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Why Everyone Loves A Pirate Theme Party

A stereotypical caricature of a pirate.

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There is no doubt that pirates are as popular today as ever. The idea of dressing up as a pirate appeals to all ages and both male and female alike. You can’t escape the fact that pirate mania is infectious. We all love it. Pirate theme parties or pirate themed events are great fun and perfect for children’s entertainment or adults too.

Of course real pirates were extremely unsavoury characters who roamed the high seas preying on ordinary sailors and shipping. Those who fell victim to these villains were likely to receive harsh treatment which might mean beatings, torture enslavement or death. Pirates were ruthless in their pursuit of booty. They were rough, lawless criminals for whom drunkenness, robbery, murder and debauchery became a way of life.

Given the shocking nature of pirates it seems strange that we in a civilised society should want to emulate them when they represent the very worst aspects of human nature. How can this be?

Today we are more familiar with the fictional pirates we have come across in books, TV or film. As children we read Treasure Island and discovered the fiendish Long John Silver. We were captivated by the adventures of Peter Pan and his battle with the notorious Captain Hook. More recently we were introduced to the character of Captain Jack Sparrow created by actor Jonny Deppe in Pirates of the Caribbean. All of these fictional pirates are rascals but can do us no harm and because the stories are so exciting they do make for great children’s entertainment. We know that the characters inhabit an imaginary world where no one really gets hurt. We can enjoy the swashbuckling from the comfort of an armchair or in the warmth of a cinema. There is excitement, thrills and spills but its all totally harmless.

So the truth is that being a pretend pirate is great fun. We can look like a pirate, sound like a pirate and act like a pirate without doing any harm and without fear of retribution ( real pirates were hanged if they were caught – a sobering thought ).

Organising a pirate party is easy to do. Costumes, props and accessories are readily available or easy to make. You don’t need to go to a lot of trouble if you don’t want to. Every fancy dress shop has pirate costumes for hire but you can easily make your own. It just depends how elaborate you want to be. Party shops sell pirate balloons and pirate flags with the skull and cross bones on them or you can make up your own flags using black card for the back ground and white card or paper for the emblems.

For larger events such as council fun days or corporate entertainment there are many companies that hire out authentic props and backdrops for pirate themed events. Many professional entertainers offer speciality acts which they have created for pirate events.

Children taking part in a Jolly Good Productions pirate day activity with pirate " Ron "

Pirate “Ron” leads a pirate crew on a surprise attack.

If you are organising a pirate party or a pirate day and need children’s entertainment then our own pirate puppet show is ideal. The set is a pirate ship and there are some brilliant characters. All of the puppets are custom made and there is a great story with lots of audience participation.We also provide face painting on a pirate theme. Children love our superb pirate faces. Usually this runs concurrently with the show. We also do pirate stilt walkers who can walk around the show field interacting with the public.

The Pirate Ship from our puppet show

Ship Ahoy! This is the pirate ship from our show.

If you are stuck for ideas for your next party or event and you haven’t tried this one yet then why not “ Hoist the Jolly Roger ” splice the main brace and set course for piratical fun. You won’t be disappointed!

Got any ideas you want to share about pirate theme parties?  Are you a supplier of pirate costumes, props etc or do you have any tips on where to find great pirate stuff ? If so please leave your comments / details below.

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Christmas Craft Workshop

Craft Workshops are a great way to entertain children at many kinds of event. If you are organising a company Christmas party or special Christmas event then a themed craft workshop can be an excellent addition to your children’s entertainment programme. The photos below show examples of the kind of things the children can make at a Jolly Good Productions Xmas themed craft workshop.

Christmas Craft Workshop

Angel ornament and snowman mask

Christmas Craft Workshop

Xmas tree ornament and Xmas card

For a craft workshop to be a success there needs to be a range of interesting projects which must be fairly easy to make, not too messy and with friendly helpful staff to encourage and guide the children.

