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Book interactive stilt walkers for hire in London

Stilt Walkers in London

Stilt Walker In Fairy Costume

Stilt Walker In Fairy Costume (Photo credit: ronwooduk)

Stilt walkers for hire in London are usually booked through entertainment agencies and can be relied upon to entertain people of all ages. When you book the entertainers through the agencies you can expect public liability insurance to be in place, and for performers to be fully CRB checked too. One advantage to booking them is that they can be seen by all due to the heights that they work at, meaning that everyone can be entertained by them at the same time. Many themes can be catered for, so no matter what the nature of your event is, you can expect the walkers to slip into it effortlessly.

Be part of the circus

They can be booked for various different types of event, from small private parties to big corporate get-togethers. Aside from their primary skills, they’ll also be trained to mix and mingle with your guests effectively in order to provide your event with an exciting atmosphere. Stilt walking is usually combined with various other skills such as juggling or balloon-modelling. They are known for engaging effectively with crowds and bringing a circus-like tone to any event. By booking a stilt entertainer through an agency, you can liaise with the agency and sometimes the professionals themselves before the event to ensure that any special requirements that you may have are catered for.

Catering for your theme

Stiltwalkers Katrina and Daniella

To help you get ideas, you could watch various clips online of stilt walkers at play in order to come up with suggestions regarding how they could entertain your guests appropriately. Sometimes bookings for stilt walkers for hire in London need to be made early in order to avoid disappointment as the demand for stilt entertainers can eclipse the supply. There is a seemingly limitless number of themes that you could choose from in order to cater for a particular theme, and the more information that you can give the agency or the entertainer, the more effective you can expect the performance to be. Many people, especially children may have never seen a stilt walker at play in a real-life setting before, so will be in awe of the skills at play in front of them. It’s usually possible to book either a solo walker or a series of stilt walkers, and most agencies will be able to offer a package that suits your budget, no matter how big or small it is.

Engaging energy

Years of training go into stilt walking and learning the other skills that are usually demonstrated alongside it. If you’re hoping to provide entertainment that’s that little bit out of the ordinary, with onlookers bound to take note, booking a stilt walker can help you orchestrate the perfect party atmosphere. You can rely upon stilt walkers to bring energy and excitement to any social gathering, whether it’s of a private, corporate or public nature.

This article was written by the CEP entertainment agency

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How To Draw Attention To Your Store Opening

When you are opening a brand new store you want to get noticed and make a big impact so that everyone knows you are there. There are lots of things you can do to draw attention to your Grand Opening.

Stilt walkers at a store opening

Stilt walkers in colourful costumes

  • Use promo staff to give out leaflets in the local area.
  • Have a DJ playing middle of the road popular music outside the store and making announcements to passers by.
  • Decorate the store front. Balloon displays are a great way to grab attention.
  • Have competitions and dicount vouchers / free gifts to hand out to customers throughout the day.
  • Hire a children’s entertainer to ammuse and delight the youngsters. Face painting is always good for pulling a crowd too.
  • Use stilt walkers in bright, colourful costumes to assist in attracting attention, engaging with the public and helping to give out leaflets and entertain the kids.
  • Have a greeter at the entrance to welcome people as they come in.
  • Put on extra staff to ensure you can cope with increased foot fall. If people have to wait in long queues at the check outs they will get fed up and may leave with a bad impression.
  • Brief all staff to be happy and cheerful. People coming into your premises will appreciate a friendly atmosphere.

Making a good impression with your customers on the first day of trading counts for a lot. Its always worth spending a little bit more of your budget to get the right people working for you on the big day. Don’t rely on an agency to book people in. This is the easy option but remember they are taking a cut and may  be shopping round to get the cheapest entertainers / suppliers they can find whilst still charging you full whack. It’s better to book direct if you can.

I have worked on store promotions and store openings all over the UK for most of the big high street names. I have also worked for many independent retailers too. Please contact me if you would like any advice or suggestions. Jolly Good Productions are not an agency but we do have a lot of experience in this type of work and would be delighted to advise or help if we can.

Share your ideas on store openings below. You can also use the comments box to post questions to me if you wish.

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Stilt Walker Feedback

Hi Ron

I would just like to thank your stilt walkers who attended our two events in July and August. They were amazing, the crowd loved them, they worked so hard and not in the nicest weather on one of the events. They were brilliant greeting people and always with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Thanks again for making our events that bit more special!


Jolly Good Fun At RAF Waddington

The annual Air Show at RAF Waddington is massively popular with the general public. Needless to say a huge ammount of planning and hard work is required by many people to ensure that everything is in place and runs smoothly on the day. The RAF always do a fantastic job thanks to the commitment and dedication from every member of the team. In the run up to the big day everyone is affected, not just the airmen and women but the service families too.

Once the dust has settled and things are back to normal the RAF have their own party for family and friends to relax and enjoy themselves. This usually takes place a week after the Air Show.

Jolly Good Productions were delighted to be invited to provide children’s entertainment once again this year. Fortunately Natasha had just returned from working in France and so all five of us were available.

We had a great day, there is always a friendly atmosphere and the RAF always make you feel welcome.

We did a varied programme of entertainment for the kids including Punch and Judy, Face Painting, Stilt Walking, Magic Show, Circus Workshop and Bubble Making.

There was also a company providing bouncy castles, sumo wrestling and a mechanical bull machine.

It was a lovely hot day and we all enjoyed an ice cream from the ice cream van before packing up at the end.

Stilt Walking at RAF Waddington

Stilt Walkers

Punch and Judy at RAF Waddington

Punch and Judy Show

Face Painting at RAF Waddington

Face Painting

Magic Show at RAF Waddington

Magic Show

Have you been to the RAF Waddington Air Show? Did you attend the Family Fun Day? Did you enjoy yourselves? Comments invited.

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