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Race Night Race Card Example

Race Night Organisation

Race Card For A Race Night

The Race Night Organiser needs to produce a Race Card for the event.

Race Cards can either be handed to people as they arrive at the venue or more usually put out on the tables for people to peruse once they are settled in.

The Race Card gives the following information :

  • Names of the horses
  • The number of the horse
  • The name of the owner

It may also include the name of the jockey

If the horses have been sold in advance it is customary to invite the owner to come up with a funny ” name ” which is then published on the Race Card.

For corporate events members of staff may be invited to name the horses or they could be named after things to do with the business.

Also on the Race Card will be :

  • The Race Number
  • The Title of that Race ie ” The Ron Wood Handicap Hurdles “
  • The prize for the person who owns the winning horse

At a charity event the name is usually chosen by the Sponsor and at corporate events it is often given a name related to a part of the business, a well known executive or perhaps an important customer.

Advertising for the sponsor should  also be included if possible.

Here is an example of a Race Card produced by Haxby United FC for their Race Night. They produced an A5 booklet with one race per page.

Example of a Race Card

Race Card ( Races 4 and 5 )

Here is the outside front and back cover. The inside can contain more advertising or information about your organisation, future events etc. If it contains useful information people will take it home with them and so it will have residual value to.

Race Card Example,Cover, A5, Front And Back

Race Card, front and back cover, A5

For more information about planning a Race Night, go to the main Jolly Good Productions site and type Race Night in the search box. This will bring up relevant pages including a page about how to run a race night.

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