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Frank Watson Kiddies Roundabouts For Hire

Kiddies Roundabouts are always a crowd pleaser at family events. It’s just not a show without them. Finding someone with good clean rides can be tricky. I met Frank Watson down at Ripon recently and was impressed with his set up. His catering and ice cream vans were both excellent ( friendly staff, immaculately clean and good food ) and the rides looked great. There was a Fun House, Toy Set and a Hook a Duck all from Frank Watson. If you are looking to hire a Fun Fair contact Frank on Tel 07973 533651 or mob 07976 956873.

Toy Set by Frank Watson and Son

Toy Set ( Frank Watson and Son )

Fun House ( Frank Watson and Son )

Fun House ( Frank Watson )

Catering Van

Catering Van ( Frank Watson )

Ice Cream Van ( Frank Watson and Son )

Ice Cream Van ( Frank Watson and Son )

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Shooting Gallery Is Bang On Target

There’s something special about Traditional Amusements. This is a perfect example of a good old fashioned shooting gallery. Available to hire from Craske’s it looks ever so impressive with its delightful artwork, bold colours and of course the Union Jacks flying fluttering proudly in the wind above.

Not only does the stall look fabulous, it’s great fun to have¬† go. There are a variety of targets to choose from including moving targets in the form of ducks going from left to right and little balls floating on jets of water. It’s even interesting just standing and watching if you are not the sporting type.

In addition to the Shooting Gallery, Craske’s also have a Coconut Shie, Roll A Penny and an excellent Striker too. All of these will go well at any fete, show, gala or corporate event. They are perfect for historical events ie Dickensian, Victorian, Edwardian etc.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery

For more information call Jeremy Craske on 01609 777238 or Andrew Craske on 01969 663408

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Hazel Gets Them In Line!

Line Dancing Teacher Hazel Wood knows how to get the party guests in line and having fun. See her in action at a birthday party celebration explaining the steps for a beginner line dance and then watch what happens when the music comes on.


Wild West and Country and Western Themed events are very popular and Line Dancing is a great way to get people up and enjoying themselves.

Hazel is available to hire for any party, event or fund raiser. Call her on Tel 01748 821621 or her mobile 07801 433993.

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Hire A Vintage Fairground Ride

This vintage fairground ride is available to hire for fetes, galas, family fun days and events. It is called ‘The Rocket Ride’ and dates back to the 1940’s. If you are interested in having this kiddies ride at your event call Terry Storey on 0777822519.

The Rocket, A Vintage Fairground Ride

The Rocket Ride

Other vintage rodes are available from the Storey family.

Try these numbers too B Storey mob 0781244448 and S Storey 0784341198

Hire Real Donkeys

I absolutely love these beautiful donkeys. They belong to Mark Ireson who quite rightly is very proud of them. I’ve met Mark quite a few times over the years and I’ve always been impressed with the kindness and care with which he treats his animals. As you can see from these photos Marks donkeys are in perfect condition. They are always a big hit with children at events and there’s nearly always a queue waiting for a ride.

Donkey Rides are great as part of the children’s entertainment programme.

The donkeys are available to hire for birthday parties, fetes, galas, shows, summer fairs and family fun days.

Contact Mark on Tel 01924 437529 or mob 07946 189514

Mark Iresons Donkeys

Real Donkeys

Donkey Rides

Real Donkeys

Donkey Rides

Donkeys For Hire

Real donkeys For Hire

Real Donkeys

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Mini Miami Fairground Ride For Kids

When the fair comes to town there is nearly always a Miami ride. Customers sit side by side and are rotated in a circle at high speed usually screaming their heads off. It’s a massive adrenalin rush and very exciting. Teenagers and adults love the Miamis but unfortunately younger children are too small to be allowed on.

Today I saw a mini miami which I thought was brilliant. It’s a smaller version built to enable kids to have a go in safety. It looks just like the real thing but travels much slower and it’s not at all scary.

The mini miami ride is perfect to hire in for a corporate event or family fun day.

Mini Miami

Mini Miami

To hire this ride call Alfie Hart on mob 0754 0232725

Donkey Rides

Every now and again someone rings me up asking if I know where they can hire someone to turn up at their event and give donkey rides. It isn’t easy tracking down people who keep donkeys for the purpose of giving rides.¬† They are around, it’s just a matter of finding them. The internet helps a lot but in my experience there are still lots of small traders who don’t have decent web sites if they have one at all.

The problem I have with animals used in this type of work is that sometimes they are not very well looked after. I think it is essential that the well being of the animals takes priority.

The donkeys shown in this photo belong to a gentleman called George and as you can see they are very well looked after.

Donkey rides are especially popular at school fetes and seaside themed events as well as at family fun days.

To enquire about hiring these donkeys contact George directly on Tel 01302 361498 or mob 07810 490723

Donkeys For Hire