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CRB Checks, What Are The Rules?

There continues to be confusion over when a Criminal Records Bureau check is required. The CRB checking procedure was introduced to help protect children and vulnerable adults. These measures are important and justified. Unfortunately there is confusion about when such checks are required. This statement by Offsted should help to clarify the position.

Offsted Official Guidance to Schools

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks are not required for visitors. Visitors do not have unsupervised access to children. The normal risk assessment that applies to all visitors should be quite sufficient. However, schools and colleges have been advised by CRB that a robust risk assessment should take place first. Schools and colleges should be able to provide such risk assessments and be able to explain the rationale for those who have been checked and those who have not. The key test is ‘frequent’ or ‘intensive’ contact with learners.”

This guidance can also apply to events. People who do not have unsupervised access to children don’t need a check. Only those who are working with children on their own or who are being left in charge of children ie in a creche need a CRB check.

The responsibility lies with event organisers to include in their risk assessment for the event a section for child safety. Clearly children with their parents or with a responsible adult are not at risk.