What are your views on this subject?

Outdoor Events | Do I Need A Wet Weather Plan ?

I often receive enquiries from people who are in the process of organising an outdoor event for the first time. Sometimes it is a Family Fun Day for their company, sometimes it is a Fund Raising Event or it could be a Community Event etc. Usually they start by telling me that they have never organised an event like this before and don’t know exactly what they want. These days they are probably contacting me because they are interested in booking a Children’s Entertainer, Magician, or a Punch and Judy Show. They are not seeking advice on the overall planning of the event.
Invariably the conversation leads to a discussion about where the children’s entertainment will be sited and what happens if it rains. The idea of having a wet weather plan has not occurred to them. We all hope it’s going to be a hot sunny day with just a light breeze,we imagine a perfect summers afternoon. Occasionally it is like this but more often it’s not.
Inclement weather can have many adverse effects :

Strong Wind

Never underestimate the power of the wind. Gazebos, stalls and inflatables can all be lifted and blown over or blown away. This can be a serious risk and should not be ignored by organisers.


Surfaces become wet and slippery which can result in people falling over.

Electrical equipment can be dangerous in a damp / wet environment

Clothing, props and equipment which are soaking wet can be ruined or become useless

Performers and staff can’t do their jobs efficiently

Vehicles can become bogged down

Snow and Ice

Surfaces can be hazardous to walk on for performers and the public

Very cold or freezing temperatures can prevent proper use of fingers and hands when engaged in intricate work such as Face Painting or Balloon Modelling. The former could put the public at risk because if the artist can’t control the brush properly it could easily go into some one’s eye. Face Paining out side in very cold weather should not take place.

For many years I ran a company which specialized in providing entertainment at corporate events. I worked closely with my clients and I always planned carefully and tried to cover every eventuality including producing a  wet weather plan.

It’s a good idea to make an overall, outline plan of the event first, before going into detail. Decide what facilities you are going to require ie marquees, portable toilets, a stage, public address, parking, refreshments, arena, first aid, side shows and entertainment. Make out a rough timetable, including set up times for everything and draw up a site layout.

At this stage I would recommend a few ” What if ” questions.

What if it rains, what if it snows, what if the wind gets up?

In making your wet weather plan you will have to take account of the effect inclement weather will have on every aspect of your event. Some things may not be affected. Others may only be able to function partially and some not at all.

If the event has to be cancelled because of inclement weather you will probably still have to pay for some of the services you have hired in. Even if the event proceeds during bad weather there may be certain suppliers who are unable to work in the prevailing conditions i.e. stilt walkers can’t work safely when it’s windy. You may still be liable to pay your suppliers in these circumstances. You should ask if there is an inclement weather clause in their contract so that you know where you stand. It is quite normal in the outdoor events business to have an inclement weather clause and it is fair and reasonable for suppliers to expect to be paid if they are at the event and ready to perform but can’t do so because of the elements.

Consider every aspect and decide what you can prepare for and what you can’t. Can some things be moved into a tent or marquee instead of outside. Which attractions will operate and which will close. Can the event go ahead or will it have to be cancelled? When will I have to make a decision on opening or closing?

It is possible to take out cancellation insurance. Here are a couple of insurance brokers I found on Google. I am not recommending these companies, you would need to consult them to see what they can offer:

Hiscox Events Insurance

Hole In One Insurance

Greenbee Events Insurance

Copy and paste these names into the Google Search Box or run a search on “Event Cancellation Insurance”

You should also review your wet weather plan when making your risk assessments.

Finally I do recommend that the organiser should check the site prior to the event to ensure that all necessary precautions relating to the possible onset of inclement weather are in place. Pay particular attention to anything that could be affected by strong winds. Make sure you are aware of objects and structures that might be a problem.  Check anchorage on marquees, bouncy castles and inflatables. Don’t assume that you can trust everyone. There may be staff who are inexperienced, untrained or even lacking in motivation. Things can go wrong. Always check yourself for peace of mind. I always found this to be the best policy.

In summary having a wet weather plan is essential when organising an outdoor event in the UK.

I hope these notes are useful and I would appreciate your views on the subject or hearing about your experiences. Please feel free to comment. Thanks

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