For advice on hiring a craft workshop calls Jolly Good Production on Tel 01748 821621 or mob 07984 495089

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Festive Balloons


These Christmas Party Balloons look very festive. Hazel chose the colours and we made the columns up together. Balloon decorating is a great way to dress up any room for a party or event. It really does add to the atmosphere. Call us if you want some eye catching displays for your party venue.

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Bill Tarmey And Me

Coronation Street fans know instantly who Bill Tarmey is. I regret to admit that until I met Patricia Penrose I had no idea. I was the front man  at a store opening where Patricia was booked as the celebrity to cut the ribbon and officially open the store, then sign autographs and chat with the shoppers. Patricia plays the character of Gina in the TV series Heartbeat. She is lovely person, very friendly and easy to get on with. My job was to build up the atmosphere and let people know what was going on as well as running various in store competitions.

The store was very busy and Patricia Penrose was very popular. She had brought a pile of postcard size photos of herself which she was signing and giving away. She told me that she ran out of these after about an hour ( and she had brought loads with her! ). Whilst we were chatting she said that she thought I sounded just like Bill Tarmey. Several people agreed so it must be true? I’d like to think that this was a compliment but as I don’t watch Corrie I can’t be sure.

We had a great day. The new store was very busy in spite of the bad weather. The client was very happy and I’m just waiting to see if I could be the next Jack Duckworth.

Ron with Patricia Penrose, Gina from the TV series Heartbeat

Ron with Patricia Penrose

If you were Ron Wood of Jolly Good Productions ( that’s me ), would you consider it a compliment to be told that you sound like Bill Tarmey?  Let me know what you think.

  • Jack Duckworth waltzes out of Coronation Street (guardian.co.uk)
  • Jack’s Corrie finale seen by 11m (bbc.co.uk)
  • Tribute to Coronation Street’s Jack Duckworth (telegraph.co.uk)
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Redcar Christmas Light Switch On 2010

The Redcar Christmas Light Switch On was brilliant in spite of the horrible weather. There was a lovely atmosphere on the High Street and even though it was cold and wet there were still plenty of smiling faces.The Jolly Good Productions Christmas Characters mingled with the crowds and brought smiles to the faces of the children and juggler Tom Rolfe mesmerized everyone with his fantastic juggling, unicycling and balloon modeling. Masses of people turned out to watch the parade completely undaunted by the rain which was falling steadily by 4.30pm.The lights were turned on at five o clock by The Secret Millionaire. What a great start to the festive season for the people of Redcar.
Below is Alf The Elf ( the tallest elf you’ve ever seen ) who helped to entertain the public during the build up to the light switch on. Apparently Santa had sent Alf to Redcar to find out who had been naughty and who had been nice. Alf spoke to lots of children to see if they have been good. Fortunately he was able to report back to Santa that there are no naughty ones in Redcar.

Alf The Elf, a Christmas Character ( stilt walker ) by Jolly Good Productions

Alf The Elf ( Jolly Good Productions )

Were you at the Redcar Christmas Light Switch On? Did you enjoy it? Please share your thoughts with us.

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Christmas Show For Your Xmas Party

In the run up to Christmas everyone is organising parties for their company or organisation. The weeks leading up to the big day are very exciting for children. If you are planning a Xmas party then why not book a Christmas show which will really stimulate  the children’s imaginations.

Our Xmas Show is called Santa’s Busy Day and is all about Santa getting ready for Christmas. It has a multitude of Christmas characters and combines, magic, puppets, comedy and lots of audience participation.

The Jolly Good ProductionsSanta’s Busy Day puppet show is ideal for a company Christmas party, a school Christmas party or anywhere that needs a great Xmas show. It’s perfect for younger children but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Christmas Puppet Show

Santa's Busy Day, a puppet show by Jolly Good Productions

We can provide a complete package of entertainment for corporate Christmas parties. We can decorate the venue and provide all of the children’s entertainment including shows, face painting, craft workshop, Christmas characters. We can supply side shows and amusements, a disco and games too catering for all ages including the adults.  Call myself or Hazel help and advice Tel 012748 821621.

