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Lady Children’s Entertainer, Richmond ( North Yorkshire )

Looking for a female children’s entertainer?parachutehazel

Some mums and dads prefer to book a female children’s entertainer when planning a birthday party. Unfortunately they are not easy to find as most entertainers tend to be male. Thankfully that is changing and more women are coming into the business.

Hazel has been involved in entertaining children for nearly twenty years and as a mother of three she has first hand experience of raising a family and she knows how stressful parties can be for parents.

Hazel specializes in providing party entertainment for children aged from 4 to 8 years old. They are perfect for kids who like to be active and burning off energy. Hazel’s Jolly Good Fun Party is two hours of full on fun with a break in the middle for party food.

Hazel is a professional dance teacher and so her parties are also brilliant for little girls who love to dance. They love to copy Hazel and learn the moves for all the popular party dances.

Hazel will travel to party venues withing a fifteen miles of Richmond including Darlington, Barnard Castle, Northallerton, Newton Aycliffe and Bedale.

To find out more visit Hazel’s web page: https://www.jollygoodfun.co.uk/hazels-party-entertainment.php

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Wynyard Hall Gardens

Incredible Edibles Event, 11th September 2016

Hazel and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the opening of the new gardens at Wynyard Hall. The headline act was CBBC’s “Mr Bloom” but there were lots of other entertainers too including a fabulous strolling jazz band, stilt walkers, living plant characters, a balloon modeller, face painting and children’s crafts. I performed my Pirate Show and later a Magic Show before Mr Bloom came on later in the afternoon.


Hazel set up her face painting table next to the main stage and was working constantly from start to finish. In fact we were the first of the entertainers to arrive and the last to leave!

It was a brilliant event with lots of people turning up to see Mr Bloom. I had two fabulous audiences for my show and I saw lots of happy children with faces painted holding balloons and various things they had made at the craft tables.

The weather was perfect. A nice sunny day which was the icing on the cake.

A super event!

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Punch and Judy Man, County Durham

Punch and Judy in County Durham

Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy, Wittingham Show

Living practically on the borders of County Durham and North Yorkshire leaves me with a foot in both camps. Am I a County Durham Punch and Judy Man or a Yorkshire Punch and Judy Man? Well. what’s in a name? I have probably performed as many shows in Durham as I have in Yorkshire so although my postal address puts me firmly in the latter for practical purposes I might easily be in the former.

For a good many years my home has been the lovely own of Richmond but before settling here to raise a family I lived close to Chester Le Street and the city of Durham will always be one of my favorite places.

One of the great pleasures of being a Punch and Judy Man is that it brings you into contact with the general public. For me it is wonderful to bring pleasure to people through my show. The children in the audience express their excitement and enjoyment with smiles and laughter but it is also great to chat with the adults afterwards. You would be surprised at how many folk come over to say how much they have enjoyed watching or how it reminded them of their own childhood.

I am very lucky that for quite a few years now I have been  invited to perform at events taking place at Beamish Museum. If you haven’t been here it is a fantastic place and well worth going. Lots of local people from County Durham have annual membership and so I get to see some of them on a regular basis, which is nice as Durham people are a warm and friendly lot.

If you are looking to hire a Punch and Judy Show for an event in County Durham please give me a call. I live only thirty five minutes away from Durham city. If you are attending an event in County Durham over the summer and you see a Punch and Judy Show then it could well be me.

Hire a Punch and Judy Show

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Christmas Eve, FREE Show!

Christmas Puppet Show

Christmas Puppets

Ron with Santa and Rudolph from the Christmas Show.

Jolly Good Productions present:

“Santa’s Busy Day”

A puppet show with magic and lots of festive fun.

The Town Hall,  Richmond,  North Yorkshire.

Monday, 24th December 2012.

11am to 12 Noon.

All welcome. Ideal for younger children ( 4 – 8 years old ).

Admission is FREE. Donations to the Mayor’s Charity most welcome.

