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Children's Magic Show

Why Hiring A Magic Workshop Is A Great Idea!

Hire a Magic Workshop for your organization over school holidays, the kids will love it!

Keeping a group of children occupied over the holidays is quite a challenge. Anyone who runs a Holiday Club or Out Of School Club knows how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas. If your Holiday Club is boring the children won’t want to come or if they do come then they are more likely to get up to mischief if they don’t have plenty of fun stuff to do.

Setting up a workshop day, planning the activities, gathering together all the necessary resources takes time and effort which you could be putting into something else. That’s why hiring in a ready-made workshop day is such a good idea.

Although hiring outside help is expensive the cost can be well worth it. The children have a great time, they will learn some great magic and have tricks they have made to take home with them. They will remember the day for a long time, it will be a talking point and might encourage other kids to join the club. The parents will be happy and you will have further enhanced your reputation as the best kids club in town!

How To Make The Most Of The Magic Workshop

Although the Magic Workshoptakes place on one day you can easily spread the fun over an entire week. There are lots of things you can do to keep the magic working before and after the actual workshop day.  Here are a few ideas:

Banana Trouble

Banana Trouble (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

  • Have the children draw pictures and make cut outs to decorate the room.
  • Have a dressing up day with a magic theme.
  • Read stories about wizards and magicians ie Harry Potter.
  • Build a magic den.
  • Adapt games to suit a magic theme.
  • Practice the tricks from the Magic Workshop Day
  • Put together a Magic Show
  • Rehearse the Magic Show
  • Make a stage for the Magic Show
  • Audition acts for the Magic Show.
  • Give everyone a job if they are not performing.
  • Choose music for each act.
  • Make posters to advertize the Magic Show.
  • Make tricks and props from the workshop day using the notes provided.
  • Make a Magic Video with all the children taking part. Send a copy home with each child as a keep sake.
  • Have competitions for making the best wizard’s hat or for making the best Top Hat and a white rabbit out of card.

With a little bit of imagination it’s easy to turn a one day Magic Workshop into a fantastic Magic Week.

More Ideas For Holiday Clubs

Are you looking for other ideas for your Holiday Club or Out Of School Club? Jolly Good Productions do other special activity days. See the Holiday Club page on our web site.

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Jolly Good Fun At RAF Waddington

The annual Air Show at RAF Waddington is massively popular with the general public. Needless to say a huge ammount of planning and hard work is required by many people to ensure that everything is in place and runs smoothly on the day. The RAF always do a fantastic job thanks to the commitment and dedication from every member of the team. In the run up to the big day everyone is affected, not just the airmen and women but the service families too.

Once the dust has settled and things are back to normal the RAF have their own party for family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. This usually takes place a week after the Air Show.

Jolly Good Productions were delighted to be invited to provide children’s entertainment once again this year. Fortunately Natasha had just returned from working in France and so all five of us were available.

We had a great day, there is always a friendly atmosphere and the RAF always make you feel welcome.

We did a varied programme of entertainment for the kids including Punch and Judy, Face Painting, Stilt Walking, Magic Show, Circus Workshop and Bubble Making.

There was also a company providing bouncy castles, sumo wrestling and a mechanical bull machine.

It was a lovely hot day and we all enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream van before packing up at the end.

Stilt Walking at RAF Waddington

Stilt Walkers

Punch and Judy at RAF Waddington

Punch and Judy Show

Face Painting at RAF Waddington

Face Painting

Magic Show at RAF Waddington

Magic Show

Have you been to the RAF Waddington Air Show? Did you attend the Family Fun Day? Did you enjoy yourselves? Comments invited.

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Athersley South Action Group Show How It’s Done!

It takes hard work and dedication to organise and run a community action group that can really make a difference. The Athersley South Action Group are a great example for anyone thinking of giving it a go. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

The Athersley South Action Group came together during the summer of 2008 when the churchside Community Park was opened unofficially.We are a group of residents who were brought together by the dissapointment of vandalism and overall neglect of the park.At various meeting's with the church steering group we decided that something had to be done. Athersley South is a fantastic place to live, but what is there here for our kids, so we decided that we would form a community group to help maintain the park and provide activites for the kids.The groups aims are even higher we are still organising Litter picks on the park on a weekly basis and carrying out saftey checks on the equipment. We have organised trips for young people and we are looking into craft clubs, youth clubs and other social events for both children and adults.Athersley South Action Group want to pull the community together to make Athersley South a more fun, safe and enjoyable place to live for all ages.

The annual Gala takes place on Sunday 8th August 2010 and Jolly Good Productions will be there. We will be providing Punch and Judy, Face Painting, Children’s Magic Show and Circus Workshop.

Come and join in the fun.

For more info go to the web site :


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Magic Show For Magic Family

There was Magic in the air yesterday when a family in Barnsley gathered at the Golf Club to celebrate a 90th Birthday Party. There were four generations represented and Gran became the star of the Magic Show which took place after the buffet. Magician Ron Wood from Jolly Good Productions performed a series of routines involving magic wands, a banana, a mouse and a piece of cheese, a disappearing handkerchief and balloons. The highlight was when 90 year old Gran ( The Birthday Girl ) showed she had the magic touch by transforming one card into another with the wave of a magic wand to the amazement of the entire audience. All of the children got to go inside a giant bubble and won prizes too. It was a lovely afternoon.

The Birthday Girl ( 90 ) and the Magician

Birthday Girl ( 90 ) has " The Magic Touch "

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Magic And Monkey Business At Hartlepool Rovers

The term “monkey business” means fooling around or mischief and some might say that my children’s Magic Show has lots of monkeying around in it, mainly at the expense of my good self of course.

It was a pleasure to be invited to entertain children at Hartlepool Rovers Rugby Club. The Magic Show went really well and I couldn’t help noticing various references to “monkey business” in some of the pictures and exhibits on display in the clubhouse.

There is a very well known story going back to the Napoleonic Wars when a monkey which had fallen from a passing ship was washed ashore on the beach in Hartlepool. The local people were convinced that the monkey was a French spy and it was summarily hanged.

The story of the monkey has become a long standing joke and Hartlepool folk are sometimes  referred to as “monkey hangers” just as those from Redcar are called “sand scratchers” and those from Skelton or Brotton might be called ” Wolleybacks”

I like the story about the monkey. I’m sure it’s pure fiction and if I lived in Hartlepool I’d probably make the most of it. I’m sure it would earn me a pint or two in my travels.

There is a great tradition of rugby in Hartlepool and I am told there are currently five rugby clubs although I only know the names of three of them. Can anyone give me the full list?

As an ex rugby player myself I found it interesting looking at the clubs trophies and memorobilia.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Hartlepool. If you know any one looking for children’s entertainment with plenty of monkey business give me a call:

Go to the web site Jolly Good Productions, or call me by telephone : Tel 01748 821621

Hartlepool Rovers Trophies

Hartlepool Rovers Memorabilia

Hartlepol Rovers Trophies

Hartlepol Rovers Caps

Hartlepool Rovers Memorabilia

Hartlepool Rovers Display

The Hartlepool Rovers Club House

Hartlepool Rovers Club House

The pitch

The Pitch