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The “Old Hoss” Of Richmond

As part of the children’s entertainment organised by the Mayor of Richmond on Christmas Eve was a special performance by the “Old Hoss”. The event took place in the Town Hall and was free for all to attend. We had a good turn out and the children joined in enthusiastically with the Jolly Good Productions Christmas Puppet Show. This was followed immediately by T’Old Hoss.  Everyone had a great time and people generously donated towards the Mayor’s charities, The RNLI and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The Old Horse of Richmond or T'Old Hoss ( Yorkshire )

Ron with T'Old Hoss

The ‘Old Hoss’ appears in Richmond `s market place every Christmas Eve morning. Originally a pagan creation,the decorated horse`s skull is accompanied by a team of huntsmen. He snaps his jaws as the huntsmen sing of his being a virile young creature who grows old and finally is killed. His resurrection completes the ritual, representing the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new.

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Christmas Craft Workshop

Craft Workshops are a great way to entertain children at many kinds of event. If you are organising a company Christmas party or special Christmas event then a themed craft workshop can be an excellent addition to your children’s entertainment programme. The photos below show examples of the kind of things the children can make at a Jolly Good Productions Xmas themed craft workshop.

Christmas Craft Workshop

Angel ornament and snowman mask

Christmas Craft Workshop

Xmas tree ornament and Xmas card

For a craft workshop to be a success there needs to be a range of interesting projects which must be fairly easy to make, not too messy and with friendly helpful staff to encourage and guide the children.

For advice on hiring a craft workshop calls Jolly Good Production on Tel 01748 821621 or mob 07984 495089

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Christmas Show For Your Xmas Party

In the run up to Christmas everyone is organising parties for their company or organisation. The weeks leading up to the big day are very exciting for children. If you are planning a Xmas party then why not book a Christmas show which will really stimulate  the children’s imaginations.

Our Xmas Show is called Santa’s Busy Day and is all about Santa getting ready for Christmas. It has a multitude of Christmas characters and combines, magic, puppets, comedy and lots of audience participation.

The Jolly Good ProductionsSanta’s Busy Day puppet show is ideal for a company Christmas party, a school Christmas party or anywhere that needs a great Xmas show. It’s perfect for younger children but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Christmas Puppet Show

Santa's Busy Day, a puppet show by Jolly Good Productions

We can provide a complete package of entertainment for corporate Christmas parties. We can decorate the venue and provide all of the children’s entertainment including shows, face painting, craft workshop, Christmas characters. We can supply side shows and amusements, a disco and games too catering for all ages including the adults.  Call myself or Hazel help and advice Tel 012748 821621.

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Christmas Costume Characters In Action

A great way to add to the atmosphere of any Christmas Event is to have Christmas characters entertaining the public and guests. We have been taking our fantastic costume characters to Xmas themed events for many years and know how much they are appreciated, especially by younger children. The most important aspect of any costume character is the way it moves and interacts with people. We are very experienced and know how to really bring the characters to life.

The film clip below was taken at a shopping centre in the run up to Christmas. There are three characters, Boogaloo Bear, Monty Mouse and Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer.

We attach great importance to quality and as you can see the characters look fantastic. These are NOT costumes from a fancy dress shop!


If you require information about hiring our characters for your Xmas Party, please give either Hazel or myself a call on Tel 01748 821621.

We usually combine the characters with Christmas Face Painting, our Xmas Puppet Show or our Xmas Craft Workshop.

Wensleydale Show 2010

The weather was fairly kind at the Wensleydale Show this year. A bit breezy but sunny and warm. There was one terrific down pour of rain at about 2.30pm but it soon cleared up and the sun came out again.  I always enjoy this event as there is so much to see, especially if you are interested in country life. There are displays in the main arena throughout the day and the commentator is very knowledgeable about farming and the countryside which makes everything so much more interesting. There are loads of traders selling all kinds of goods, a fantastic craft marquee, the Leyburn Brass Band, fairground rides and bouncy castles for the kids, farm animals, vintage cars and machinery, beagles, hounds, horses, falconry and lots of food and refreshments. Definitely a great day out for the whole family.

The show takes place on a field just outside of Leyburn on the way in from Bellerby at the side of the A6108. I always like the view as approaching Leyburn from the Richmond side.

Wensleydale Show 2010, view from Bellerby side

Wensleydale Show in the distance.

I was at the show performing Punch and Judy as I have for quite a few years.

Last year was very difficult as I was sited on a very exposed piece of high ground and the winds were extremely strong. I was quite literally hanging on to the puppet theatre during the last show to stop it blowing away even though I was well and truly anchored down. The organisers used to have a marquee for the children’s entertainment but decided on grounds of cost to dispense with this which is a shame because it is always better to be under cover.

I had three brilliant audiences this year. Lots of children and families all gathering round and joining in with gusto to the antics of old red nose. Some nice compliments too. Not so many people turned up for the last show as the rain had dispersed the crowds by then. Still, those who did come seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Behind the scenes at the Wensleydale Show

Behind the scenes of the Punch and Judy Show

There is a huge amount of work required to organise and run an event of this kind. I hope the Wensleydale Show continues to be supported by the general public as it is such a fantastic day out.

Put it in your diary for Bank Holiday Weekend, August 2011. It’s going to be another good one!

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Hire Real Donkeys

I absolutely love these beautiful donkeys. They belong to Mark Ireson who quite rightly is very proud of them. I’ve met Mark quite a few times over the years and I’ve always been impressed with the kindness and care with which he treats his animals. As you can see from these photos Marks donkeys are in perfect condition. They are always a big hit with children at events and there’s nearly always a queue waiting for a ride.