Refreshments available to purchase.

T’Old Hoss

The Old Hoss will perform immediately after the puppet show.

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Mr Punch’s Xmas Party

Christmas Punch and Judy Showsantasmall

Imagine the fun when Judy decides to hold a Christmas Party and leaves Punch in charge of the baby whilst she goes to do the Christmas shopping. Will Punch behave himself or will he get into trouble when Judy comes back. What will Mr Punch get for Christmas and will he be asleep when Santa Claus comes down the chimney?

This special Christmas Punch and Judy Show is ideal for any Christmas Party or Christmas event. It has all the knock about fun that children love but with a festive theme and of course a lovely Santa Claus puppet for even more excitement.

To arrange a booking or to find out more call 01748 821621 now.

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Pregnant ‘Bump Painting’

Baby bump painting, easter theme

Baby bump

This ‘Bump Painting’ was produced at the annual FACE Conference which was held in Lea Valley, Herts on 11th – 13th February 2011.  It was a joint effort between myself, my daughter Natasha and fellow FACE member Juliet Eve.  Juliet Eve is an experienced ‘bump painter’ but this was a first for Natasha and myself.  An Easter theme was decided upon with Juliet roughly sketching our design ideas on a piece of paper.  We then set about painting our lovely mum-to-be, coming at her from all sides.  Juliet painted the middle section with an Easter Egg, I painted the side with the Easter Chick and Natasha painted the side with the ‘Easter Bunny’.   All in all Natasha and I were very pleased with our first attempt and are now looking forward to painting more ‘Bumps’.  A huge thank you must go to our fantastic model – Wendy Butcher.  We look forward to seeing photos of ‘Baby Butcher’ when he/she arrives.

If you are interested in having your ‘Baby Bump’ painted ring Hazel on 01748 821621.

Face Conference 11 - 13 Feb 11 (39)

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Why Hire a Professional Face Painter?


As a member of FACE (The Face Painting Association) I am actively involved in trying to improve the standards of face painting in general.

I recently read an excellent article by friend and fellow FACE member Glyn Goodwin, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of FACE, offering advice to event organisers regarding the benefits of hiring a professional face painter.  Here are the main points raised by Glyn, plus some of my own –

Face Painting has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years, so much so that no event is complete without the addition of a face painter, but where do you start when trying to find the right person for the job……

When thinking of hiring a face painter for your private party or event it is always advisable to use a painter who knows what they are doing, has clean equipment and uses professional face paints.

Don’t book a painter just because they are the cheapest.  Cheapest is not always best.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see samples of their work.  Find out if they have a website so you can look at their work, this will give you an idea of their standard and experience.


  1. Make sure the face painter only uses materials which have been tested and are safe to use on skin.  All professional face painters use well established and approved brands of water-based face paint.  Never hire a painter who uses acrylic paint or metallic glitter.
  2. Make sure the face painter has full public liability insurance up to 5 million in coverage.  Ask if they are CRB checked.
  3. Is the painter’s equipment clean and tidy?  Do they follow a strict safety and hygiene policy?  Are their water containers clean and do they have plenty of clean water for rinsing their brushes?  Most painters will use a clean sponge for each child to avoid spreading bacteria.
  4. You should be advised that the best way to remove face paints from this skin is with soap and water.  It is not advisable to use baby wipes.  Some wipes contain lanolin and other ingredients which may trigger problems with children that suffer from sensitive skin.
  5. A professional face painter will know when it is not advisable to paint a child.  They will look out for children with skin conditions, colds, conjunctivitis etc.  They will also advise over what age they will paint a face.  The Jolly Good Production team of face painters will only paint 3 years and over, but will offer hand and arm paintings for 2 years and above.
  6. A professional face painter will have the ability to work from memory and not have to keep referring to books and pictures.
  7. The face painter should have a few years experience of painting children of all ages and at lots of different events, from small birthday parties to huge corporate events.  A professional face painter will be able to paint quickly yet still maintain a very high standard.
  8. If you are hiring an adventure play venue ask if they allow you to provide a face painter of your own choice.  Sometimes they will only allow you to use their own staff.  Very often this involves a young person who has had no form of training and has been given the title of ‘Face Painter’ because they were good at art at school.

