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Wedding Magician, North Yorkshire

Magician For A Wedding

Wedding Magician, Yorkshire and The North East

Wedding Magician, Yorkshire and The North East

Are you planning a wedding in Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Northallerton, Ripon, Harrogate or York and looking for a Magician to entertain your guests during your wedding reception? If the answer is yes then look no further.

I am a Magician based in Richmond, North Yorkshire and provide Wedding Entertainment at venues in Yorkshire and the North East.

I can mix with your guests and entertain them with close up magic before the wedding breakfast or I can perform table magic at appropriate intervals during the course of the meal.

Magic is great ice breaker. Its a nice way to get people to relax and have fun. Its also a good warm up for the wedding speeches.

I perform a variety of tricks using cards, coins, rope, borrowed rings etc.  I like to keep it simple and get people involved and having fun.

The most important thing to me is that everyone has a great time.

If you would like more information or a FREE quotation:

Please use the ENQUIRY FORM to ensure I have all the information I need.

Alternatively call me on 01748 821621.


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Birthday Party Magic

Magic for a Children’s Party

Magician Ron Wood

Magician and Children’s Entertainer

Children love magic and so hiring a magician for a Birthday Party is a great way to entertain them.

Once a parent would pick up the Yellow Pages and  look up the Children’s Entertainers section where there would be a long list of kids entertainers and magicians offering their services. Today the first port of call is likely to be Google.

Of course children today are very sophisticated and they see such amazing things on TV and You Tube. If you type Magician into Google ( at the time of writing )  you will find a list of articles about the amazing Dynamo whose tag line is “Magician Impossible”. How does he do those incredible illusions?  This  got me thinking about the expectations of parents and children regarding Birthday Party Magic.

If you type “Magician, North Yorkshire”, or “Magician, Catterick Garrison” or “Magician, Richmond”, the chances are you will probably end up on my Birthday Party Magic Show page and be looking at me Ron Wood aka “Mr Jolly” rather than the famous Dynamo.


So what do people expect when they book a Magician / Kid’s Entertainer for a Birthday Party?

Mostly parents want the children to have a great time. They want to hire someone who is good with the kids, who is professional, organized, reliable and experienced. They are not too concerned about the actual content of the show and what tricks will be performed. They may ask if you include balloon modelling or party games. They may even request a particular routine that their child saw you perform at another party or event. They are certainly not expecting disappearing ladies, tigers jumping through hoops or famous people being levitated four feet off the ground.

Children’s Magic

Performing for children is an art in itself. Children like funny stuff. They love it when things go wrong. They like tricks which

Jubilee Magic Show

Jubilee Magic Show (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

have a story attached to them and they love to join in.

A good children’s magic trick should:

  • be straightforward and easy to follow
  • use colorful props
  • have some humor
  • be part of a story
  • include audience participation
  • have a magical ending

Most important of all is the skill of the performer.  An experienced children’s magician can engage and mezmerize an audience using the simplest of props.

Variety is the key

Children have fairly short attention spans and need to be kept interested.  An endless string of magic tricks will not work. Variety is the key. A good children’s magic show includes other activities such as balloons, games, storytelling, puppets etc.

The ability to entertain and delight  a group of children for sixty minutes is magic in itself.

Birthday Party Magic to me is not about individual tricks, its about  being able to create a magical experience of excitement, fun and laughter. Bringing happiness and making happy memories which parents and children will look back on enjoy long after I have gone!

To Enquire about booking  a Magic Show for your Children’s Party ask for a free quotation.

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Close Up Magic Or Acting?

Magician Or Actor?

Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing,...

Legendary magician Harry Houdini is reputed to have said that  “A magician is just an actor playing the part of a magician”.

I remember when I first started playing around with magic tricks,  a very experienced and highly respected magician said to me “It’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it”.  He said he preferred simple easy tricks which don’t rely on too much concentration to get right. That way you can concentrate on the storytelling and the performance.  At the end of the day spectators want to be entertained. Of course everyone appreciates an amazing display of dexterity and sleight of hand but too much can be boring and make it look like you are showing off. I know one really good magician who only uses about six tricks but that’s all he needs because his performance is so good.

Entertain your audience!

