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Northfields Shopping Centre, Birmingham, Fun Day

What a lovely day we had in Birmingham performing at the Northfields Shopping Centre. Hazel and I were booked as part of the summer children’s entertainment programme with one of our puppet shows and face painting. We arrived in plenty of time to get set up in the centre of the mall and were soon kept busy. I did four shows with lots of children ( and adults ) watching at each time. There was as usual lots of audience participation and the youngsters joined in enthusiastically throughout. The photo below shows the set of The King Custard Puppet Show. It’s quite large but looks great in a shopping centre. Hazel sets up to one side so that those children waiting to have their faces painted can also see the puppets in action. Hazel had lots of compliments on the very high quality of her work. Its very satisfying to knwo that your endeavours are appreciated. Although we had a long drive home we both felt that the day had been a great success and we look forward to being invited back again in the future.

Face Painting at Northfields Shopping Centre

Face Painting by Hazel

King Custard Puppet Show

King Custard Puppet Show

If you were at the Northfields Shopping Centre and met us there please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you.

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