I hope you will find the above information of use.

If you would like to book a face painter or would like to train to become a face painter, please contact me on  – 01748 821621

Best Wishes, Hazel Wood


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Butterfly Face by Hazel Wood


DSCN2198 - Copy


Butterflies are by far the most popular girls face.  Over the years I have painted butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colours.  Occasionally after a particularly busy day I even end up dreaming about them!  The most popular colour is Pink, with Purple coming a close second and, of course, no butterfly would be complete without a sprinkling of glitter!  What’s your favourite colour?  Hazel

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Flowers and Rainbow Faces | Face Painting by Hazel Wood



This face was painted whilst I was working at a very busy grand opening event.  A Brownie leader approached me and said she had about 18 Brownies that wanted to be painted but they didn’t have time to have full faces and asked me if I could do something quick.  I had just bought some new One – Stroke TAG paints which I was keen to try out.  I painted the first Brownie with the TAG rainbow cake and then added some double-dipped flowers over the top.  I finished it off with some leaves, dots and glitter.  The whole thing just took a few minutes.  After that all the Brownies were asking for the same face.  I told them it would be the same but ‘different’ just to try and vary the design slightly.  A simple, quick face but very effective.  Let me know what you think of my design!  Thanks Hazel

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Why You should Never Forget Your Trousers

Chuckle The Clown
Image by ronwooduk via Flickr

I like to think I’m quite an organised person. Perhaps given the very varied nature of my business and taking into account all of the different things I do then personal organisation is important. As one half of Jolly Good Productions I am always taking out different equipment, props and costumes according to whichever of our various shows or workshops we happen to be doing on any particular day. This involves a lot of unloading and reloading. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to leading a busy life.  Most of the time I get it right but every now and again I manage to drop myself in it as they say.

One of my most embarrassing moments occurred whilst providing children’s entertainment at an event organised for the families and friends of  staff at a regional hospital. It was quite a big do with lots of people and what seemed like hundreds of children. I’d arrived in plenty of time, brought in all of my stuff and set up in the function room.  They had asked me for my Chuckle The Clown Show followed after the break by Punch and Judy.

As my Punch and Judy booth is very large I often use it as a changing room. I can hang up my costume and relax inside out of the way before the show.  I had taken my clown costume to the cleaners as I like to make a good impression. I do like a nice clean costume. So my costume was hanging up in its plastic bag, straight from the cleaners, ready to be put on at the last minute. I did my make up and waited for the room to fill up. About five minutes before I was due to make my big entrance I took my costume out of its plastic bag and was utterly horrified to find – NO TROUSERS!!! I must have assumed the trousers were on the coat hanger when they were taken to cleaners and I didn’t check when I went to collect. What a silly billy!

I had two choices. Either explain to the organisers that I couldn’t do my clown act and say  it would have to be just Punch and Judy or I’d have to go on without trousers. Now fortunately I do wear special comedy clown knickers ( only when performing of course ). They are like a silly pair of shorts which come down to my knees ( and I am wearing normal undies under them ) so all was not lost.

I did the only decent thing and carried on regardless. I did my entire clown show with no trousers. The audience certainly seemed to be having a good time. The show rolled along as usual with lots of audience participation, fun and laughter. Perhaps they thought that this was my usual appearance or that I’d done it to for laughs. I’ll never know and They’ll never know that in addition to my red nose I had a very red face beneath the slap.

The moral to this story is : Busy people should use a check list! ( which is what Hazel has been trying to drum into me for years! )

Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? Share your experiences using the comment section below. Thanks, Ron.

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