Everyone wants to know how the magic works. People are fascinated with the secrets of magic. It is very tempting for a magician to get carried away with learning the most complicated of routines or creating the most complex illusions. World Champion Magician Lance Burton gave the following advice:

Remember your true goal is to entertain your audience. Your audience can be your family, friends, coworkers, or a theater full of strangers. The goal is the same, to amaze, yes, but primarily to entertain.

Weaving the magic

In addition to learning the skills of sleight of hand a magician also needs to be a good storyteller. It’s really the story that is woven round the trick which makes the performance entertaining and memorable. In the magic business the words that go with the trick are known as the “patter”.


A good magician needs to know his stuff but the patter, personality and acting ability are equally important, if not more important for the entertainment and enjoyment of the audience.

To hire a Magician go to Close Up Magic For adults

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It’s Magic! Coins and Cards by Ron Wood

Close Up Magic!

This is a really nice trick with coins and cards which I love performing.

The magician shuffles the cards and places four, face down, on the table. A coin magically appears under each one. The coins then jump from beneath each card until all four arrive together under the last card.

Hope you like it!


Entertaining Pre School Age Children At A Birthday Party

When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. A birthday party is a very special occasion and every parent wants to do the best they can to make it is good as it can be. For the child it is very exciting because they know they are going to get lots of presents and have lots of fun. For parents a birthday party is an expression of love and pride. Having a brilliant birthday party is could be described as a kind of emotional out poring. A way of showing their love? This might sound a little over the top but I believe this is true. As a parent myself I am speaking from experience. Hazel and I always tried to give our three girls really good birthday parties even when money was in short supply and let’s face it a birthday party is expensive! They are all grown up now but we’ve been there, done that and bought the T Shirt as they say.

I am digressing. My opening statement is true. When it comes to entertaining children there is no one size fits all. The kind of stuff which will amuse and entertain a four year old is different to what will delight a ten year old. To organise a birthday party for a four year old boy and then invite his ten year old brother and all his mates to come too is a recipe for trouble. Older children are more sophisticated. They are far more advanced both physically and mentally and they are much bigger! The older children will naturally dominate the little ones. They will win all the games and sometimes younger children can be knocked over and hurt if the big ones are chasing around in the excitement. Controlling older children can sometimes be a problem too. Often you will not know all of the children who are coming to the party and so you have to hope that they will be well behaved.

This all sounds like bad news. It’s not meant to be. Mixed age group parties can work. It depends on the kids. If you are lucky enough to get a group of really well behaved children and the older ones are quite happy to mix in with the little ones then all well and good but be warned. It could go the other way so why take chances.

If you are planning a birthday party for a three or four year old child then invite all three and four year olds. This is by far the best approach.

Puppet Show For Younger Children

Younger Children Love Puppets

If you are going to do the entertainment yourself and you are wondering what to do then draw inspiration from nursery school, play group, mother and toddler group or Tumble Tots. Think of the kind of activities and games that the children do at these places. Make a list of everything you can think of that you might be able to use at your child’s birthday party. Games, songs and stories are all good. Work out how long each activity will take and then make a little programme up. Alternate between an activity which involves sitting and listening and one which involves movement.  Don’t try and do too much. Plan on thirty to forty minutes before the party food and then perhaps another thirty minutes or so after the meal. Use less energetic activities such as “pass the parcel” and “pin the tail on the donkey” after the children have eaten. End the party on a high note by doing the “hokey cokey” or something similar. If possible enlist the help of a friend or relative who works with pre school age children in a professional capacity. A nursery nurse, teacher or child carer would be ideal. It is also a very good idea to involve the other mums too. Ask them to join in with their children. This will make things much easier for you.

You may decide to hire someone to come and organise the birthday party entertainment for you. There are people who specialise in entertaining preschoolers. Often they are people who are ex teachers or who have experience as nursery nurses, child carers etc. Sometimes they are mums themselves who have set up in business because they enjoy working with kids and they like the flexibility this type of work affords. There are people who will organise games, do craft activities, do dressing up parties, do storytelling and so on.

