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Memory Games Do Work

Memory games really do work in more ways than one. When I was a kid we used to have great family parties and mum and dad used to organise all sorts of silly games and my cousins, uncles and aunts all joined in. There was usually a house full so not much room. One of the quieter games involved everyone studying a tray filled with  variety of everyday objects such as a spoon, match, bobbin, knitting needle, thimble, pencil, piece of string etc etc. You had a minute to remember all of the objects. The tray was then taken away and when it was brought back one item was missing. Everyone had to write down what they thought had gone. This was repeated up to ten  times before the game ended and the  lists were checked to see who had remembered the most items. You had to pass your list to someone else for checking ( in case anyone tried to sneakily change an answer ). Years later I was on an Army training course and this game was used to help improve memory. It was called Kim’s Games. I think they were teaching us to be observant and to remember what we had seen on patrol, but I can’t really remember ( joke ). So this is a fun party game which is very easy to do and has the benefit of helping to improve your memory too. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Anyone know any other good memory games?

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Hunt The Letter

Here is another game that has always been a favourite at our family gatherings.

Hunt The Letter

What you need to play the game

All players need a piece of paper and a pen / pencil

The organiser needs :

Paper and pen / pencil


What to do

Think of a word or phrase ie ” entertainer ”

write it on your piece of paper in small letters, spaced out

cut each letter out

using the cellotape, place the letters around the room where they can be found without moving anything. Don’t put them in obvious locations and vary the height ie have some high up and some low down. You can put them in several rooms, hall, conservatory, porch etc. Wherever you are happy for the participants to go.

How to play

Give everyone paper and a pen / pencil

Explain that they have to hunt for the hidden letters and when they find one, write it down and note where it was located ( this helps prevent cheating…tush, tush…as if they would! )

Tell them how many letters there are and in which rooms

Tell them also that they do not need to move anything although the letters may not be in obvious places

Set a time limit ie 15 minutes ( optional )

Tell them not to let anyone else know when they spot a letter as this is all part of the fun.

When they have collected all of the letters they have to try and work out what the word or phrase is

The winner is the first person to come up with the correct answer

Who can play

This game is really for older children, teens and adults. Younger childen can help to find the letters

Try this game at our next family gathering or party

Do you know any other games like this using letters or numbers?

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Ring on a String

Ring on a String is  a brilliant party game for a family gathering or party at home. Everyone except small children can play. Its very simple and its great fun.

What you need to play the game

A long piece of string and a ring.

How to play

Everyone stands or sits in a circle.

The ring is placed on the string and is extended so that it forms a circle which everyone can place their two hands on. The string is then cut to length and the two ends tied together.

Everyone is now holding onto the string with both hands and the string is in a circle with the ring on it.

One person goes in the middle an closes their eyes.

Everyone else has to hide the ring. All players move their hands from side to side keeping their fists round the string as they do so.

The person in the middle now opens their eyes and has to try and find the ring by touching peoples fists. The fist must be opened when touched.

Everyone in the circle is passing the ring secretly from hand to hand trying to avoid being caught.

Once the ring is discovered, the person in possession takes a turn in the middle.

This is a great game that has been played many, many times by my family over the years. We all love it and hope you will too.

Do you know any good games for family gatherings ? What are they and what are the rules ?

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