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Birthday Party Clown

Clown for a Birthday Party

Chuckle The Clown

Chuckle The Clown

If you are wondering how to make your child’s birthday party a very special memory that they will never forget then hiring a clown entertainer could be the answer you are looking for.

A clown turns your child’s special day into an exciting magical experience.

Clowns are exciting and fun. Children love their colourful costumes and crazy antics.

Clowns are often multi-skilled and can do lots of fun stuff like juggling, balloon modelling and magic tricks but what makes them different from other entertainers is that they are very silly too!

Children delight in watching the clown get into a muddle. Clowns are clumsy, forgetful, hoplessly incompetent. They get mixed up, they drop things, they walk into things, they fall over and sometimes even fall asleep.

A clown show is more like a pantomime!!!

Clowns are very versatile performers and can work in all kinds of situations. They are perfect for a children’s birthday party but can also entertain in shopping centres at family fun day events, store promotions, fetes, shows and galas.

Clowns can work with children of all ages but they can entertain adults too.

A clown will bring laughter, smiles and happiness to your child’s party.


Looking for a Birthday Party Clown in North Yorkshire or The North East?

Chuckle The Clown covers Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Northallerton, Darlington, Barnard Castle, Northallerton, Harrogate, York and Middlesbrough. He also works in Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham and Leeds areas.

Contact Chuckle The Clown using our enquiry form here.

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Why You should Never Forget Your Trousers

Chuckle The Clown
Image by ronwooduk via Flickr

I like to think I’m quite an organised person. Perhaps given the very varied nature of my business and taking into account all of the different things I do then personal organisation is important. As one half of Jolly Good Productions I am always taking out different equipment, props and costumes according to whichever of our various shows or workshops we happen to be doing on any particular day. This involves a lot of unloading and reloading. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to leading a busy life.  Most of the time I get it right but every now and again I manage to drop myself in it as they say.

One of my most embarrassing moments occurred whilst providing children’s entertainment at an event organised for the families and friends of  staff at a regional hospital. It was quite a big do with lots of people and what seemed like hundreds of children. I’d arrived in plenty of time, brought in all of my stuff and set up in the function room.  They had asked me for my Chuckle The Clown Show followed after the break by Punch and Judy.

As my Punch and Judy booth is very large I often use it as a changing room. I can hang up my costume and relax inside out of the way before the show.  I had taken my clown costume to the cleaners as I like to make a good impression. I do like a nice clean costume. So my costume was hanging up in its plastic bag, straight from the cleaners, ready to be put on at the last minute. I did my make up and waited for the room to fill up. About five minutes before I was due to make my big entrance I took my costume out of its plastic bag and was utterly horrified to find – NO TROUSERS!!! I must have assumed the trousers were on the coat hanger when they were taken to cleaners and I didn’t check when I went to collect. What a silly billy!

I had two choices. Either explain to the organisers that I couldn’t do my clown act and say  it would have to be just Punch and Judy or I’d have to go on without trousers. Now fortunately I do wear special comedy clown knickers ( only when performing of course ). They are like a silly pair of shorts which come down to my knees ( and I am wearing normal undies under them ) so all was not lost.

I did the only decent thing and carried on regardless. I did my entire clown show with no trousers. The audience certainly seemed to be having a good time. The show rolled along as usual with lots of audience participation, fun and laughter. Perhaps they thought that this was my usual appearance or that I’d done it to for laughs. I’ll never know and They’ll never know that in addition to my red nose I had a very red face beneath the slap.

The moral to this story is : Busy people should use a check list! ( which is what Hazel has been trying to drum into me for years! )

Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? Share your experiences using the comment section below. Thanks, Ron.

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Chuckle The Clown | Interview

An interview with Chuckle The Clown

“Good morning Chuckle, thank you for agreeing to this interview, I hope that the readers will find it interesting and that it will give them a glimpse into the world of the clown, may we begin?”

A ” Yes, please” ( Chuckle replies enthusiastically )

Q ” How long have you been a clown?”

A ” About five feet nine inches”

Q ” What attracted you to this line of work?”

A ” Mainly the bright colours and the balloons”

Q ” Your costume is very interesting, may I ask why your trousers are so baggy?”

A ” I’m leaving room to grow”

Q ” I couldn’t help noticing that you have very big feet, can you explain this?”

A ” Please don’t mention my feet, I’m very sensitive about them”

Q “How does it make you feel when people laugh at you?”

A ” It’s not fair, I paid a lot of money for my outfits and people should be more appreciative”

Q “Have you ever taken an IQ Test?”

A “No, but I did once take an eye test which sadly I failed”

Q “Which is your favourite political party”

A “I don’t have a favourite party. I go to lots of them and they are all fun”

Q “Some people say clowns are scary. What is your view on this?”