Alternatively you might want to hire a professional children’s entertainer such as a magician, clown or puppeteer. All children love magic. Most love clowns and puppets are always a big hit. Not all children’s entertainers will work with very young children. The sudden appearance of a clown in the midst of a group of three and four year olds could terrify some children especially the more timid ones. When working with under fives approach is everything. The first step is to win over the confidence of the children and make sure they feel safe and are relaxed. Next the material has to be simple and uncomplicated. The funny business and humour must be pitched at a level that the little ones can understand. This may seem obvious but it is very important. Entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party is an art in itself and requires experience, knowledge  and understanding. Not everyone is capable of entertaining very young children at birthday parties and so you do need to make sure you are hiring an entertainer who knows what they are doing.

Here is what one mum wrote about a party for her four year old daughter at which we had performed a magic and puppet show:

Hi there! What a super afternoon – thanks largely to you! Willow had a fab time and told her grandma all about the ‘funny man who can’t clap and had lots of sheep and a cow called Daisy’. We have our own puppet theatre at home and have been playing with it already this morning, re-christening one of the characters ‘Bonkers’. I think we may be stealing some of your act! Our guests are raving about the party and we certainly won’t forget you in a hurry. Unfortunately I can’t post anything on your facebook page for Jolly Good Productions – but will gladly do so – think we may need to be friends in order to do so?? Just wanted to let you know that we were super impressed and it was such a stress-free party for us. The kids loved you (perhaps a little too much at times) but I guess that’s just the sort of reaction you need. Thanks so much again.

Birthday parties are special. Think carefully about what you are going to do and hopefully you will have happy memories to look back on in years to come.

If you have any ideas to share about entertaining pre school age children at a birthday party please contribute to the discussion using the comment section below. Thanks.

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Alnwick Lions Family Fun Day

Alnwick Lions organised a Family Fun Day for local children. It  took place yesterday in Swansfield Park and what a perfect day it turned out to be. The weather was fabulous and lots of families came along to support the event. Face Painting was provided by Sure Start, there were bouncy castles, swing boats and a roundabout plus various side stalls. We did Punch and Judy, alternating with magician Magic Andrew. The Lions organised races for the kids and there was also an ice cream van and refreshments. The event ran from 11.30am to 3pm and was a great success. Alnwick Lions had paid very generously funded all of the entertainment and rides etc so it was all FREE for the children. There was a lovely atmosphere. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and there were happy smiling faces everywhere.

Magic Andrew's Show

Magic Show by Magic Andrew

Face Painting Stand by Sure Start

Face Painting by Sure Start

Older kids watching Punch and Judy

Older kids watching Punch and Judy

Magic Show For Magic Family

There was Magic in the air yesterday when a family in Barnsley gathered at the Golf Club to celebrate a 90th Birthday Party. There were four generations represented and Gran became the star of the Magic Show which took place after the buffet. Magician Ron Wood from Jolly Good Productions performed a series of routines involving magic wands, a banana, a mouse and a piece of cheese, a disappearing handkerchief and balloons. The highlight was when 90 year old Gran ( The Birthday Girl ) showed she had the magic touch by transforming one card into another with the wave of a magic wand to the amazement of the entire audience. All of the children got to go inside a giant bubble and won prizes too. It was a lovely afternoon.

The Birthday Girl ( 90 ) and the Magician

Birthday Girl ( 90 ) has " The Magic Touch "

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Magician’s Lemon Cheescake Recipe Is Magic

Well it’s true, I do know a few magic tricks and some people call me a magician but a chef I am not. On the other hand I do know a good cheesecake when I taste one. The recipe I am sharing with you here is magic so give your taste buds a treat and try it.

How to make lemon cheesecake


Base :

6 oz digestive biscuits

3 oz butter

1 1/2oz demerara sugar

Filling :

397 gms condensed milk

1/2 pint double cream, whipped

2 lemons – juice and zest


Base :

Line a dish with foil

Spread the biscuit mixture, place in fridge to set

Remove foil

Filling :

Bring to the boil slowly

When cool place on biscuit base

Yum Yum, we’re done !

Suitable for freezing

Hope you agree this would make great party food.

Do you like cheesecake?  What’s your favourite?  Have you tried this one?

Outdoor Events | Do I Need A Wet Weather Plan ?

