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Wynyard Hall Gardens

Incredible Edibles Event, 11th September 2016

Hazel and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the opening of the new gardens at Wynyard Hall. The headline act was CBBC’s “Mr Bloom” but there were lots of other entertainers too including a fabulous strolling jazz band, stilt walkers, living plant characters, a balloon modeller, face painting and children’s crafts. I performed my Pirate Show and later a Magic Show before Mr Bloom came on later in the afternoon.


Hazel set up her face painting table next to the main stage and was working constantly from start to finish. In fact we were the first of the entertainers to arrive and the last to leave!

It was a brilliant event with lots of people turning up to see Mr Bloom. I had two fabulous audiences for my show and I saw lots of happy children with faces painted holding balloons and various things they had made at the craft tables.

The weather was perfect. A nice sunny day which was the icing on the cake.

A super event!

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Ripon Festival Spring Fair 2011

Here are some photos I took at the Spring Fair in Ripon on Monday 2nd May. There was a good turn out and the sun shone all day. It would have been perfect apart from the cold wind which seemed to get stronger as the day went on. The was plenty for people to do with a fun fair, side stalls, a lovely big tea tent, ice cream, fast food, Punch and Judy for the kids and face painting too.

The Mayor of Ripon was in attendance and the Ripon band played in the afternoon. There was a picnic for the children with free food and ice cream provided by the organisers. It was a lovely event!  Hope you like the pictures.

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Why Hire a Professional Face Painter?


As a member of FACE (The Face Painting Association) I am actively involved in trying to improve the standards of face painting in general.

I recently read an excellent article by friend and fellow FACE member Glyn Goodwin, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of FACE, offering advice to event organisers regarding the benefits of hiring a professional face painter.  Here are the main points raised by Glyn, plus some of my own –

Face Painting has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, so much so that no event is complete without the addition of a face painter, but where do you start when trying to find the right person for the job……

When thinking of hiring a face painter for your private party or event it is always advisable to use a painter who knows what they are doing, has clean equipment and uses professional face paints.

Don’t book a painter just because they are the cheapest.  Cheapest is not always best.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see samples of their work.  Find out if they have a website so you can look at their work, this will give you an idea of their standard and experience.


  1. Make sure the face painter only uses materials which have been tested and are safe to use on skin.  All professional face painters use well established and approved brands of water-based face paint.  Never hire a painter who uses acrylic paint or metallic glitter.
  2. Make sure the face painter has full public liability insurance up to 5 million in coverage.  Ask if they are CRB checked.
  3. Is the painter’s equipment clean and tidy?  Do they follow a strict safety and hygiene policy?  Are their water containers clean and do they have plenty of clean water for rinsing their brushes?  Most painters will use a clean sponge for each child to avoid spreading bacteria.
  4. You should be advised that the best way to remove face paints from this skin is with soap and water.  It is not advisable to use baby wipes.  Some wipes contain lanolin and other ingredients which may trigger problems with children that suffer from sensitive skin.
  5. A professional face painter will know when it is not advisable to paint a child.  They will look out for children with skin conditions, colds, conjunctivitis etc.  They will also advise over what age they will paint a face.  The Jolly Good Production team of face painters will only paint 3 years and over, but will offer hand and arm paintings for 2 years and above.
  6. A professional face painter will have the ability to work from memory and not have to keep referring to books and pictures.
  7. The face painter should have a few years experience of painting children of all ages and at lots of different events, from small birthday parties to huge corporate events.  A professional face painter will be able to paint quickly yet still maintain a very high standard.
  8. If you are hiring an adventure play venue ask if they allow you to provide a face painter of your own choice.  Sometimes they will only allow you to use their own staff.  Very often this involves a young person who has had no form of training and has been given the title of ‘Face Painter’ because they were good at art at school.

I hope you will find the above information of use.

If you would like to book a face painter or would like to train to become a face painter, please contact me on  – 01748 821621

Best Wishes, Hazel Wood


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Face Painting For A Party Or Event By Hazel Wood

Hazel is available to hire for a party or event. Watch this You Tube video to see some of her work.

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To hire a Professional Face Painter go to Face Painter [ Jolly Good Productions ]

For information about Training go to Face Painting Courses [ Jolly Good Productions ]

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Why Everyone Loves A Pirate Theme Party

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.

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There is no doubt that pirates are as popular today as ever. The idea of dressing up as a pirate appeals to all ages and both male and female alike. You can’t escape the fact that pirate mania is infectious. We all love it. Pirate theme parties or pirate themed events are great fun and perfect for children’s entertainment or adults too.

Of course real pirates were extremely unsavoury characters who roamed the high seas preying on ordinary sailors and shipping. Those who fell victim to these villains were likely to receive harsh treatment which might mean beatings, torture enslavement or death. Pirates were ruthless in their pursuit of booty. They were rough, lawless criminals for whom drunkenness, robbery, murder and debauchery became a way of life.

Given the shocking nature of pirates it seems strange that we in a civilised society should want to emulate them when they represent the very worst aspects of human nature. How can this be?

Today we are more familiar with the fictional pirates we have come across in books, TV or film. As children we read Treasure Island and discovered the fiendish Long John Silver. We were captivated by the adventures of Peter Pan and his battle with the notorious Captain Hook. More recently we were introduced to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow created by actor Jonny Deppe in Pirates of the Caribbean. All of these fictional pirates are rascals but can do us no harm and because the stories are so exciting they do make for great children’s entertainment. We know that the characters inhabit an imaginary world where no one really gets hurt. We can enjoy the swashbuckling from the comfort of an armchair or in the warmth of a cinema. There is excitement, thrills and spills but its all totally harmless.

So the truth is that being a pretend pirate is great fun. We can look like a pirate, sound like a pirate and act like a pirate without doing any harm and without fear of retribution ( real pirates were hanged if they were caught – a sobering thought ).

Organising a pirate party is easy to do. Costumes, props and accessories are readily available or easy to make. You don’t need to go to a lot of trouble if you don’t want to. Every fancy dress shop has pirate costumes for hire but you can easily make your own. It just depends how elaborate you want to be. Party shops sell pirate balloons and pirate flags with the skull and cross bones on them or you can make up your own flags using black card for the back ground and white card or paper for the emblems.

For larger events such as council fun days or corporate entertainment there are many companies that hire out authentic props and backdrops for pirate themed events. Many professional entertainers offer speciality acts which they have created for pirate events.

Children taking part in a Jolly Good Productions pirate day activity with pirate " Ron "

Pirate “Ron” leads a pirate crew on a surprise attack.

If you are organising a pirate party or a pirate day and need children’s entertainment then our own pirate puppet show is ideal. The set is a pirate ship and there are some brilliant characters. All of the puppets are custom made and there is a great story with lots of audience participation.We also provide face painting on a pirate theme. Children love our superb pirate faces. Usually this runs concurrently with the show. We also do pirate stilt walkers who can walk around the show field interacting with the public.

The Pirate Ship from our puppet show

Ship Ahoy! This is the pirate ship from our show.

If you are stuck for ideas for your next party or event and you haven’t tried this one yet then why not “ Hoist the Jolly Roger ” splice the main brace and set course for piratical fun. You won’t be disappointed!

Got any ideas you want to share about pirate theme parties?  Are you a supplier of pirate costumes, props etc or do you have any tips on where to find great pirate stuff ? If so please leave your comments / details below.

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