A “I agree, I never look in a mirror”

Q “Is it possible to make a lot of money being a clown

A “Yes, definitely. All you need is a pair of scissors, some crayons and a big pile of scrap paper”

A “Have you ever had a proper job?”

A “Yes, I used to work in the City but the pressure got to me. The commuting, the stress, all that sell, sell, sell, every day. It got too much for me and lets face it nobody reads the Big Issue anymore, so I left”

Q “What motivates you?”

A “I am driven by a complete lack of responsibility”

Q “Would you describe yourself as an Icon for young people?”

A “No, I’d say I look more like an Acorn to some people”

Q “Are clowns a minority group”

A “Yes, they are. I’m trying to set up a pressure group as the tyres on my bike are flat”

Q “What is your greatest wish”

A “There is a popular idea that clowns are clumsy, brainless, bungling fools. I represent this miscontraception. It is high tide that these incontrovertable malplatitudes were ceremoniously deposited in the rubbish bin outside our local chippy. No single clown has set lower levels of achievement than I have. My greatest wish is to be taken more seriously”

Q “Thank you for answering my questions. What are you going to do for the rest of the day”

A “A group of workmen asked me to go shopping for them. They seemed very nice so I don’t mind helping out. They sent me off to look for a sky hook, a chocolate fire guard and a long stand. The nice man in the shop told me to wait here for the long stand so if you will excuse me I’ll get back to doing that. I wonder if the fire guard will be white chocolate because that’s my favourite.”

“Goodbye Chuckle”

“Good bye” ( Chuckle waves and smiles )

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After Dinner Speaker Chuckle The Clown

Hazel and I had a lovely evening at the Knavesmire in York. It’s a special place for us as we were married in York Minster. I had been booked as an after dinner speaker and had been asked to give a talk and demonstration as Chuckle The Clown. There were about two hundred people in attendance and we enjoyed a first class meal. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. After the meal there were a few short speeches and a couple of presentations, then a comfort break before I was on. I was given an excellent introduction which explained who I was and all about my back ground and business.

My talk was in three parts.

I began with Punch and Judy as this was how I started out. I did the story about swallowing the swazzle and how it turned up again when I was in the loo. I then got onto clowning and how I went to the USA to learn the basics.

Next I had a couple of guys hold up a screen whilst I changed into my clown costume. Then a make up demonstration resulting in me in full clown slap. After this I showed off a few props and had a few folk out to try their hand.

The last part was audience participation under the pretext of a clowning masterclass. We did feather balancing, musical chairs, a clown band, marshmallow eating and as the grand finale, a custard pie demo. Unfortunately this went terribly wrong and the only one who got pied was me, several times! ( or perhaps this was the plan? )

We ended up with a mass clown dance before I took a bow and retired.

It was all great fun and I had loads of very positive feedback afterwards. It seems that most people really enjoyed themselves.

Hazel and I were the last to leave as we had lots of people coming up to talk to us so we couldn’t pack up until they’d all gone.

A very good night, though late home, after 1am.

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An Entertaining Life

This evening I have been booked as an after dinner speaker at a black tie dinner in York. The title is ” An Entertaining Life ” I have been asked to talk about how I became a clown and to include a few interesting anecdotes and most of all to give a demonstration. Now as you can appreciate, most of my work as Chuckle The Clown involves working with children and family audiences and not performing before an adult audience. Most people would tell you that clowns are for kids and there can be no disputing that this is the general perception. However I have to say that “grown ups” like clowns too, it’s just that they are too grown up to admit it.

Making a living as a clown is an unusual occupation and so I am sure that my audience this evening will be curious to know why I chose to abandon respectability and entered into this crazy world of clowning around ( I sometimes find myself asking the same question ).

There are many reasons why I like what I do. I get to travel, I meet lots of interesting people, it’s fun, there is lots of job satisfaction ( one point for a smile, two for a titter, five for a round of applause and ten for an out and out belly laugh ), all sorts of funny things happen outside of the actual show, I am my own boss ( whoops, forgot about Hazel ) and it’s different, for me variety is the spice of life.

Perhaps inside of every person there resides a little clown. This little clown was happiest when we were children because it could be free to play in our imagination. As we have grown older the little clown has become submerged under the baggage of life, covered over by responsibility, self consciousness, respectability, authority, status and all the other trappings of adulthood.

This evening when I present “An Entertaining Life” I hope that my audience will get an insight into my world and that I may even be able to find some kindred spirits who ill be brave enough to dip their toes in the water and join in the fun. It may even inspire them to take up a new career?

If you are looking for an after dinner speaker with a difference and you are feeling courageous then please give me a call!

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