I often receive enquiries from people who are in the process of organising an outdoor event for the first time. Sometimes it is a Family Fun Day for their company, sometimes it is a Fund Raising Event or it could be a Community Event etc. Usually they start by telling me that they have never organised an event like this before and don’t know exactly what they want. These days they are probably contacting me because they are interested in booking a Children’s Entertainer, Magician, or a Punch and Judy Show. They are not seeking advice on the overall planning of the event.
Invariably the conversation leads to a discussion about where the children’s entertainment will be sited and what happens if it rains. The idea of having a wet weather plan has not occurred to them. We all hope it’s going to be a hot sunny day with just a light breeze,we imagine a perfect summers afternoon. Occasionally it is like this but more often it’s not.
Inclement weather can have many adverse effects :

Strong Wind

Never underestimate the power of the wind. Gazebos, stalls and inflatables can all be lifted and blown over or blown away. This can be a serious risk and should not be ignored by organisers.


Surfaces become wet and slippery which can result in people falling over.

Electrical equipment can be dangerous in a damp / wet environment

Clothing, props and equipment which are soaking wet can be ruined or become useless

Performers and staff can’t do their jobs efficiently

Vehicles can become bogged down

Snow and Ice

Surfaces can be hazardous to walk on for performers and the public

Very cold or freezing temperatures can prevent proper use of fingers and hands when engaged in intricate work such as Face Painting or Balloon Modelling. The former could put the public at risk because if the artist can’t control the brush properly it could easily go into some one’s eye. Face Paining out side in very cold weather should not take place.

For many years I ran a company which specialized in providing entertainment at corporate events. I worked closely with my clients and I always planned carefully and tried to cover every eventuality including producing a  wet weather plan.

It’s a good idea to make an overall, outline plan of the event first, before going into detail. Decide what facilities you are going to require ie marquees, portable toilets, a stage, public address, parking, refreshments, arena, first aid, side shows and entertainment. Make out a rough timetable, including set up times for everything and draw up a site layout.

At this stage I would recommend a few ” What if ” questions.

What if it rains, what if it snows, what if the wind gets up?

In making your wet weather plan you will have to take account of the effect inclement weather will have on every aspect of your event. Some things may not be affected. Others may only be able to function partially and some not at all.

If the event has to be cancelled because of inclement weather you will probably still have to pay for some of the services you have hired in. Even if the event proceeds during bad weather there may be certain suppliers who are unable to work in the prevailing conditions i.e. stilt walkers can’t work safely when it’s windy. You may still be liable to pay your suppliers in these circumstances. You should ask if there is an inclement weather clause in their contract so that you know where you stand. It is quite normal in the outdoor events business to have an inclement weather clause and it is fair and reasonable for suppliers to expect to be paid if they are at the event and ready to perform but can’t do so because of the elements.

Consider every aspect and decide what you can prepare for and what you can’t. Can some things be moved into a tent or marquee instead of outside. Which attractions will operate and which will close. Can the event go ahead or will it have to be cancelled? When will I have to make a decision on opening or closing?

It is possible to take out cancellation insurance. Here are a couple of insurance brokers I found on Google. I am not recommending these companies, you would need to consult them to see what they can offer:

Hiscox Events Insurance

Hole In One Insurance

Greenbee Events Insurance

Copy and paste these names into the Google Search Box or run a search on “Event Cancellation Insurance”

You should also review your wet weather plan when making your risk assessments.

Finally I do recommend that the organiser should check the site prior to the event to ensure that all necessary precautions relating to the possible onset of inclement weather are in place. Pay particular attention to anything that could be affected by strong winds. Make sure you are aware of objects and structures that might be a problem.  Check anchorage on marquees, bouncy castles and inflatables. Don’t assume that you can trust everyone. There may be staff who are inexperienced, untrained or even lacking in motivation. Things can go wrong. Always check yourself for peace of mind. I always found this to be the best policy.

In summary having a wet weather plan is essential when organising an outdoor event in the UK.

I hope these notes are useful and I would appreciate your views on the subject or hearing about your experiences. Please feel free to comment. Thanks

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Have You Ever Been Bubbled?

Have you ever been “bubbled” for something you didn’t do? Getting ” bubbled ” took on a whole new meaning at a birthday party recently. One lady decided to join in the fun during the Magic and Bubble Show by asking to go inside a bubble. Magician and Children’s Entertainer, Ron Wood, from Richmond, North Yorkshire, was happy to oblige. Children and adults gave rapturous applause at the sight.

A lady standing inside a bubble

Joining in the fun!

Can you describle a novel exprience of your own?