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Wynyard Hall Gardens

Incredible Edibles Event, 11th September 2016

Hazel and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the opening of the new gardens at Wynyard Hall. The headline act was CBBC’s “Mr Bloom” but there were lots of other entertainers too including a fabulous strolling jazz band, stilt walkers, living plant characters, a balloon modeller, face painting and children’s crafts. I performed my Pirate Show and later a Magic Show before Mr Bloom came on later in the afternoon.


Hazel set up her face painting table next to the main stage and was working constantly from start to finish. In fact we were the first of the entertainers to arrive and the last to leave!

It was a brilliant event with lots of people turning up to see Mr Bloom. I had two fabulous audiences for my show and I saw lots of happy children with faces painted holding balloons and various things they had made at the craft tables.

The weather was perfect. A nice sunny day which was the icing on the cake.

A super event!

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Punch and Judy Man, County Durham

Punch and Judy in County Durham

Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy, Wittingham Show

Living practically on the borders of County Durham and North Yorkshire leaves me with a foot in both camps. Am I a County Durham Punch and Judy Man or a Yorkshire Punch and Judy Man? Well. what’s in a name? I have probably performed as many shows in Durham as I have in Yorkshire so although my postal address puts me firmly in the latter for practical purposes I might easily be in the former.

For a good many years my home has been the lovely own of Richmond but before settling here to raise a family I lived close to Chester Le Street and the city of Durham will always be one of my favorite places.

One of the great pleasures of being a Punch and Judy Man is that it brings you into contact with the general public. For me it is wonderful to bring pleasure to people through my show. The children in the audience express their excitement and enjoyment with smiles and laughter but it is also great to chat with the adults afterwards. You would be surprised at how many folk come over to say how much they have enjoyed watching or how it reminded them of their own childhood.

I am very lucky that for quite a few years now I have been  invited to perform at events taking place at Beamish Museum. If you haven’t been here it is a fantastic place and well worth going. Lots of local people from County Durham have annual membership and so I get to see some of them on a regular basis, which is nice as Durham people are a warm and friendly lot.

If you are looking to hire a Punch and Judy Show for an event in County Durham please give me a call. I live only thirty five minutes away from Durham city. If you are attending an event in County Durham over the summer and you see a Punch and Judy Show then it could well be me.

Hire a Punch and Judy Show

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Mr Punch and The Barrel Organ

Musical Mr Punch

Mr Punch found himself next to this wonderful barrel organ at the Beamish Museum Agricultural Show. Fortunately this type of music is right up his street, Punch being rather musical himself. In between shows Mr Punch was able to take a break and plonk himself down and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. He thought the fellows on either side seemed a bit wooden as they hardly moved. At least in the Punch and Judy Show one gets to dance, sing and prance around!

Mr Punch and Barrel Organ

Mr Punch and Barrel Organ

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Mr Punch’s Xmas Party

Christmas Punch and Judy Showsantasmall

Imagine the fun when Judy decides to hold a Christmas Party and leaves Punch in charge of the baby whilst she goes to do the Christmas shopping. Will Punch behave himself or will he get into trouble when Judy comes back. What will Mr Punch get for Christmas and will he be asleep when Santa Claus comes down the chimney?

This special Christmas Punch and Judy Show is ideal for any Christmas Party or Christmas event. It has all the knock about fun that children love but with a festive theme and of course a lovely Santa Claus puppet for even more excitement.

To arrange a booking or to find out more call 01748 821621 now.

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The “Old Hoss” Of Richmond

As part of the children’s entertainment organised by the Mayor of Richmond on Christmas Eve was a special performance by the “Old Hoss”. The event took place in the Town Hall and was free for all to attend. We had a good turn out and the children joined in enthusiastically with the Jolly Good Productions Christmas Puppet Show. This was followed immediately by T’Old Hoss.  Everyone had a great time and people generously donated towards the Mayor’s charities, The RNLI and The Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The Old Horse of Richmond or T'Old Hoss ( Yorkshire )

Ron with T'Old Hoss

The ‘Old Hoss’ appears in Richmond `s market place every Christmas Eve morning. Originally a pagan creation,the decorated horse`s skull is accompanied by a team of huntsmen. He snaps his jaws as the huntsmen sing of his being a virile young creature who grows old and finally is killed. His resurrection completes the ritual, representing the passing of the old year and the beginning of the new.

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Christmas Craft Workshop

Craft Workshops are a great way to entertain children at many kinds of event. If you are organising a company Christmas party or special Christmas event then a themed craft workshop can be an excellent addition to your children’s entertainment programme. The photos below show examples of the kind of things the children can make at a Jolly Good Productions Xmas themed craft workshop.

Christmas Craft Workshop

Angel ornament and snowman mask

Christmas Craft Workshop

Xmas tree ornament and Xmas card

For a craft workshop to be a success there needs to be a range of interesting projects which must be fairly easy to make, not too messy and with friendly helpful staff to encourage and guide the children.

For advice on hiring a craft workshop calls Jolly Good Production on Tel 01748 821621 or mob 07984 495089

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Festive Balloons


These Christmas Party Balloons look very festive. Hazel chose the colours and we made the columns up together. Balloon decorating is a great way to dress up any room for a party or event. It really does add to the atmosphere. Call us if you want some eye catching displays for your party venue.

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The Secret Millionaire


Unfortunately its not me! However Daniella and I did meet this gentleman who starred in one episode of ‘The Secret Millionaire’ I have been told it’s a brilliant programme though I’ve never watched it myself. This photo was taken at the Redcar Christmas Light Switch On. Town Centre Management had organised a room at the Clarendon Hotel for artists to use for changing and to take breaks etc. We met him there. He was the celebrity who had been booked to turn on the lights. A very nice man.

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Face Painting In The Big Freeze


Face Painting in freezing conditions is not recommended. Your water freezes, your hands are numb, the paint goes rock hard, your feet are like blocks of ice and the ends of your fingers get frost bite. We would never attempt it but today was pretty cold even though we were under  cover. Hazel was well wrapped up as you can see.

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