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Beighton Gala with Mr Punch

Beighton Gala 2015

What a popular event this is. I was booked to perform my Punch and Judy Show and as ever when attending an event for the first time you never know what to expect. This turned out to be one of the busiest community events I have ever been to. It was buzzing with people. One of the traders told me that he comes every year and it is the best gala in the area.

There were two arenas, a fairground, bouncy castles, entertainers, side shows and numerous stalls selling all manner of things.

Punch and Judy Show

Punch and Judy Show

I’m not sure how many people come to his event but there must of been thousands. I performed four shows and had good size audiences every one.

Although I now live in Richmond, North Yorkshire I did once serve in a Territorial Army unit based in Sheffield and I have many happy memories from my time in South Yorkshire. It is always nice to return.

I am pleased to say that Mr Punch was given a warm and friendly welcome at the Beighton Gala. Lots of happy children and lots of folk enjoying themselves. What could be better.

That’s the way to do it!

Children’s Centre Activity Day Feedback

Yesterday I worked at the Sue Walker Children’s Centre, Kiverton Park, Sheffield providing children’s entertainment as part of the summer holiday¬† programme. Children’s Centres mainly engage with families with young children. They provide advice and support for new parents, they form the hub of a social network within the community and they also run training courses for self development in both domestic and work related fields. During school holidays the centres run activity days and outings for local families. Although these usually do have to be paid for they are always at a very reasonable price, well organised and good quality.

I like visiting Children’s Centres because they are great environments to work in. They are well equipped with good access and there’s always a nice atmosphere.

Yesterday I had two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I performed my Pirate Puppet Show, we had a break for refreshments and then I ran a puppet making workshop. The Centre Manager gave me a list of comments made by parents at the end of the morning session. Here is what they said :

  • Martha had a great time, really enjoyed the faces and voices.
  • Oliver loved it, it was brill but found the pirate and skeleton a little loud and scary. Thanks.
  • Kieren was mesmerised. He jumped a couple of times but didn’t cry. Thank you.
  • Madison loved it. Lots of fun. Didn’t like Bones the Pirate. The whole puppet show was excellent – would do again. Brilliant. Thanks.
  • Lots of fun, Isaac had a great time helping make a puppet. More suitable for slightly older children as the noise was loud for the younger children.
  • Olivia really enjoyed today making the puppets and the puppet show. Thank you.
  • Jenson loved making the puppets, thank you so much it was a really good idea and creative for the children.
  • Evie loved the puppets and it was very creative.
  • I brought Lucie ( 4 ) and Evie ( 11/2) and they both enjoyed the show and loved making the puppets at the end. Another great event. well done.
  • Darcy ( 4 ) and myself both really enjoyed the puppet workshop. It was lots of fun. Darcy particularly enjoyed making the puppets.
  • Zack ( 6 ), Hannah ( 1 ) and Ethan ( 3 ) loved the puppet show and participating. Two very happy boys with puppets to take home.
  • Jack ( 7 ), lewis ( 5 ) and Max ( 1 ) loved the puppet show, enjoyed interacting with the puppets most.
  • Theo ( 3 ) had a great time today. Theo’s comment was ” the puppet show was good and funny ” Thank you. Great activity and brilliant puppet prize at the end – thanks so much.

It’s always a pleasure to receive positive feedback. I had a great time and I am pleased that everyone who came enjoyed it too. I look forward to my invitation to provide children’s entertainment at a Children’s Centre and hopefully I will be asked back to Kiverton Park with one of my other shows some time in the future. Fingers crossed!

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