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Unusual Attraction Draws The Crowds

The public have always been fascinated by the unusual and the outrageous. In the great days of seaside holidays when the public flocked to Blackpool and similar places in their thousands looking for fun, freak shows and weird side shows were incredibly popular.

Today the public still want to be entertained and they are always fascinated by anything a little unusual. Anything out of the ordinary is bound to stimulate curiosity.

Are you looking for something different for your open day or event? Have you thought of having a mobile petting zoo?

Whilst working at an event recently I came across Meadow’s Mobile Reptiles. There was a huge queue of people waiting to go in and look at the displays. I decided to take a look to see what all the fuss was about.  Once inside the room I could see rows of tables with glass cases, boxes and cages containing all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and small animals. The keepers were bringing handling some of the snakes and they even had a photographer so that you could be photographed with your favourite reptile too.

For more information contact Vicky on 07887931965 or email [email protected]

Here are a few pictures I took.

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