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Redcar Christmas Light Switch On 2010

The Redcar Christmas Light Switch On was brilliant in spite of the horrible weather. There was a lovely atmosphere on the High Street and even though it was cold and wet there were still plenty of smiling faces.The Jolly Good Productions Christmas Characters mingled with the crowds and brought smiles to the faces of the children and juggler Tom Rolfe mesmerized everyone with his fantastic juggling, unicycling and balloon modeling. Masses of people turned out to watch the parade completely undaunted by the rain which was falling steadily by 4.30pm.The lights were turned on at five o clock by The Secret Millionaire. What a great start to the festive season for the people of Redcar.
Below is Alf The Elf ( the tallest elf you’ve ever seen ) who helped to entertain the public during the build up to the light switch on. Apparently Santa had sent Alf to Redcar to find out who had been naughty and who had been nice. Alf spoke to lots of children to see if they have been good. Fortunately he was able to report back to Santa that there are no naughty ones in Redcar.

Alf The Elf, a Christmas Character ( stilt walker ) by Jolly Good Productions

Alf The Elf ( Jolly Good Productions )

Were you at the Redcar Christmas Light Switch On? Did you enjoy it? Please share your thoughts with us.

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Prescot Shopping Centre


Prescot Shopping Centre in Merseyside is running an exciting programme of children’s entertainment over the summer holidays. Jolly Good Productions will be there on several of the event days. There will be lots of variety with magic, pupets, circus and face Painting too. Full details can be found on the Prescot Shoping Centre web site.

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Pants In The Park In Gateshead 2010

This wonderful annual event takes place throughout the UK. For the past couple of years Jolly Good Productions have supplied Face Painting at the Gateshead  extravaganza.

Did you know that 1 in 2 men will be affected by prostate diseases at some point in their lives? Pants in the Park heps raise funds for vital research raising  much needed awareness about prostate diseases and educating  health care professionals.

‘Pants The Park’ is a 5km fun run which aims to be a great day out for all the family and everyone involved. It doesn’t matter how you get round the course. You could leap , bounce , crawl , elegantly skip  or simply walk at your own pace.

The ideas is to make a hero of yourself by dressing up ‘Superman style’ with decorated pants on the outside of your clothes. There are prizes for the best pants so the more outrageous and colourful the better!

There is  plenty to do before and after you pant round the 5km. Team Pants from Prostate UK are on hand every step of the way to help everyone  make the most of their fundraising and the day itself with organised music, face painting and warm up sessions.

I think Hazel will remember this years event because it rained heavily and she was in a leaky gazebo so she had fun and games of her own trying to keep her paints dry and stop her table from flooding. She did however manage to take a few photos, hope you enjoy them.

Hazel face painting in her leaking gazebo at Pants In The Park 2010

Hazel Face Painting at 'Pants in the Park'

'man in pants' at Pants in the Park 2010

Man In Pants

Gorillas at 'Pants In The Park' 2010

There was plenty of 'monkey business' at pants in the park 2010

'Pants in the Park' where everyone dresses like Superman


Local Radio at Pants in the Park 2010

'real radio' were supporting Pants in the Park

You can find out more about Pants in the Park by searching on Google. They also have a Face Book page too.

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Stilt Walker Gives Guests A Big Welcome

Setting the mood for a party or event is very important. In a previous article I wrote about how to make the entrance eye catching with a balloon arch. Another great idea is to position “meet and greet” performers at the entrance to welcome guests as they arrive. A stilt walker is ideal for this purpose. Being high up means that they are easily seen and guests are amused and will often interact with them on the way in. Having a stilt walker with “personality” who can generate some friendly banter and puts people in the party spirit right from the start. A stilt walker provides memorable photo opportunities and is a good ice breaker, catalyst for conversation.

Here is a photo of me as a stilt walker at an 18th birthday party getting ready to meet and greet. The theme for this party was ” Black and Pink”

Meet And Greet Stilt Walker

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You Tube Free Video Downloader

How to download You Tube videos for FREE

If you enjoy watching videos on You Tube then this great piece of FREE software might be of interest. It enables you to download your favourite films and videos directly to your PC. It works on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers and it’s easy to install. Just go to www.flashvideodownloader.org and follow the appropriate links. If you want to experiment then please feel free to test it on any of the Jolly Good Productions videos. To locate them type Jolly Good Productions or ronwooduk into the You Tube search box. You can now watch your favourite film clips without having to log in to You Tube every time.

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Is Twitter A Complete Waste Of Time?

There is no doubt about the popularity of Facebook. Every one seems to have an account. You can connect with all of your friends, talk about what’s going on in your life, upload photos, upload videos, join groups, add applications. There is just so much you can do on Facebook. I have a wife and three daughters and we all log on to Facebook every day and usually several times a day. We all like it!

So what about Twitter. It’s so limited. All you can do is send short messages of no more than 160 characters.

Do you really want to know that someone is late for work, is thinking about their holidays or watching a DVD. This is so dull.

I am the only one in my family who regularly uses Twitter. I suspect that the four ladies in my life all think Twitter is a complete waste of time.

Why then do I Tweet?  Do I know something they don’t?  Is there a hidden secret?

I like Tweeting because it’s in the moment.You may suddenly have a profound thought that you just need to share with the world. You don’t have to wait. You can send a Tweet and broadcast it instantly.

You never know who might read your Tweets. I’m sure that most of mine are lost in Cyberspace for ever, but there again I’ve always  enjoyed  talking to myself. on the other hand there might be some one out there in some remote corner of the globe who picks up on that little gem you just cast out.

I use Twitter to follow people I find interesting. I am very interested in Web Site Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media and so I look for experts in this field to follow. I look for authors of books I read and enjoyed and follow them too.

You can find a lot of experts on just about any subject you could imagine. Yes, they are often trying to sell a service or promote themselves but they will also give advice and tips for free too.

For me the verdict on Twitter is still pending. The jury is out.

Personally,I like it.

Find me on Twitter @ronwooduk

What’s your take on this subject?  I’d love to hear your views.

Is Twitter a complete waste of time?

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