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Lady Children’s Entertainer, Richmond ( North Yorkshire )

Looking for a female children’s entertainer?parachutehazel

Some mums and dads prefer to book a female children’s entertainer when planning a birthday party. Unfortunately they are not easy to find as most entertainers tend to be male. Thankfully that is changing and more women are coming into the business.

Hazel has been involved in entertaining children for nearly twenty years and as a mother of three she has first hand experience of raising a family and she knows how stressful parties can be for parents.

Hazel specializes in providing party entertainment for children aged from 4 to 8 years old. They are perfect for kids who like to be active and burning off energy. Hazel’s Jolly Good Fun Party is two hours of full on fun with a break in the middle for party food.

Hazel is a professional dance teacher and so her parties are also brilliant for little girls who love to dance. They love to copy Hazel and learn the moves for all the popular party dances.

Hazel will travel to party venues withing a fifteen miles of Richmond including Darlington, Barnard Castle, Northallerton, Newton Aycliffe and Bedale.

To find out more visit Hazel’s web page: https://www.jollygoodfun.co.uk/hazels-party-entertainment.php

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