Donkey Rides are great as part of the children’s entertainment programme.

The donkeys are available to hire for birthday parties, fetes, galas, shows, summer fairs and family fun days.

Contact Mark on Tel 01924 437529 or mob 07946 189514

Mark Iresons Donkeys

Real Donkeys

Donkey Rides

Real Donkeys

Donkey Rides

Donkeys For Hire

Real donkeys For Hire

Real Donkeys

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West Witton Gala | Wensleydale

The sun shone over Wensleydale on Sunday 22nd August. It was a bit breezy but very warm. A perfect day for the annual West Witton Gala. The gala field is on high ground adjacent to the main road and has perfect views down the dale to Leyburn and beyond. It’s a wonderful community event with a BBQ, cakes and refreshments plus a variety of entertainment throughout the afternoon. There were children’s races, a dog show, falconry displays, side stalls, bouncy castles and of course Jolly Good Productions Punch and Judy and Face Painting.

In addition to the regulars from West witton there were quite a few visitors enjoying the atmosphere and joining in with the fun.

It’s definitely making a note in your diary for next year!

West witton Gala in Wensleydale

View from West Witton towards Leyburn

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Northfields Shopping Centre, Birmingham, Fun Day

What a lovely day we had in Birmingham performing at the Northfields Shopping Centre. Hazel and I were booked as part of the summer children’s entertainment programme with one of our puppet shows and face painting. We arrived in plenty of time to get set up in the centre of the mall and were soon kept busy. I did four shows with lots of children ( and adults ) watching at each time. There was as usual lots of audience participation and the youngsters joined in enthusiastically throughout. The photo below shows the set of The King Custard Puppet Show. It’s quite large but looks great in a shopping centre. Hazel sets up to one side so that those children waiting to have their faces painted can also see the puppets in action. Hazel had lots of compliments on the very high quality of her work. Its very satisfying to knwo that your endeavours are appreciated. Although we had a long drive home we both felt that the day had been a great success and we look forward to being invited back again in the future.

Face Painting at Northfields Shopping Centre

Face Painting by Hazel

King Custard Puppet Show

King Custard Puppet Show

If you were at the Northfields Shopping Centre and met us there please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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Petwise Petting Zoo

Whilst working at Carlisle Racecourse one day we met Petwise Petting Zoo. They are based in Sheffield but travel to events anywhere in the Midlands and the North. They have a fantastic selection of small animals of all kinds which they bring along to display. Most of them can be handled by the public. All of the animals are in cages or small enclosures which makes for an interesting exhibition area.

Natasha holding a Bunny from Petwise Petting Zoo

Petwise Petting Zoo

Petwise can be hired for events, schools and children’s parties. Great family and children’s entertainment.

Contact Petwise Petting Zoo on mob 07525 487458 or via their web site www.petwisezoo.co.uk

Children’s Centre Activity Day Feedback

Yesterday I worked at the Sue Walker Children’s Centre, Kiverton Park, Sheffield providing children’s entertainment as part of the summer holiday  programme. Children’s Centres mainly engage with families with young children. They provide advice and support for new parents, they form the hub of a social network within the community and they also run training courses for self development in both domestic and work related fields. During school holidays the centres run activity days and outings for local families. Although these usually do have to be paid for they are always at a very reasonable price, well organised and good quality.

I like visiting Children’s Centres because they are great environments to work in. They are well equipped with good access and there’s always a nice atmosphere.

Yesterday I had two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I performed my Pirate Puppet Show, we had a break for refreshments and then I ran a puppet making workshop. The Centre Manager gave me a list of comments made by parents at the end of the morning session. Here is what they said :

  • Martha had a great time, really enjoyed the faces and voices.
  • Oliver loved it, it was brill but found the pirate and skeleton a little loud and scary. Thanks.
  • Kieren was mesmerised. He jumped a couple of times but didn’t cry. Thank you.
  • Madison loved it. Lots of fun. Didn’t like Bones the Pirate. The whole puppet show was excellent – would do again. Brilliant. Thanks.
  • Lots of fun, Isaac had a great time helping make a puppet. More suitable for slightly older children as the noise was loud for the younger children.
  • Olivia really enjoyed today making the puppets and the puppet show. Thank you.
  • Jenson loved making the puppets, thank you so much it was a really good idea and creative for the children.
  • Evie loved the puppets and it was very creative.
  • I brought Lucie ( 4 ) and Evie ( 11/2) and they both enjoyed the show and loved making the puppets at the end. Another great event. well done.
  • Darcy ( 4 ) and myself both really enjoyed the puppet workshop. It was lots of fun. Darcy particularly enjoyed making the puppets.
  • Zack ( 6 ), Hannah ( 1 ) and Ethan ( 3 ) loved the puppet show and participating. Two very happy boys with puppets to take home.
  • Jack ( 7 ), lewis ( 5 ) and Max ( 1 ) loved the puppet show, enjoyed interacting with the puppets most.
  • Theo ( 3 ) had a great time today. Theo’s comment was ” the puppet show was good and funny ” Thank you. Great activity and brilliant puppet prize at the end – thanks so much.

It’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback. I had a great time and I am pleased that everyone who came enjoyed it too. I look forward to my invitation to provide children’s entertainment at a Children’s Centre and hopefully I will be asked back to Kiverton Park with one of my other shows some time in the future. Fingers crossed!

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