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Mayor For A Minute

It was an honour to be invited by the Mayor of Richmond, Councillor Barry Heap, to visit the Town Hall and take wine with him in the Mayor’s Parlour. We had been invited as a thank you for offering to put on our Christmas Show on Xmas Eve for local children, an occasion I am really looking forward to. The entire Wood family went along ( myself, Hazel, Natasha, Katrina and Daniella ) and we took our neighbours Colin and Lorraine Vincent, Jim and Chris Phillips plus some friends, Graham and Karen Gomersall. We were treated to a tour of the Town Hall, The Mayor’s Parlour and The Council Chamber. Richmond ( North Yorkshire ) is a fascinating place with a very interesting history and Councillor Barry Heap is an expert. We all enjoyed listening to his stories of the many objects and pictures on display. We were even allowed to hold The Great Mace Of Richmond, a priceless ceremonial mace which symbolically represents the authority bestowed on the town Mayor by the Monarch.

The Great Mace Of Richmond

The Great Mace Of Richmond

Another very special treat  was to be allowed to wear the ceremonial robes worn by the Mayor whilst on official duties. This is me when I became ” Mayor For A Minute ” Sadly my moment of fame was short lived and I had to return the chain of office and regalia before I had a chance to try and exercise my authority.

Ron is Mayor for a minute!

Mayor For a Minute

I am very proud to live in Richmond and I am glad that we are able to contribute in a small way to the affairs of the community. I hope our Xmas Show will be a huge success and that we can offer our services freely at other events from time to time work commitments permitting.

Hazel and Daniella examining the Mayor of Richmond's Chain of Office

Chain of Office

How old do you think  The Great Mace Of Richmond is and can you guess how much it is worth?

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Wensleydale Show 2010

The weather was fairly kind at the Wensleydale Show this year. A bit breezy but sunny and warm. There was one terrific down pour of rain at about 2.30pm but it soon cleared up and the sun came out again.  I always enjoy this event as there is so much to see, especially if you are interested in country life. There are displays in the main arena throughout the day and the commentator is very knowledgeable about farming and the countryside which makes everything so much more interesting. There are loads of traders selling all kinds of goods, a fantastic craft marquee, the Leyburn Brass Band, fairground rides and bouncy castles for the kids, farm animals, vintage cars and machinery, beagles, hounds, horses, falconry and lots of food and refreshments. Definitely a great day out for the whole family.

The show takes place on a field just outside of Leyburn on the way in from Bellerby at the side of the A6108. I always like the view as approaching Leyburn from the Richmond side.

Wensleydale Show 2010, view from Bellerby side

Wensleydale Show in the distance.

I was at the show performing Punch and Judy as I have for quite a few years.

Last year was very difficult as I was sited on a very exposed piece of high ground and the winds were extremely strong. I was quite literally hanging on to the puppet theatre during the last show to stop it blowing away even though I was well and truly anchored down. The organisers used to have a marquee for the children’s entertainment but decided on grounds of cost to dispense with this which is a shame because it is always better to be under cover.

I had three brilliant audiences this year. Lots of children and families all gathering round and joining in with gusto to the antics of old red nose. Some nice compliments too. Not so many people turned up for the last show as the rain had dispersed the crowds by then. Still, those who did come seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Behind the scenes at the Wensleydale Show

Behind the scenes of the Punch and Judy Show

There is a huge amount of work required to organise and run an event of this kind. I hope the Wensleydale Show continues to be supported by the general public as it is such a fantastic day out.

Put it in your diary for Bank Holiday Weekend, August 2011. It’s going to be another good one!

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Prescot Shopping Centre


Prescot Shopping Centre in Merseyside is running an exciting programme of children’s entertainment over the summer holidays. Jolly Good Productions will be there on several of the event days. There will be lots of variety with magic, pupets, circus and face Painting too. Full details can be found on the Prescot Shoping Centre web site.

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